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3 Steps to Create Free Surveys Online with Zonka Feedback

There are no limitations to what you can do with online surveys. Online surveys give you direct access to insightful customer data to help you do industry research, capture leads, market your product better, and increase conversions. 

What's even better is that you do not always need to invest in expensive survey tools to start collecting feedback online. You can create free surveys online; all you need is to use the most effective and capable free survey maker that enables you to effortlessly create free online surveys for your website.

Anybody can create surveys and start collecting feedback. The idea is to create intelligent and attractive feedback forms that your customers would actually want to take and complete. Therefore, in this article, we explain how you can make the most of Zonka Feedback’s free surveys on your website and capture your customers’ sentiments at different touchpoints in their journey with your brand.

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How to Create Free Surveys Online with Zonka Feedback?

Whether you're a small-scale business or an enterprise, you can create free surveys online using Zonka Feedback. Below are the steps you can follow:

Step 1: Create a Survey

You can access Zonka Feedback’s free survey builder to create survey forms without any coding or technical knowledge.

Here’s how you can create a website survey:

  • Choose the survey question type based on what would be easiest for your customers to reply to. You can create various types of surveys including metric surveys like a Customer Satisfaction Survey, Net Promoter Score Survey, and Customer Effort Score Survey with different question types, such as a rating scale, Likert Scale, Comments, Dropdown, smiley face surveys, etc.
  • Explore 500+ ready-to-use customer survey templates that you can customize in a jiffy. You can edit the questions to get the most specific feedback, for example, feedback on a blog post on your website.
  • Customize the look and feel of your surveys, so they look native to your website. Not only can you add more questions, but you can also customize the background, add graphics, change the font, etc.
  • Preview your surveys as you create them to know how they would appear on your website.

Survey Builder to create fee surveys onlineStep 2: Select the Free Online Survey Type

Once you have the survey ready, click on Distribute in the top menu and then select Web. Inside Web, you can either select Widget or Embed.

create free surveys online - widget and embedded surveys

Website Feedback Widget

A website feedback widget is a small piece of code or snippet that you can use to embed or add a survey to your website. It allows you to create different types of free surveys online for all your web pages targeting different audiences or customer journeys.

Types of Feedback Widget

Zonka Feedback allows adding different types of a website feedback widget to your web pages for free, such as:

1. Feedback Button

A feedback button can be added to any number of web pages and is primarily used to collect unsolicited feedback. You can add a feedback button to web pages where you wish to collect generic feedback.

A feedback button is ideal when you want continuous yet relevant feedback since it appears constantly on the web page. Moreover, it doesn't take up a lot of space, so it is the way to go when you want a more clutter-free website. Your website visitors can simply click the feedback button every time they come across a challenge and start sharing website feedback or reporting issues.

Feedback Button - feedback widget to create free surveys online

2. Pop Up

You can create free surveys online in the form of a pop-up. A Pop Up survey works like a slight nudge for specific audiences to share the most relevant feedback. For example, to collect feedback on website design, you can trigger the Pop Up survey only when the visitor has scrolled more than 70% of the page to be able to share genuinely helpful feedback. Similarly, you can set a cart abandonment Pop Up survey or Exit Intent survey to be triggered when the visitor is about to leave the website without completing their purchase.

Popover survey - feedback widget to create free surveys online

Now, once you select the feedback widget type, you can set its:

  • Appearance: Configure when you want your free online surveys to appear to your target audience.

  • Targeting: Configure who you want your free surveys online to show to.

  • Behavior: Configure how many times you want your surveys to appear.

setting appearance, targeting, and behavior to create free surveys online

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Website Embedded Survey

A website embedded survey is embedded directly into the UI and looks native to the website. You can embed free surveys online to collect page-specific feedback. For example, you can collect customer feedback right on the order confirmation page so customers can share feedback from the most recent purchase experience.

With website embedded surveys, you can increase the survey participation rate since your visitors can see the first survey question right on the web page. And this is a huge motivator in taking a survey.

Here’s an example of a website embedded survey:

create free surveys online by embedding a feedback form in web page

Step 3: Add Survey to Your Website

Once you have selected your choice of free surveys online, you will see a preview and a readymade code that
you can copy and add to your website code or script. You don’t have to type lengthy codes. Therefore, anybody can deploy a survey online.

Most Popular Online Surveys

Let's discuss the popular ways website surveys are used. 

Website Usability Feedback Survey

You can create free surveys online using Zonka Feedback to capture insightful website usability feedback in terms of navigation, website content, availability of products, ease of use, overall satisfaction, etc. You can use our website visitor online survey form template to get started right away. 


You can create free surveys online to understand the shopping attitude of your customers and be able to market and sell your products better. You can use our online shopping attitudes survey template that consists of several closed and open-ended questions to collect both quantitative and qualitative feedback to help you do better market research. 


A general website survey allows collecting feedback on different aspects of your website like appeal, navigation, ease of use, the likeliness of recommending the website, etc. You can check out our General website feedback survey template and also use website survey templates for free. 



Zonka Feedback is an intuitive survey builder that offers free surveys online, which can be the most important business tool for you since you get a direct insight into your customers’ minds. If used strategically, the feedback can build the brand up as a whole.

Zonka Feedback is designed to enhance brands’ feedback collection and customers’ feedback experience. It enables you to capture valuable feedback and analyze it using advanced reports so you can stay on top of everything.

Here are the primary free online survey features that you can enjoy:

  • No-code survey builder
  • 30+ question types
  • 500+ ready-to-use survey templates
  • Mobile-responsive surveys
  • Feedback across global CX metrics – CSAT, NPS, and CES
  • Advanced reports, trend tracking, and sentiment analysis
  • All ways to use website surveys – feedback button, Pop Up survey, slideout surveys, microsurveys, exit intent surveys, abandonment surveys
  • Customization of surveys – insert images, select theme, etc.

Zonka Feedback Free Website Surveys


Written by Bhawika

Jun 16, 2022

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