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Employee Feedback

Employee Surveys and Feedback - why does your organization need them?

March 07, 2023

Your organization’s a happy one – contented employees, increasing profits and a large and loyal customer base. Unfortunately, not most organizations can toe a similar line.

Clear expectations from employers results in better employee loyalty to the company and lower employee turnover, along with positive word of mouth publicity. The key is to ensure employee happiness and it depends on periodically taking employee surveys. Employee surveys can ensure that you’re going in the right direction.

Ways in which employee surveys can be helpful for an organization

Employee engagement

Employee surveys can help you to measure employee engagement. From understanding the problem areas for employee engagement to re-evaluating strategies, organizations can leverage in growth with the help of inspired employees.

From recognizing the hard work to giving the required pay and benefits to employees, employee surveys help you to understand where you lack. You can create a good action plan and identify opportunities to increase engagement. You can understand the priorities and areas to focus on as well as create an implementation schedule.

Everyone loves to be heard

Employees love to be given a voice and you will do well to hear what they’ve to say. This ensures that employees feel that they are cared for and feel part of the team. Knowing that their view is sought after for the development process and offering them a direct voice to the management team ensures that they feel that their opinion is valued. Employees who feel that they are looked after by the management understand that they have a stake in the company.

Drive organizational growth

Your organization needs to follow its goals and there is nothing as good as inspired employees who know what’s needed out of them. Understanding the engagement rate will help you identify the best practices and analyse the problems. Implementing better strategies becomes simpler and with actionable data, decision-making becomes easier.

Benchmark results

Perhaps the best reason to carry out employee surveys is to have access to benchmark results. This will help you compare results and get industry-specific data that will help you understand how your organization is faring amongst your competitors.

Enabling Growth and Increasing Profits

Surveys do not just help you to know more about employees, they also help you to understand organisational problems that hinder growth. You can get a fuller picture and generate positive changes by taking action on the employee survey results. Here is why listening to the voice of employees is a good idea.

  • You understand the staff priorities and areas to focus on to drive organizational growth
  • Is it a good idea to implement a policy? You can test the waters for proposed policies and evaluate employee responses.
  • Enable better strategy making


So, how do you begin?

There are third-party providers who can design questionnaires for you. The questionnaire has to be short and sweet and yet include everything that you need to know to get a complete picture. For instance, a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ question can work at times when you’re trying to rank issues in the order of their importance but it won’t help you all the time especially if you’re looking to have particular questions answered.

Anonymous results mean that employees can express views more freely while benchmark improvements over time. You can even ask open-ended questions if you’re reaching out to only a few people. You can ask your employees quite a few things, to improve productivity and drive in performance – higher morale can work wonders.

  • Are employees looking for more challenging roles?
  • Are they satisfied with supervisor concerns?
  • Why do they work in your organization?
  • What motivates them more to work?
  • Are they being fairly compensated for the work they’re doing?
  • What are the company areas that they feel there is a need to focus on?
  • Do they feel integrated with the company’s ecosystem?

It’s Time to Understand Employees

For a survey to be successful, you will need to ensure employee participation. Explain to employees why the survey is important. This builds engagement and ensures that they’re focused on offering the right information.

With the right answers, you can make informed decision-making – act on the survey results and you can drive in employee satisfaction.

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Team Zonka

Written by Team Zonka

Jun 19, 2015

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