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The Importance of Collecting Customer Feedbacks On-Premises

May 25, 2023

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'Customer is King'. While this adage is true for all businesses; it assumes an ever greater significance in service-based industries like restaurants, hotels and more. If your business isn't selling something tangible, you are likely to rely entirely on what your customers think and feel about their experience while and after receiving the service.

At restaurants, for instance, service is paramount, sometimes as important as the food itself. Patrons are likely to pay more for better service and ambiance. Fine dining restaurants are a living proof of this premise. This, undoubtedly, holds true for all customer-centric businesses like hotels, spas and salons, retail sector, banks, healthcare centres and more.

Considering how important customer experience management holds for your business, getting timely and relevant information, and customer feedback about services is crucial. It not only helps in getting insights into customers' feedback and general vibe about the business, but also provides great inputs for improvement - a peek into what's working and what's not. Armed with this information, you can then tailor your offerings to suit the customers even better and maximize the satisfaction levels of your customers.

The emphasis now falls on collecting this information, which may be done in one of several ways. Some popular ways of capturing feedback are pen and paper feedback forms, SMS surveys, feedbacks via websites and emails, verbal feedbacks by managers, and even IVR feedbacks. While each of these methods has its pros and cons, we, at Zonka Feedback, believe that on-premise feedback - it's relevance and impact is unparalled. Let's find out why.

Easy for customers to share feedback

A big mistake businesses make is thinking that customers won't be interested in sharing feedback and details. And that offering them to do so while they're still in premises will be intrusive. Many customers, especially in times today, are perfectly fine in sharing feedback and in fact, love giving suggestions. Those who are not will politely decline. By offering guests a chance to share feedback on premises, you're making it easy for them to share their thoughts. A super win-win for all.

Less likely to be tampered with

Feedback collected on premises, over non-verbal sources, is not easy to tamper with. This ensures that even if you're not in, your staff cannot really tamper with any feedback. Many times staff members are worried about their reputation and tend to hide key facts about negative reviews and slips on their part. You won't have to be worried about that if you set up a good on-premise feedback capturing tool or an intelligent customer feedback management software.

Keeps customers engaged

Even customers who are not likely to share feedback do get impressed knowing that you care about their opinion. It's true. Also, giving them something to do while their bill gets processed is a good way of keeping them engaged.

Get most accurate feedbacks

Collecting feedbacks on-premises helps get the most accurate description of customer's experience. The experience is still fresh in the guests' mind. Feedback sent even an hour late will never be as accurate, even if sent from a more convenient location and at a comfortable time.

Lead to better action-oriented approach

If you know of your guests' feedback swiftly and in real-time, you and your team can plan better approach to take action and reach out to your guests.

With the competition in the service-oriented industries intensifying like never before, the key to differentiating brands will rest on customer satisfaction and experience – the two parameters that depend directly on timely and accurate feedback collection.

Want to know more about on-premise feedback capturing and it's benefit? Contact us now.

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Team Zonka

Written by Team Zonka

Oct 06, 2014

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