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When Should You Start Measuring Net Promoter Score?

May 19, 2023

Researches suggest that 74% of the customers make their purchasing decisions on the basis of word of mouth recommendations. 92% of buyers trust the recommendations of their family and friends to buy a product. And even if we talk about people other than family and friends, 70% of global customers enquire about online reviews of a product before buying it. This proves how word of mouth is one of the most influencing factor that determines the buyers' decisions.

Word of mouth recommendations are given by your loyal customers. Therefore loyal customers are the greatest assets which you require for your business to grow. This creates a need for measuring Customer Loyalty, which can be effectively done with the help of NPS® Surveys.

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What is Net Promoter Score® (NPS®)?

Net Promoter Score® (NPS®) is one of the most popular and commonly used metric that helps to measure Customer Satisfaction in terms of Customer Loyalty i.e. by measuring the likeliness of the customers to refer your business.

Customers are asked to give scores from 0 to 10 on the bases of their likeliness to recommend a particular product, service or brand to their friends and family.

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When to Measure Net Promoter Score®?

For a survey to be successful, it is important to send it at the right time. And when it NPS®, it becomes necessary to send the NPS® survey at the right moment so as to take its full advantage.

Net Promoter Score® has emerged as one of the most popular and effective metric to gauge Customer Satisfaction in the recent years. Companies have started using it worldwide. But the questions is when you should start measuring NPS®? When should you organization treat NPS® as a trusted way of measuring Customer Satisfaction and when you come into a position to use NPS® efficiently thereby utilizing its full potential.

For deciding on to this, you need to consider the stages of both your own business as well as the customers' journey with you. Let's list out some effective tips on the appropriate moments of measuring NPS®.

When Should You Measure NPS® Score?

  1. Measure NPS® at early Stages of your business
  2. Measure NPS® when the customers join you
  3. Measure NPS® as an ongoing regular process
  4. Measure NPS® when you bring in Major changes
  5. Do not send NPS® Surveys too frequently

Let's discuss when you should take NPS® surveys and what aspects you should keep in mind while measuring NPS® at different stages.

1. Measure NPS® at early Stages of your business

At the early stages of your business, when you have very few customers who began doing business with you, it is really crucial to take care of them and gather feedback for them. Word of mouth is one of the greatest influencer that can benefit or harm your business to a large extent at that stage.

At this stage, you cannot afford even a single bad word of mouth spreading in the market, as it can ruin your entire hard work. So it is necessary to measure NPS® at the early stages of your business so that you can timely get to know about your unhappy customers and approach them personally to convert their negative experience into a positive one.

At this stage, pay attention to every comment and try to get the real insight of your customers. This can really give you the advantage of understanding customer sentiments. The earlier you start implementing NPS®, faster you will be able to understand customers' views.

2. Measure NPS® when the customers join you

You should send the first NPS® survey to the customers when they start doing business with you. This will help you to know whether your products and services are able to meet the customers' expectations or not. You can ask about the feedback of onboarding process of the customers or their shopping experience as per your business.

Do the first NPS® survey within a week or at the most a month (in case of long term services) of the customers having first experience with your products and services. If you make more delay, the Customer Experience would not be fresh in their minds and they tend to forget certain things which will not let you get a clear picture of the customers' initial sentiments.

3. Measure NPS® as an ongoing regular process

Remember that NPS® is not just a one time survey, it is important to keep measuring NPS® at regular intervals of time. You can do a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or an annual NPS® survey to ensure that your customers are satisfied with the experience they get and will stay with you for the coming period.

Researches suggest that 1 in 3 customers leave a brand they loved once with a single bad experience, and the worst part is that they don't even complain and let you know what happened. It is further found out that 1 in 26 customers actually complain, others straight away switch to other brands.

So you should keep conducting regular NPS® surveys, normally quarterly or half-yearly NPS® Surveys to ensure that your customers are happy and satisfied.

4. Measure NPS® when you bring in Major changes

Whenever you bring some major changes in your business, be it introducing a new product or a product feature, or a service, or location or anything; do conduct NPS® surveys and measure your NPS®. This will let you know whether the change you have brought in is working for you or not.

You will get to know the impact of your decisions and will be able to take better business decisions going forward.

5. Do not send NPS® Surveys too frequently

Avoid sending NPS® surveys too frequently as it may irritate your customers and the survey may loose its value. Send NPS® surveys only after valid transactions or interactions with the customers or relationship NPS® surveys at regular basis at a considerable time interval.

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Nikhil Dawer

Written by Nikhil Dawer

Nov 19, 2020

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