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White Labeling & Branding for Surveys - Importance & Advantages

October 31, 2022

How do you build on brand loyalty and brand trust? Businesses would answer as customer engagement and customer satisfaction as being the two building blocks to bringing in more sales. For this purpose, companies regularly conduct surveys to understand customer viewpoints. But how do customers know that the surveys actually originate from the company?

For companies, protecting user information and customer details often pose a challenge. Every day, thousands of companies collect sensitive and private information from their customers, employees as well as the general public. It is important that this data is in safe hands. For instance, when taking surveys, respondents share their opinions only when they're assured that the information they're giving wouldn’t be misused. Having an ‘Anonymous’ option within your survey may not be a bad idea.

At a time customer loyalty and satisfaction is on focus, most businesses still fail to make the most of these surveys, with a majority of those being unaware of the fact that by customizing your surveys, they can boost your brand image as well.

White labeled surveys – In a nutshell

A white label form is a survey questionnaire that has been customized according to your brand. Instead of highlighting a third-party company, these surveys emphasize on your brand and ensure authenticity. In other words, white label surveys show that a survey form belongs exclusively to a particular brand, thereby leaving absolutely no scope of confusion.

This allows you to customize your survey forms so that they're in accordance with the guidelines laid down by your organization. Thanks to the inception of third–party feedback management systems, getting a survey white labeled is longer an uphill task.

Why should your company use branded surveys? 

Companies generally opt for a white label survey when they're looking to save expenses on design and setup. Businesses can register with third-party platforms such as Zonka Feedback that would help them customize the survey with their own branding. Having a branded survey helps companies stand out and also assists in reinforcing communication with their customers. Here are some of the advantages of using white labeled surveys:

  • It eliminates third-party branding: Why should a different brand represent your survey or feedback form? A survey with your brand on it would certainly impart a sense of confidence among respondents and assure them of its authenticity.
  • Boosts response rates: Respondents are more likely to register their feedback when they can identify your brand.
  • Integrates with your corporate identity: Your guidelines pertaining to branding aren't compromised as you're in charge of the survey questionnaire and the entire form.
  • Maintains brand consistency: Aids in stronger communication between users and surveyors. It helps to avoid confusion that is a result of brand ambiguity.
  • Simplifies survey design: White label surveys are known to give businesses complete control of their survey form. They can add or remove elements in order to enhance their brand’s identity.

When should you use white labeled surveys?

While branded surveys are very important, there are certain cases where their significance increases manifold. Let’s have a glance at a few scenarios where White label surveys can be put into implementation:

  • To conduct surveys and do market research: A branded survey can come in handy when you wish to do market research, conduct surveys and enable your market research, customer experience and other teams.
  • When you wish to increase response rates: This would certainly act as an impeccable platform that would help in enhancing brand awareness and boosting response rates.
  • Collecting genuine data: The chances of a respondent giving genuine feedback would certainly be more if he is able to recognize your brand.
  • Make data – driven decisions: When you're new in the highly competitive market and are looking to drive sales by performing adequate market research, surveys, especially white-labelled surveys, can be very useful.

How to get your survey white labeled?

Zonka Feedback offers fully white-labeled surveys and custom branding. If you're registered with us, you can create surveys with your logo, company branding, color schemes, typography and much more. To know more, you can write to us at

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Team Zonka

Written by Team Zonka

May 14, 2015

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