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Who Uses Zonka Feedback

For industries and businesses that need smarter feedback systems

Businesses using Zonka Feedback Management System

on-premise restaurant customer feedback

Restaurants – Customer Satisfaction Tool for Restaurants

With the increase of social media reviews and online review sites, it is paramount for restaurants to offer guests the best experience to encourage customers to come back and win customer loyalty. It is also important for restaurant to resolve customer issues quickly, before they vent out to the online medium.

Zonka Feedback is an tablet-based, on-premise restaurant customer feedback system that helps restaurants know what their customers are thinking and provides a medium to resolve issues swiftly, even before the guests leave the premises!

hotel guest feedback

Hotels – Hotel Guest Feedback System

Zonka Feedback can be placed at various touch points to capture guest feedback in hotels and understand their experience better. It increases customer engagement in the hotel and monitoring customer complaints, suggestions, requests and changes becomes a cake-walk with Zonka Feedback’s Feedback Manager which is accessible from anywhere!

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client feedback tool for spas & salons

Spas & Salons – Client Feedback Tool for Spas & Salons

Customer experience in spas and salons is crucial for winning them back. Listening to customer feedback and acting upon the same to enhance guest experience goes a long way in keep guests loyal to your spa and salon. Use Zonka Feedback to understand what your customers like and what they don’t. Alongside also get reviews about your staff and structure trainings accordingly.

customer experience management for retail & shopping

Retail & Shopping – Customer Experience and Feedback Management for Retail & Shopping

Installing Zonka Feedback in retail and shops enables store owners to identify key shopping trends, customer feedback and experience while shopping in the store and on-premises customer opinion about service, selection and quality of the products in the store.

customer experience tool for banks

Banks & Financial Sector – Customer Experience Tool for Banks & Financial Sector

Set up on secure Amazon Cloud servers, Zonka Feedback is suited well for the banking industry for gauging customer experience and operational efficiency in banks and financial sector. Banks can use Zonka Feedback to measure customer satisfaction for all financial services and their experience with your bank.

patient satisfaction tool

Healthcare & Clinics – Patient Satisfaction Tool for Healthcare & Clinics

Patient Satisfaction plays a major role in health care and clinics in this increasingly competitive health care industry. Zonka Feedback enables hospitals to gather honest patient feedback about services, surgeries and other healthcare facilities.

lead capture tool for automobile sector

Automobile Sector – Customer Feedback & Lead Capture Tool in Automobile Sector

In the Automobile sector, Zonka Feedbacks helps in capturing leads, data about walk-in queries and potential customers, after-test-drive feedback, after-sales feedback and service feedback. Use Zonka Feedback as a lead capture tool in car showrooms, and as a customer feedback tool in car service stations to understand customer requirements and experiences better in the Automobile sector.

lead capture tool for events

Events & Promotions – Data & Lead Capture and Feedbacks for Events & Promotions

Zonka Feedback helps capture data and leads as well as feedback at events and promotions. You can use Zonka Feedback for capturing data and leads during events and conferences. It can also be used for gathering customer feedback after events on how the event went, what they learnt and points for improvement.

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