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Send Surveys & Automate Workflows with Zonka Feedback & Zapier Integration

Use Zonka Feedback to create and share surveys and measure satisfaction. Automate workflows and streamline marketing and lead management to elevate your business efficiency.

Survey integrations with Zapier

21 Best Survey Integrations with Zapier to Connect Apps & Automate Your Business

Unlocking the full potential of surveys involves not just collecting data but also seamlessly integrating it into your workflow. Conducting surveys is a powerful tool for gathering insights, but the real challenge lies in efficiently managing and utilizing the collected data.

Without proper integration, surveys can become isolated, creating a void in workflow automation and hindering the transformative power of data. This is where Zapier steps in as the ultimate bridge, filling the gap between survey tools and other applications.

By integrating survey tools with Zapier, you open the door to a world of possibilities, automating processes, and ensuring that valuable data flows effortlessly across your favorite apps.

In this blog, we'll explore the best survey integrations with Zapier that can allow you to not just collect feedback but unlock new dimensions for data utilization and workflow efficiency. Let's get started!


  • Zapier survey tools create automated connections between survey software and Zapier for streamlined workflows and data transfer across various applications.

  • Through Zapier survey integration, you can automate workflows, trigger actions, and transfer data effortlessly between your chosen survey tool and various other platforms without the need for complex coding.

  • Some of the best Zapier survey integrations include Zonka Feedback, Typeform, SurveySparrow, Google Forms, JotForm, Zoho Survey, and Survicate among others.

  • Zonka Feedback is a leading survey tool that allows you to create surveys of various types through templates. You can automate survey triggers to your contacts, analyze results, take action and close the feedback loop effectively. Sign up for a 14-day free trial or schedule a demo for a closer look at its features. 

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Connect with 1400+ popular apps to automate and streamline marketing and lead management through Zonka Feedback and Zapier integration. 

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Zapier Survey Tools & Integrations to Collect Feedback

Let us directly jump into the best Zapier survey integration software that can help you streamline your survey data collection and enhance automation for business workflows.

1. Zonka Feedback for Automating Surveys & Tasks

Zonka Feedback is an online survey software that helps you create surveys of all types including NPS surveys, CSAT surveys, and CES surveys and collect valuable customer feedback. Through this software, you can seamlessly integrate with Zapier and lets you connect with over 1400 apps for automated marketing and lead management and creating efficient workflows.

The software's capabilities extend beyond survey creation to generating customer tickets through logic-based forms, providing insights into customer concerns and assessing customer satisfaction metrics. You can create custom zaps (workflows) in Zonka Feedback that can ensure real-time synchronization of customer data and maintain an updated contact list for informed decision-making.

You can further promote cross-team collaboration by assigning tasks based on priority and visibility into tickets and turning on repose alerts for receiving real-time alerts via Slack, Email, SMS, etc., to enhance responsiveness to customers' concerns.

Key Features

  • Generate customer tickets using logic-based surveys and create support tickets for identifying concerns and measuring NPS, CSAT, and CES.

  • Collect real-time customer data with Zaps and sync customer data to organize insights and maintain an updated contact list.

  • Encourage cross-team collaboration by providing visibility into tickets, enabling efficient issue resolution through prioritized and assigned tasks.

  • Activate new response alerts and notifications via Slack, Email, SMS, etc., for timely resolution of customer concerns.

  • Streamline data collection by automating forms and surveys within email marketing tools for engagement at crucial touchpoints.

  • Automatically sync form respondents with your CRM, add to email lists, and trigger personalized follow-ups based on responses.


  • Starts at $49/month

  • Free trial and free version available

Zapier Survey Tools Zonka Feedback

2. Typeform for Engaging & Interactive Surveys

Typeform seamlessly connects engaging and interactive surveys with Zapier. Its versatility and user-friendly design make it an ideal choice if you are looking for a survey integration solution that effortlessly automates workflows, facilitates real-time data synchronization, and maximizes connectivity across various applications, ensuring a streamlined and efficient survey experience.

Key Features

  • Effortlessly automate Typeform workflows with Zapier for seamless data processing.

  • Enjoy real-time synchronization of survey data with instant updates based on respondent interactions.

  • Set up triggers for specific feedback responses, automating actions across applications.

  • Integrate Typeform with numerous apps through Zapier for a customized, unified ecosystem.


  • Starts at $25/month

  • Free plan available


Survey integrations with Zapier - Typeform

3. SurveySparrow for Conversational Surveys

With seamless Zapier integration, SurveySparrow effortlessly collaborates with your favorite applications, simplifying tasks and boosting efficiency. This automation prowess allows you to send surveys, add new contacts, share results, and more with ease.

Key Features

  • Send surveys via Zapier post-issue resolution in Zendesk for prompt feedback.

  • Automate the addition of new contacts from Google Apps, Android Survey App, Payroll, HRIS to SurveySparrow.

  • Receive immediate alerts on Slack through Zapier when users submit surveys, ensuring quick response times.

  • Utilize Zapier to push survey results to Google Sheets and sync with analytics tools like Google Analytics.


  • Starts at $19/month

  • Free version and trial available

Zapier Survey Tools SurveySparrow

4. Mailchimp for Marketing & Communication

Through Mailchimp and Zapier integration, you can streamline your workflow effortlessly and enable automated data transfer to and from various web services without the need for coding. Whether you want to replicate mailing lists, capture new subscribers, or connect with apps like Gmail, PayPal, and Salesforce - Mailchimp has you covered.

Key Features:

  • Create Mailchimp subscribers seamlessly from Typeform entries, Google Contacts, MySQL, and other platforms with pre-made Zaps.

  • Greet new Mailchimp subscribers warmly with personalized emails from Gmail.

  • Connect Mailchimp with Asana, HubSpot, Eventbrite, Evernote, and more for efficient data management.

  • Create powerful automated workflows using Multi-Step Zaps to trigger multiple actions based on a single event.


  • Starts at $4.61/month

  • Free version available

Zapier Survey Tools Mailchimp

5. Google Forms for Easy Survey Creation

Google Forms, known for its user-friendly interface and powerful editor, is your go-to solution for effortless data collection on the web available for free. Paired seamlessly with Google Sheets, it's a dynamic duo for streamlined survey integration.

Key Features

  • Integrate Google Forms with Zapier for seamless data transfer to/from various apps.

  • Experience instant updates with efficient real-time synchronization between Google Forms and connected applications.

  • Set up triggers and actions via Zapier for customized, automated workflows tailored to your survey requirements.

  • Connect Google Forms to diverse apps through Zapier, creating an integrated environment and saving valuable time.


  • Free for personal use

  • Business plans start at $5.44/month

Zapier Survey Tools Google Forms

6. Wufoo for Form Building with Cloud Storage

Wufoo, a powerful survey solution that offers cloud storage ability for collected survey data and seamlessly integrates with Zapier, offering a powerful combination for efficient data collection and automation.

Key Features

  • Integrate Wufoo with Zapier for smooth, automated data transfer between your surveys and various applications.

  • Set up triggers through Zapier to prompt immediate actions based on Wufoo feedback responses, ensuring real-time engagement.

  • Connect Wufoo with a variety of apps through Zapier, streamlining workflows and saving time.

  • Unlock the power of custom actions using AI in beta, allowing you to create new, intelligent responses tailored to your unique needs.

  • Utilize raw HTTP requests, including integration authentication, through Wufoo's API request feature in beta, offering advanced customization options for seamless integration.


  • Starts at $14.08/month

  • Free version available

Zapier Survey Tools Wufoo

7. JotForm for Feature-rich Form Creation

Popular among Android survey apps, Jotform when integrated seamlessly with Zapier, empowers you to sync form submissions effortlessly with over 3000 platforms. Streamline your workflow, eliminate manual data entry, and unlock powerful automation for enhanced productivity.

Key Features

  • Effortlessly sync Jotform submissions to 3000+ platforms, including Excel, Gmail, Discord, Google Contacts, and Klaviyo.

  • Directly send leads to your CRM system for automated customer relationship management.

  • Transform contact form entries into help desk tickets, streamlining customer support.

  • Seamlessly integrate bookings into your calendar for efficient schedule coordination.

  • Add new tasks to your project management system, enhancing workflow organization.

  • Tailor automation to your needs, from lead management to task assignments, using Jotform's Zapier integration.


  • Starts at $34/month

  • Free for up to 5 forms

Zapier Survey Tools JotForm

8. SoGoSurvey for Comprehensive Survey Solutions

Through SoGoSurvey and Zapier integration, you can effortlessly link your surveys with over 1,000 apps for customized workflows. This survey tool offers customizable workflows and effortless automation to handle feedback responses in no time.

Key Features

  • Integrate SoGoSurvey with 1,000+ apps through Zapier, expanding your survey functionality across platforms like Slack, Trello, Gmail, Dropbox, and more.

  • Build tailored workflows to push survey results into various applications, allowing for personalized and automated data dissemination.

  • Let Zapier do the heavy lifting, ensuring smooth and automated processes for enhanced efficiency in handling form responses.


  • Starts at $25/month

  • Free trial available

Zapier Survey Tools SoGoSurvey

9. QuickTapSurvey for Offline Surveys on Mobile Devices

QuickTapSurvey revolutionizes data capture with offline capabilities for tablets and phones. It seamlessly integrates with Zapier to trigger actions in over 750 apps using your user inputs, enhancing your workflow efficiency.

Key Features

  • Collect data offline in-person without an internet connection using tablets and phones.

  • Link QuickTapSurvey seamlessly with Zapier to trigger actions in 750+ apps based on feedback responses.

  • Optimize workflow by connecting survey responses to various applications, enhancing data utilization.

  • Easily set up Zapier integration with a subscription and a published survey with at least one response.


  • Starts at $41/month

  • Free trial available

Zapier Survey Tools QuickTapSurvey

10. YesInsights for Actionable Insights

YesInsights helps you to gather actionable feedback with one-click surveys for teams or clients. It integrates with Zapier and helps to connect with 750+ apps for a comprehensive and efficient feedback loop.

Key Features

  • Create one click surveys quick surveys for instant feedback from teams or clients, driving actionable insights.

  • Connect YesInsights effortlessly with 750+ third-party apps through Zapier for seamless integration with your favorite software.

  • Set up triggers for new responses, specific respondent selections, and comments after surveys, ensuring timely and relevant actions.


  • Starts at $20/month

  • Free trial available

Survey Integrations with Zapier YesInsights

11. Zoho Survey for Effortless Survey Submissions

Zoho and Zapier integrations help you with data integration and workflow automation. You can trigger actions based on survey submissions, streamline data management, and extract valuable insights.

Key Features

  • Automate tasks, save time and enhance productivity by integrating Zoho Survey with a wide range of supported apps through Zapier.

  • Create custom workflows to connect survey responses with actionable tasks in other applications, automating processes like follow-up emails and report generation.

  • Eliminate manual data entry, reducing the risk of inconsistencies and inaccuracies in responses with Zoho Survey's integration with Zapier.

  • Connect Zoho Survey with various apps and services like calendars, CRM systems, project management tools, email platforms, and analytics applications for versatile integration possibilities.

  • Receive real-time notifications in messaging apps like Slack for prompt response to survey submissions.


  • Starts at $7.22/month

  • Free version available

Zapier Survey Tools Zoho Forms

12. Survicate for Multi-Channel Feedback Collection

Survicate, an intuitive survey tool, enables continuous customer feedback collection through email, web, in-product, and mobile apps. By integrating this software with Zapier, you can automate surveys and response-based workflows, guaranteeing data integrity and preventing any loss.

Key Features

  • Utilize Survicate and Zapier integration to automate surveys, enhancing efficiency and ensuring seamless feedback collection.

  • Automatically add feedback from surveys to Survicate Feedback Hub, preventing any loss of valuable customer insights.

  • Trigger actions in Survicate, such as creating feedback notes and completing surveys, based on user responses, providing real-time engagement.


  • Starts at $53/month

  • Free trial available

Zapier Survey Tools Survicate

13. SurveyLab for Professional Surveys with Advanced Features

SurveyLab seamlessly integrates with over 3000 apps and tools through Zapier, providing a code-free solution for enhanced survey management and data integration.

Key Features

  • Leverage the SurveyLab and Zapier integration to enhance survey capabilities across diverse applications, ensuring a comprehensive and customized survey experience.

  • Set up automated workflows with Zapier integration, enabling streamlined processes and real-time data synchronization.

  • Boost productivity by automating tasks and optimizing survey management for efficient data flow.


  • Starts at $49/month

  • Free trial available

Zapier Survey Tools SurveyLab

14. Surveybot for Chatbot Surveys on Facebook

Surveybot, a powerful survey tool with seamless Zapier integration, empowers you to collect valuable feedback directly through your Facebook page, streamlining the survey process and enhancing engagement with your audience.

Key Features

  • Leverage Zapier Integration to link surveys with over 750 apps including Facebook page, ensuring widespread data distribution and automation.

  • Access popular CRM systems effortlessly, allowing seamless integration of more responses with your customer relationships.

  • Set up chatbot integrations for each survey, enabling personalized interactions and streamlined data flow for multiple survey projects.


  • Starts at $35/month

  • Free version available

Survey Integrations with Zapier Surveybot

15. SmartSurvey for Data-Driven Insights with Advanced Reporting

SmartSurvey is a powerful online survey software that offers advanced reporting capabilities for individuals and teams to effortlessly create a variety of data collection forms. The Zapier integration allows for automating Smartsurvey responses and survey tasks by connecting over 1,000 web apps.

Key Features

  • Connect to over 1,000 popular web apps including Salesforce, Office 365, Google Drive and more, and automate new Smartsurvey survey responses and tasks for heightened efficiency.

  • Leverage Zaps to create tailored workflows, automating processes like sending surveys to new lead in Salesforce.

  • Simplify task automation with easy-to-create Zaps for a user-friendly interface for users of all levels.

  • As both a trigger and an action in Zapier, SmartSurvey offers flexibility, allowing you to mix and match for diverse task automation tailored to your specific needs.


  • Starts at $32.61/month

  • Free version available

Zapier Integration SmartSurvey

16. SurveyMonkey for In-Depth Market Research & Analytics

SurveyMonkey and Zapier integration allows you to automate workflows and enhance survey management. You can trigger actions based on customer responses, automate email notifications including Gmail account, and efficiently organize data in Google Sheets.

Key Features

  • Set up customized email notifications for every complete response, including options to insert answer text, send to multiple addresses, and filter responses based on criteria.

  • Send personalized confirmation emails to respondents using Zapier, with the flexibility to customize content and trigger conditions based on specific criteria.

  • Automatically update a Google Sheets spreadsheet with new SurveyMonkey responses, offering dynamic and organized data storage for efficient analysis.

  • Tailor zaps to specific needs, including criteria-based triggers, selective collector preferences, and personalized content insertion, providing a high level of customization in your automated processes.


  • Starts at $18.63/user/month

  • Free version available

Survey Integrations with Zapier SurveyMonkey

17. SurveyCTO for Secure & Robust Mobile Data Collection

Through SurveyCTO and Zapier integration, you can connect your survey data seamlessly with external systems like Salesforce, G Suite, and more. The integration allows you to streamline your workflow, trigger events, and send data effortlessly.

Key Features

  • Connect SurveyCTO effortlessly with systems like Salesforce, G Suite, Office 365, Twilio, Power BI, and SMS/IVR via Zapier.

  • Facilitate seamless interactions between SurveyCTO and external systems, ensuring complete and connected data management.

  • Save time by automating repetitive tasks, allowing focused efforts on deriving valuable insights from survey data.


  • Starts at $198/month

  • Free trial available

Survey Intergrations with Zapier - SurveyCTO

18. Hotjar for Advanced User Insights and Collaboration

Hotjar helps you to gather valuable insights directly from your users through its feedback and surveys option. With seamless Zapier integration, you can automate the organization of feedback responses and feedback, and streamline the decision-making process for a user-centric approach.

Key Features

  • Connect Hotjar with Zapier for seamless integration with tools like Airtable and Miro, ensuring efficient data organization.

  • Improve stakeholder communication by sending Hotjar data to tools like Sheets or Excel, creating visually appealing charts for user behavior patterns.

  • Automate workflows with Zaps like create a new row in Google sheets spreadsheet for Hotjar Recordings, saving time on data collation and analysis.

  • Enhance conversion rates by automatically creating Trello cards for customer responses and feedback on high-value web pages.

  • Boost team engagement by sending insights into user feelings via feedback responses and recordings to a dedicated Microsoft Teams channel, facilitating quick trend-spotting and issue identification.


  • Starts at $48/month

  • Free version available

Zapier Survey Tools Hotjar

19. Qualtrics for Enterprise Experience Management

Qualtrics is an enterprise survey software which when paired with Zapier, effortlessly blends your new survey responses (X-Data) with operational data from other apps to provide you with actionable insights and automated workflows. You can easily distribute surveys, enable real-time event triggers, and create a customized data ecosystem, all through the power of Qualtrics and Zapier collaboration.

Key Features

  • Gain actionable insights into customer experience data by effortlessly integrating Qualtrics with various apps, ensuring a smooth flow of data upon survey completion.

  • For users with XM Directory, easily distribute Qualtrics surveys from any available application in Zapier and deliver experience data to the system of record.

  • Automatically enable new contact creation and survey distribution as events happen, ensuring timely responses and trigger actions based on collected responses.

  • Tailor survey distribution based on events and responses, providing flexibility and customization to suit your specific needs.


Contact their team to get pricing information

Zapier Survey Tools Qualtrics

20. Nicereply for Automated Customer Feedback

Nicereply, a powerful survey tool, excels at gathering customer feedback effortlessly. When integrated with Zapier, this dynamic duo ensures seamless automation, connection and synchronization of survey data with various apps, resulting in enhanced efficiency, personalized automation, and valuable insights from customer responses.

Key Features

  • Utilize Zaps to trigger actions based on Nicereply responses, ensuring streamlined processes.

  • Connect Nicereply with various apps through Zapier for smooth and real-time synchronization, enhancing your data management capabilities.

  • Tailor Zaps according to your needs, allowing personalized and automated workflows that match your survey requirements.

  • With Zaps, automate routine tasks and derive valuable insights from feedback responses.


  • Starts at $59/month

  • Free trial available

Survey integrations with Zapier - Nicereply

21. forms.app for  Simplified Form Creation

forms.app simplifies form creation, providing a user-friendly platform for efficient data collection. When integrated with Zapier, it automates data transfer from various apps for streamlined workflows.

Key Features

  • Set up triggers through Zapier to prompt immediate actions based on form responses, ensuring real-time engagement.

  • Create powerful automated workflows using multi-step Zaps for enhanced complexity in data management.

  • Enjoy real-time synchronization between forms.app responses and connected applications for instant updates.


  • Starts at $12.5/month

  • Free version available

Zapier integration forms.app

Collect Feedback & Automate Workflows Using Zonka Feedback & Zapier Integration

As we explore the best Zapier survey integration, the fusion of survey software with Zapier is redefining how organizations and individuals interact with data. From the user-friendly interfaces of Typeform to the analytical prowess of Hotjar, each survey app offers a unique set of features while integrating with Zapier.

Any survey app that you choose from our list will help you evolve from static surveys to dynamic tools of efficiency. Zonka Feedback is one of the best customer experience tools which when integrated with Zapier allows you to automate tasks, carry out customer data flow between platforms, and streamline feedback collection in real-time.

Sign up for a 14-day free trial and experience the evolution of feedback management and grow your business!


Written by Kanika

Jan 17, 2024

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