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Powerful CX Software to Manage & Enhance Experiences

Use Zonka Feedback to simplify experience management and delight your customers at every interaction. Powerful tool with location-based CX, AI analysis, and closed feedback loop. 

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The 19 Best Customer Experience (CX) Software Platforms of 2024

A staggering 92% of CEOs, surveyed by NTT, have concurred that enhancing customer experience (CX) will have a direct positive effect on their bottom-line profits.

To further the claim, McKinsey has led 900 companies to a 15-20% increase in sales conversion rates and a 10-20% improvement in customer satisfaction just by executing an enterprise-wide customer experience program. That's a substantial impact, even for companies with a few thousand dollar turnover, more so for million/billion-dollar enterprises.  

Imagine achieving similar results for your business. 

Customer experience software is the key to unlocking the power of CX. By streamlining processes, automating tasks, and facilitating proactive customer engagement, these tools can transform the way you interact with your customers.

Here at Zonka Feedback, we've helped leading brands like Damas, Jones the Grocer, and Simpl transform their customer interactions, craft engaging connections, and elevate the overall experience. 

Whether you are a CXO, customer success head, or anyone who wants to up their CX game, we have analyzed over 19 CX tools, including our own software Zonka Feedback, based on different parameters and listed them with their highlights, key features, pros, and cons. 


  • Customer experience software enables businesses to gauge, analyze, and improve customer satisfaction and experience by helping them listen, improve, and act on customer feedback.
  • As different businesses have different CX requirements, we have bifurcated our list based on key use cases like experience management, service experience, journey mapping, and customer success.
  • In our list of best customer experience platforms, we have included tools like Zonka Feedback, AskNicely, Medallia, InMoment, Qualtrics, Forsta, and more.  
  • Zonka Feedback is an AI-powered survey software and customer experience platform, enabling intelligent and impactful CX management, leading to tangible business impact. You can take a free trial for 14 days and explore its features on your own or schedule a demo where our CX experts can guide you on setting it up based on your enterprise needs.

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Collect real-time, in-moment feedback to gauge customer experience and leverage feedback insights to build better experiences.

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What is Customer Experience (CX) Software?

Customer experience software is a cloud-based solution that facilitates the management of customer interactions along the entire customer journey. Customer experience is emerging as a primary brand differentiator to enhance customer retention and is overtaking considerations like price and product.  Companies that invest in customer experience management can expect increased customer satisfaction, loyalty, and ultimately, revenue.

A CX platform acts as a powerful engine that transforms customer interactions into valuable insights. By pinpointing behaviors that drive positive financial results, enabling necessary actions based on these insights, and fostering a win-win situation where they love the experiences, businesses can cultivate satisfied customers and elevate their economic worth.

Here's a pictorial depiction of what a comprehensive CX tool should comprise and offer to any business. 


An ideal CX tool should help you with three things:

  • listen to the voice of the customer
  • Act intelligently on the insights
  • Improve the overall experience

Our interaction-to-impact engine brings together human interactions and tech automation to create delightful customer experiences. 

Top Customer Experience Platforms To Transform your CX Game

There are several types of customer experience tools available for businesses, each serving a different purpose in the customer experience journey. 

Some want to measure the customer feedback to manage experience, others want to measure their service experience, those in the initial stage want a customer journey mapping tool, and accomplished players look for tools to measure and improve customer success. 

And, we don't want to leave anyone behind. 

We've bifurcated our list of tools based on these use cases itself. 

  • CX Survey Platforms: Zonka Feedback, AskNicely, Medallia, Qualtrics, InMoment, Forsta, CustomerGauge
  • Service Experience Platforms: Zendesk, Intercom, FreshDesk, HelpCrunch, Zoho Desk 
  • Customer Journey Mapping Software: UXPressia, Hotjar, Miro
  • Customer Success Tools: Gainsight, ChurnZero, Planhat

All these tools are there to help you at every stage of creating your CX strategy, how you can improve experience at different stages, and monitor interaction at every touchpoint. 

Best Customer Experience Tools For Survey & Feedback Management

These CX software and apps help businesses create surveys and feedback forms to gather valuable insights from customers. They help to manage the overall feedback from creating and sharing surveys to collecting and taking action on feedback and ultimately improving experience and satisfaction that is at par with customer expectations.

Let’s explore some of the best customer experience management software that you can use for your business in 2024 to measure and improve customer experience.

1. Zonka Feedback: AI-powered CX Management Software

Zonka Feedback provides a cutting-edge AI-driven CX platform that enables organizations and enterprises to excel in customer experience, irrespective of their current CX maturity level.

It is a comprehensive, multi-channel feedback and experience management software that helps incorporate customer's voices into their CX program. In fact, its recently launched Zonka Feedback 3.0 is supercharged with Artificial Intelligence to provide you with unprecedented insights into customer emotions and enable smart CX workflows and automation. 

Zonka Feedback's insights have fueled impactful enhancements, unveiling the secrets behind our success. It's our magic wand, enchanting the world of customer experience at PSIPL.

Working with organizations like PSIPL, Damas, Simpl, and more, Zonka Feedback has proved that its interaction-to-impact engine can be a powerful differentiator in setting organizations apart and outpacing competitors. 

Their CX consultants help you set up the complete CX platform based on your enterprise needs- create surveys to listen to customers' voices, set up workflows, connect with your CRMs, helpdesk, and other systems, automate CX with custom triggers, and close the feedback loop. 

Zonka Feedback's AI feedback analysis outshines any CX tool in this niche. With auto-tagging, intent analysis, sentiment analysis, entity recognition, and more, it helps you feel the pulse of your customer behavior. By analyzing feedback across every touchpoint, this tool can optimize the customer journey and identify ways to create a win-win scenario where better experiences yield tangible positive outcomes. 

The tool helps you redefine your CX process at every touchpoint for each team:

  • It enables your customer experience and success teams to streamline feedback collection, take action on customer feedback, close the feedback loop, and build long-lasting customer relationships.
  • It empowers your product teams to track user satisfaction, prioritize feature feedback, and focus on what matters the most to the users to ensure retention and reduce churn.
  • It helps you to provide real-time recognition to your frontline teams, identify skill gaps, and empower your teams to surface customers' pain points and boost their overall efficiency.
  • It helps your marketing teams optimize the customer journey at various touchpoints by gathering and analyzing website and content feedback. You can fuel user and market research, measure brand awareness, and drive powerful results with Zonka Feedback.

Zonka Feedback is known for its real-time feedback reporting and actionable insights, helping businesses improve their customer experience strategies based on immediate customer responses and deliver exceptional experience to the customer with every interaction.

Zonka Feedback customer experience software

Key Features
  • Multichannel feedback collection - website, in-product, in-app, email, SMS, QR codes, links, offline, kiosks, and more. 
  • CX Metrics like CSAT, NPS, CES, and sentiments
  • No-code mobile form platform for offline and field surveys with real-time data sync
  • Intelligent workflows with automatic feedback collection, real-time alerts, notifications, and auto-responders
  • Comprehensive unified response inbox and collaborative action center
  • Advanced AI-driven survey insights, data trends, sentiment analysis, page & content reports 
  • Location-based analysis, CX management, and user segmentation
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) and detailed roles and permissions management for secure access control
  • Two-way data sync through one-touch integration with CRMs, helpdesk, marketing tools, webhooks, APIs, and more 
  • Effective closing the feedback loop to enhance CX
  • Expert consultants to set up and optimize the CX platform, create effective feedback strategies, and implement best practices tailored to the enterprise’s specific needs
  • Easy to import historical feedback data
  • Data security with HIPAA, GDPR, and ISO 27001:2022 certification
Zonka Feedback Pros
  • Run your customer experience programs on autopilot 
  • Deep insights into customer emotions, intent, and behavior
  • Create frictionless customer journeys
  • Improved customer retention 
  • Empower teams to take targeted actions
Zonka Feedback Cons
  • Does not offer support for voice data

2. AskNicely: CX Software to Improve Team Performance  

AskNicely allows organizations to achieve experience excellence through real-time feedback analysis, everywhere, every time. If you are one who's looking to measure customer experience with the customer service teams or frontline teams at multiple locations, this is the tool for you. It collects data across every touchpoint, whether physical or digital, analyzes insights, identifies trends, and helps drive uniform CX in real-time to improve service everywhere. 


AskNicely Features
  • Streamlined CX data collection
  • Multi-channel feedback collection - email, SMS, embedded surveys (web/mobile), in-store kiosk
  • Real-time centralized dashboards with trends and insights
  • Location & team performance tracking 
  • Enhanced customer insights with deep insights into customer emotions, intent, and behavior
  • Sentiment & text analysis
  • Data segmentation 
  • Scorecard topic creation & tracking for frontline teams
AskNicely Pros
  • Improved team performance
  • Consistent service experience
  • Continuous improvement
  • Improve CX on Net Promoter Score framework
AskNicely Cons
  • Expertise limited to Net Promoter Score
  • Limited integration capabilities
  • No offline capabilities or mobile survey app

3. Medallia: CX Tool for Customer-centric Excellence

Turning customer feedback into impactful actions is what Medallia does best. As a leading customer experience platform, Medallia offers comprehensive listening of the voice of customers from direct and indirect feedback via surveys, speech, digital behavior, reviews, chats, IoT data, employee feedback, and operational data from CRM, HRIS, POS, and ERP. Brands like Mercedes Benz, Johnson & Johnson, and many more have been using Medallia to uncover blind spots in their customer journey and drive customer and employee satisfaction. 

medallia-customer experience

Medallia Features
  • 360 view of customers with social media, transcripts, speech analytics, ticketing systems, and digital behavior.
  • AI-powered analysis of structured and unstructured insights to uncover what customers care about, prioritize actions, and predict their behavior.
  • Personalized surveys with survey questions, designs, translations, logic, conditioning, and distribution.
  • Multiple web based survey distribution channels - email, mobile, Business IVR, SMS, Wechat, and Facebook Messenger
  • Connect with customers in the moment with automatic alerts and predictive insights
  • Athena AI with unsupervised learning to augment human workflows
  • Organized cross-channel data from social, operational, and direct feedback for a one-platform view
  • Robust APIs and ETLs and out-of-the box integrations to make feedback data more accessible
  • Video capture options to capture emotions beneath the voice of customers
  • Reporting capabilities with Text Analytics to view insights and survey results.
  • Ask Now feature to capture point-in-time feedback regarding a business decision.
Medallia Pros
  • Unified customer experience software to increase satisfaction score
  • Ensure consistency in internal processes
  • Complete view of positive and negative drivers of customer experience
Medallia Cons
  • Requires support assistance that can be expensive
  • Complex setup and implementation
  • Analytical capabilities can be improved

Medallia is a well-rounded tool, but it is a bit complex and involve high cost of features which all businesses don't use. So you can also explore our curated list of Medallia alternatives and find a tool that better suits your business requirements. 

4. Qualtrics: CX Software To Drive Company-wide Improvement

Qualtrics is a comprehensive experience management software designed to help businesses understand and improve every aspect of the customer journey. Known for its versatility and robust capabilities, Qualtrics is a go-to choice for enterprises seeking to incorporate a greater sense of empathy and human connection in their business engagements.

It enables businesses to survey their customers at the moment across multiple channels and see real-time data on a single platform.

qualtrics-customer experience

Qualtrics Features
  • Simply and clean block approach for survey creation
  • Multiple distribution channels- email, web, social media, SMS, and more
  • Automated workflows to trigger tasks based on customer feedback
  • Custom CX dashboards
  • Effective for frontline customer experience management
  • Join data sets from multiple sources
  • Stats iQ and Text iQ functionalities powered by AI to derive emotionally intelligent insights
Qualtrics Pros
  • Consolidate feedback channels for holistic customer understanding
  • Seamless coexistence of multiple toolsets, serving different business requirements
  • Innovative, tech-forward software for future-ready companies
  • Easy to pull historical data
Qualtrics Cons
  • Requires support to maximize benefits but wait time can be long
  • Time to implementation & seeing ROI can be long

Many customers feel that this tool is overpriced. So if you are looking for a budget solution, you can explore the top Qualtrics alternatives to find the best deal for you.

5. InMoment: CX Platform to Connect Experience Everywhere

InMoment is the customer experience software you would need to collect and connect experiences across every touchpoint in the customer journey. It eliminates the siloed perspective of data and complexities in the journeys to enable enterprises to scale with their CX aspirations without holding any experience data back.  

customer experience software-inmoment

InMoment Features
  • CSAT, CES, NPS, and VoC surveys
  • Multiple templates and themes for each use case
  • Emotion AI to elicit effective responses
  • Connects experience data from every touchpoint
  • Patented Workflow™ technology for secure & optimal analytics
  • Proprietary AI that analyzes data to the core
  • Tailor-made as well as custom dashboards to view data based on organization levels for informed decision-making
  • AI-generated responses to close the feedback loop
  • Case-management application to resolve issues in real-time
InMoment Pros
  • Collects direct, indirect, and inferred customer data
  • Offers more descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive insights
  • Active listening to all digital as well as other touchpoints
  • Has powerful AI functionalities to make data collection, analysis, and decision making for impactful
InMoment Cons
  • Limitations in report customization
  • Team training and technical support required to utilize the platform

6. Forsta: Powerful Human Experience Platform  

Bringing together experience and research tech, Forsta helps organizations understand their customers better as people and drive cultural change. Its customer experience platform is designed to understand human intelligence, visualize real impact from the insights, and act fast to solve customer issues. This CX tool can be effectively used to measure customer experience, product experience, employee experience, local listings, market experience, and much more. 

forsta-customer expereince

Forsta Features
  • Collects survey data online, over the phone, intercepts, web, and paper
  • Intuitive dashboard designs
  • Easy-to-manage case resolution
  • Action workflows, streamlined permissions, and automated processes
  • Text analytics, emotion detection, and voice sentiment analysis
  • Data storytelling with infographics and industry benchmarks
  • Instant and automated feedback routing 
Forsta Pros
  • Complete picture of customer data, whether small team or global community
  • Human experience platform to view data as stories
  • Industry and past performance benchmarking for better comparison
  • Expert consulting partnership for complete setup and customizations
Forsta Cons
  • Some users mentioned that the platform is outdated in terms of reporting dashboard
  • Automated workflows can be too complex for individual companies
  • There can be some friction in logging into the platform, especially without SSO

7. CustomerGauge: Manage Account Experience for CGP 

Known for offering comprehensive account experience, especially to those in the B2B industry, CustomerGauge is a powerful customer experience platform that promises to reduce churn via account feedback. This CX tool is designed specifically for large enterprises in industries such as CPG, beverage, logistics, manufacturing, technology, and IT services. 

customergauge-account experience

CustomerGauge Features
  • State-of-the-art survey builder
  • Customizable survey campaigns
  • NPS, eNPS, CSAT, and CES metrics
  • Account listing & multi-stakeholder management
  • Text analytics & Sentiment analysis
  • Account-level drill-down reports
  • Custom, role-based dashboards for different personas
  • Automated closing of the feedback loop
CustomerGauge Pros
  • Helps prioritize account focus on the bottom line
  • Adds a richer narrative to the account feedback
  • Provides  financial value attached to each driver
  • Complete account SWOT analysis to assess and manage risk
CustomerGauge Cons
  • Expertise limited to the consumer packaged goods industry
  • Limited reporting features
  • Complex learning and implementation curve

8. forms.app: CX Software with AI Form Generator

forms.app is an online form builder software application that allows you to create forms, surveys, and quizzes to gauge customer experience. With more than 4000 ready-made templates available, you can easily find anything to measure important metrics such as Net Promoter Score, Customer Satisfaction Score, Customer Effort Score, and more.

Additionally, you can create professional-looking forms with the AI form generator feature and collect customer feedback efficiently. By integrating your forms with popular apps like Google Sheets, Excel, and Google Drive, you can make faster your workflow.

forms.app (2)

forms.app Features
  • AI form generator for faster creation
  • Collaboration with up to 9 teammates
  • Collection of signature and payment
  • Various distribution channels like embedding, web links…
  • Conditional logic and calculator
  • Advanced customization options like CSS
  • Easier workflow with more than 500 third-party integrations
forms.app Pros
  • Automated form creation
  • Intuitive UI
  • AI-powered response suggestions
forms.app Cons
  • Limited customization options
  • Only basic analytics

CX Tools for Customer Service Experience 

A sizeable portion of businesses looking for CX tools have a clear agenda in mind. They want to measure their customer service performance and improve how they can deliver better service experiences to their clients. 

There are different ways brands can provide a great customer service experience to their customers- via human agents on calls, SMS, emails, chatbots, knowledge base, self-service portal, and much more. What a customer service experience platform does is that it ensures that an organization’s support team is empowered with the insights they need to deliver world-class experiences. 

9. Zendesk: Experience Management Platform for Service Teams 

Zendesk is a customer service software that offers a range of tools for the help agents and support team to improve customer satisfaction. It provides a unified workspace where businesses can track and analyze customer interactions, offer support across multiple channels, collect customer feedback, and use analytics to improve their services and build better customer experiences. 

This experience management platform's user-friendly interface and powerful functionalities make it a popular choice for businesses of all sizes.

Zendesk Features
  • Ticketing system to manage and prioritize customer enquiries, issues, and support requests
  • Offers support across multiple channels such as email, live chat, messaging, social media and voice
  • Pre-built analytics dashboards for easy issue viewing
  • Workflow automation to assign tasks to relevant employees
  • AI agents that automatically solve customer issues
  • Advanced data protection and compliances
  • AI Content Cues to automatically create help articles based on common theme in customer issues
  • Contextual workspace to customize ticket interface based on different conditions
  • Support for multiple languages.
  • 1600+ apps and integrations.
Zendesk Pros
  • Empower agents with customer information to maximize efficiency
  • Scale agent capacity by reducing issue-handling time
  • Build stronger relationships by personalizing experience
Zendesk Cons
  • High charges for different add-on features
  • Customizing reporting dashboards and reports can be complex
  • Limited real-time metrics and survey capabilities

10. Intercom: AI-first Customer Experience and Service Platform

One of the most advanced customer experience platforms for delivering exceptional customer services, Intercom’s AI-first capabilities are commendable. Be it offering AI assistants to reduce support volume, personal AI assistance for every support agent, or AI-powered reporting and insights for support teams to optimize operations, this CX tool does it all. Basically, it empowers everyone in your organization with the power of artificial intelligence to deliver exceptional service experience. 


Intercom Features
  • AI chatbot to resolve issues across channels
  • Omnichannel and multilingual support for easier prioritization of issues
  • Customized help center to offer in-context answers and support content
  • AI co-pilot that assists agents in resolving issues faster
  • AI-powered, comprehensive inbox with conversations from phone, email, and messenger
  • Tickets to streamline conversation and collaboration
  • Support for phone calls, video calls, and screen sharing
  • Instant AI insights from customer data for support leaders 
  • Custom reports with chart visualizations
  • Automation with triggers, rules, conditions, 
  • An all-inclusive help desk that connects inboxes, tickets, and help centers into a single workspace
Intercom Pros
  • Unified, faster, and more efficient support ecosystem
  • Escalate issue resolution to improve service experience with AI
  • Makes customer service more technically advanced
Intercom Cons
  • Users have reported bugs and issues in the inbox, macros, routing customers, customization, etc 
  • Basic analysis and reporting

11. FreshDesk: CX Software for Support Teams

Freshdesk is a cloud-based customer service software designed to simplify support interactions and improve customer satisfaction. It offers a comprehensive suite of tools for ticketing, self-service, automation, routing, reporting, and more. This CX software is the ultimate unified workspace for agents to deliver exceptional support to their customers. 

customer experience software-freshdesk

FreshDesk Features
  • Complete customization for portals, agent roles, ticket forms, customer segments, and more
  • Unified support inbox to track and manage tickets from different channels like chat, social media, email, phone, website, and WhatsApp
  • Detect agent collision to eliminate resource wastage
  • Built-in AI-driven automation capabilities for repeated actions to manage tickets efficiently
  • Robust collaboration features for agents, stakeholders from cross-functional teams, and more
  • Chatbots, help widgets, solution suggestions, Kbase emails, feedback, etc, for a self-service experience 
  • Curated and custom reports based on different metrics and improved performance
FreshDesk Pros
  • Reduced support cost
  • Increased team efficiency by running on autopilot with AI
FreshDesk Cons
  • Limited reporting and analytics
  • Not ideal for businesses with complex workflows

12. HelpCrunch: CX Platform to Deliver Delightful Customer Support 

HelpCrunch is a comprehensive customer communication platform designed to centralize and streamline your support operations. It offers a suite of features to improve customer engagement, enhance support efficiency, and gain valuable insights.

cx software for customer service experience-helpcrunch

HelpCrunch Features
  • Multichannel chat widget
  • Live chat feature 
  • WYSIWYG editor to create self-serve content
  • Auto messages and chatbots
  • Email sequences and appealing popups
  • AI editor for speedy message writing
  • Shared inbox for in-context service messaging
  • No-code website and in-product popups 
HelpCrunch Pros
  • Better team collaboration  and faster issue resolution
  • Deflect support tickets to AI chatbots 
  • Generate and qualify leads effectively
HelpCrunch Cons
  • Less advanced compared to other CX tools for service management
  • Not ideal for large-scale enterprises

13. Zoho Desk: CX Tool to Boost Customer Happiness 

Zoho Desk stands out as a robust customer service platform designed to enhance and streamline customer support operations. With its comprehensive suite of tools, Zoho Desk ensures that your support teams are equipped with everything they need to deliver outstanding customer experiences. From AI-driven automation to an integrated help desk, Zoho Desk offers a range of features that empower agents and improve efficiency across the board.

cx software-zoho-desk

Zoho Desk Features
  • Resolve issues efficiently across multiple channels with the help of Zoho's AI assistant, Zia
  • Seamlessly manage customer interactions through email, phone, chat, social media, and more, all from a single platform
  • Provide in-context answers and support content through a tailored help center
  • Automate ticket assignments, prioritize tasks, and streamline workflows with an AI-driven ticketing system
  • AI-powered reports and chart visualizations
  • Triggers, rules, and conditions to automate repetitive tasks
  • Shared tickets, notes, and internal communication features
  • Happiness rating to drive satisfaction
Zoho Desk Pros
  • Valuable insights for continuous improvement in services
  • Most expansive stack with 50% faster implementation
  • Enhance customer engagement and team productivity
Zoho Desk Cons
  • Can be restrictive when customizing
  • Lacks depth and customizability in reports

Customer Experience Tool Focusing on Journey Mapping 

Customer experience is all about enhancing every interaction experience across the customer journey. Customer journey mapping software is indispensable in such a scenario. Such platforms help organizations visualize the complete customer lifecycle, identify pain points, and optimize touchpoints to create seamless and satisfying customer interactions. 

Further, these tools can be used to identify pain points in the journey, provide a shared understanding of customers, make data-driven decisions, proactively solve problems, have a strategic plan for optimization, and much more. 

Here are some of the top customer journey mapping software that you can use. 

14. UXPressia: Mapping & Managing Customer Experience 

UXPressia is a premier journey mapping software designed to empower enterprises in visualizing, analyzing, and optimizing their customer experiences. Tailored to meet the complex needs of large organizations, UXPressia provides an extensive suite of tools that enable businesses to create detailed customer journey maps, personas, and impact maps, facilitating a deep understanding of customer interactions and behaviors. This software is essential for enterprises aiming to enhance customer engagement, streamline operations, and drive substantial value.

customer experience software for journey mapping-uxpressia

UXPressia Key Features
  • Develop intricate journey maps that capture every touchpoint and interaction
  • Create detailed personas to better understand customer segments
  • Impact mapping for strategic insights
  • A collaborative ecosystem that facilitates cross-departmental collaboration with shared workspaces, real-time editing, and feedback tools
  • Robust and real-time data integration from multiple sources
  • Advanced analytical tools
  • Centralized virtual hub to store and manage all personas and journey maps
  • Configure user roles and access permissions
UXPressia Pros
  • Enhanced clarity and visualization that simplifies customer understanding 
  • Informed decisions, driving continuous improvement and customer satisfaction
UXPressia Cons
  • Customers report limited editing options for personas
  • The product seems in the early stages and can be refined further

15. Hotjar: CX Tool to get Insights into Touchpoints Across the Journey

Hotjar is a comprehensive user experience (UX) and behavior analytics software that provides enterprises with valuable insights into customer journeys. Designed to cater to the needs of large organizations, Hotjar combines powerful features such as heatmaps, session recordings, and feedback tools to help enterprises understand user behavior and improve their websites and applications. By visualizing user interactions and gathering direct feedback, Hotjar enables businesses to enhance customer experiences and drive meaningful improvements.

cx tools-hotjar

Hotjar Features
  • Heatmaps and session recordings for a visual understanding of user journeys
  • Form analytics to identify areas of difficulty and drop-off points
  • Funnels to track user progress through key stages of the customer journey
  • Segment user data based on demographics, behavior, or other criteria
  • Share insights and collaborate with team members using shared workspaces
Hotjar Pros
  • Enhanced user insights and understanding of user behavior
  • Higher conversion rates and better ROI
Hotjar Cons
  • Lacks in-depth analytics
  • The interface can be confusing and clunky
  • Users have found Hotjar's limited plan tiers to be restrictive
  • Limited to website and in-product experience

16. Miro: Innovative Visual Workspace

Miro is an advanced collaborative online whiteboard platform that excels in customer journey mapping for enterprises. It provides a dynamic, visual workspace that helps teams map customer experiences, identify pain points, and optimize interactions. Miro’s extensive features and seamless integration capabilities make it an invaluable tool for enhancing customer experience and driving strategic improvements.

customer experience platform-miro

Miro Features
  • Comprehensive journey mapping
  • Collaborative real-time editing
  • Pre-built templates for journey maps
  • Flowcharts, mind maps, and diagrams to illustrate complex customer paths
  • Feedback and insights collection
  • Create custom dashboards to visualize key metrics
Miro Pros
  • Detailed visualizations to understand and optimize customer journeys
  • Facilitates real-time collaboration across dispersed teams
Miro Cons
  • Users have complained of poor support
  • It is not very extensive if you are looking for complete customer experience management

CX Tools Enabling Customer Success 

Customer success (CS) tools are software applications designed to empower businesses to deliver exceptional experiences to their customers, ultimately increasing satisfaction, retention, and revenue. These tools facilitate communication, engagement, and proactive support,  helping businesses build strong customer relationships throughout the entire customer journey.

There are different types of customer success tools that can work for various industries. Some think of it as a centralized platform to consolidate customer data, others think of it as a customer onboarding tool, and some also think of it as customer health scoring software that analyzes customer data to assign health scores that indicate a customer's risk of churn. 

Here are some of the key customer success tools that you can choose from. 

17. Gainsight: CX Tool to Achieve Product & Customer Success  

Gainsight is a leading customer success platform designed to help enterprises maximize customer retention, drive adoption, and accelerate growth. It provides a comprehensive suite of tools that empower businesses to understand customer health, manage relationships, and deliver proactive support. By leveraging advanced analytics, automation, and collaboration features, Gainsight enables organizations to create value-driven customer experiences and achieve long-term success.

cx software-gainsight

Gainsight Features
  • Monitor and analyze customer health using customizable metrics and health scoring
  • 360-degree customer view with a holistic view of each customer with integrated data from various sources
  • Automated workflows to streamline customer success processes
  • Lifecycle management to manage the entire customer lifecycle
  • Surveys and feedback to measure experience
  • Develop and track success plans with customers
  • Revenue optimization that shows revenue growth impact with customer success qualified leads
  • AI-powered scoring to predict renewals
  • Success planning with strategic and prescriptive action plans
Gainsight Pros
  • Managing customers proactively through automated workflows
  • Informed decision-making and strategy planning
  • Reduce churn and increase retention
Gainsight Cons
  • Extensive features can be complex to learn
  • Setting up and implementation can take time
  • Per license cost is high

18. ChurnZero: Customer Experience Software to Reduce Churn 

ChurnZero is a customer experience platform that enables success for enterprises by helping them enterprises reduce churn, drive product adoption, and increase customer lifetime value. By offering robust analytics, automation, and engagement tools, ChurnZero enables businesses to understand customer health, manage relationships proactively, and deliver personalized experiences. The platform’s real-time insights and comprehensive features make it a valuable asset for enterprises aiming to achieve long-term customer success.

customer experience software-churnzero

ChurnZero Features
  • Customer health or churn score to monitor customer health with real-time data and customizable metrics
  • Customer Success AI™
  • Collaboration chatbots that enable success teams to log tasks, meeting notes, and more
  • Real-time alerts and notifications on customer behavior and engagement
  • Automate customer success workflows with predefined playbooks and sequences
  • Segment customers based on behavior, usage, and other criteria
  • Personalized in-app messages and notifications
  • Streamline task management with tools to assign, track, and prioritize tasks
ChurnZero Pros
  • Proactive management of customer relationships with real-time insights
  • Identifying at-risk customers and delivering targeted interventions
  • Personalized engagement and continuous value delivery
ChurnZero Cons
  • The user interface can be clunky
  • Building and customizing a dashboard can be challenging

19. Planhat: CX Platform to Acquire & Grow Customers

Planhat is a robust customer success platform designed to help enterprises drive customer engagement, retention, and growth. With its advanced analytics, automation, and collaboration tools, Planhat provides a comprehensive solution for managing customer success. The platform offers valuable insights into customer behavior, enabling businesses to deliver personalized experiences and optimize the customer journey effectively.

cx tools-planhat

Planhat Features
  • Monitor and analyze customer health using customizable metrics
  • Manage customer lifecycles from onboarding to renewal
  • Complete visibility into clients, projects, and resources
  • Complete project management to plan and track goals
  • Calendar actions to organize projects and tasks
  • Segment customers based on behavior, demographics, and engagement to personalize interactions
  • Facilitate teamwork with shared notes, tasks, and communication channels for a unified approach
Planhat Pros
  • Proactive management of customer relationships through real-time insights and automation
  • Identify at-risk accounts and opportunities for upsell
Planhat Cons
  • Integrating Planhat with existing systems can be complex and time-consuming
  • Managing extensive data can be resource-intensive

What To Look for in a Customer Experience Tool?

Customer experience tools offer various key functions to help businesses improve their customer experience management. Choosing the right tool with all these necessary features helps you leverage your tool to deliver brilliant customer experiences and boost your business growth.

  • Feedback Management: One essential function of customer experience software is feedback collection through multiple survey channels, which allows businesses to gather valuable insights into customer sentiment and preferences by analyzing customer responses.
  • CX Automation: A good CX software should allow you to send surveys automatically to the right person and at the right time, trigger them post events, and more. They should also allow you to take automated actions like feedback routing, email responders, smart segmentation, follow-up messages, etc., to close the loop.  
  • Alerts & Notifications: Real-time feedback alerts and notifications are another important feature that help you take instant action on negative feedback, improve customer experiences, and prevent your miffed customers from churning. 90% of the customers consider an immediate response as a very important factor that affects their overall customer experience.
  • Dashboards: Customizable dashboards are another crucial feature, enabling businesses to:
    • Tailor their customer experience management software to their specific needs

    • Track key performance indicators

    • Monitor customer interactions

    • Analyze customer data

  • Closing the Feedback Loop: Closed-loop systems, a vital component of customer experience tools, ensure that feedback collected from customers is used to drive improvements in products or services. It should also help turn detractors and passives into promoters. This continuous feedback loop ultimately leads to enhanced customer loyalty and satisfaction.
  • Analysis & Reporting Capabilities: Analysis is an essential aspect of a customer experience tool, providing businesses with data-driven insights to make informed decisions. Advanced techniques offered by some CEM tools include AI-based sentiment analysis, text analytics, and a centralized message center.
  • Integration Capabilities: Large organizations have multiple business applications collecting customer data. To understand customers better, it is important that your CX tool integrates easily with your CRMS, helpdesk, marketing tools, collaboration tools, and more. 

First of all, you should consider your business goals and objectives to using customer experience management software. These include not only today's needs but also when you scale up your business in the near future.

The tool you choose should be able to fulfill those needs within your budget.

A careful evaluation of these criteria can help you find the ideal customer experience management software to enhance satisfaction and loyalty.

Our Selection Criteria for Choosing the Customer Experience Management Software 

When selecting the top CX platforms, various criteria were taken into consideration, such as analyzing user reviews, assessing satisfaction ratings, and evaluating essential features for customer experience management software. These factors contribute to the overall effectiveness, efficiency, and adaptability of the customer experience management software.

While each business has a specific requirement from its CX software, here, we have consolidated a list of factors that we specifically assessed while creating this list. 

  • Features - The majority of these tools have advanced features like multichannel feedback collection, AI capabilities, advanced reporting, and closing the feedback loop.

  • Scalability - Each tool in this list has been handpicked to ensure that it is capable of scaling with your business. They are enterprise-ready and can grow as your needs expand.

  • Integrations - Ensure that the tool has the capabilities to integrate with other tools and software that you use in your business like communication tools, and CRM tools you use.

Benefits of Customer Experience Software

Using customer experience software is beneficial for your business in many aspects. Let’s explore some benefits you can derive from CX software.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty:

  • Improved Resolution Times: CX software streamlines communication and empowers agents to resolve issues faster, leading to happier customers.
  • Omnichannel Support: Customers can reach you on their preferred channel (phone, email, chat, social media) for a seamless and convenient experience.
  • Proactive Support: Some CX software offers features like sentiment analysis and customer health scoring, allowing you to identify potential issues before they escalate and proactively address customer needs.
  • Personalized Interactions: Integration with CRM systems enables personalized communication based on customer history and preferences.

Increased Customer Retention and Revenue Growth:

  • Reduced Customer Churn: By addressing customer pain points and improving satisfaction, CX software helps retain valuable customers.
  • Increased Customer Lifetime Value: Happy customers are more likely to make repeat purchases and spend more with your business.
  • Improved Brand Advocacy: Positive customer experiences foster brand loyalty and encourage customers to recommend your brand to others.
  • Upselling and Cross-Selling Opportunities: Understanding customer behavior and preferences allows for targeted upselling and cross-selling opportunities, boosting revenue.

Operational Efficiency and Cost Savings:

  • Streamlined Workflows: Automated features like ticketing, routing, and task management improve agent efficiency and reduce the time spent on administrative tasks.
  • Self-Service Options: Offering a knowledge base, FAQs, and chatbots empowers customers to find answers independently, reducing the burden on support teams.
  • Data-Driven Decisions: Comprehensive reporting and analytics provide valuable insights into customer behavior and support team performance, allowing for data-driven decision making and resource allocation. This can lead to cost savings and improved operational efficiency.

Competitive Advantage:

  • Differentiation in the Marketplace: In today's competitive landscape, exceptional customer service can be a major differentiator. Customer experience software empowers businesses to deliver a superior customer experience that sets them apart.
  • Improved Brand Reputation: By consistently resolving issues efficiently and providing positive experiences, CX software can help build a strong brand reputation and improve customer trust.

To truly maximize the benefits of CXM platforms, businesses must focus on two primary aspects: enhancing customer satisfaction and streamlining support operations. 

In terms of streamlining support operations, customer experience software offers various features and capabilities that can help businesses gain visibility into customer interactions, fix routing rules, and identify training opportunities for their team. This increased efficiency can lead to decreased response times and ultimately, higher customer satisfaction.

Elevate your CX Game with Zonka Feedback

In today’s competitive business environment, exceptional customer experience is more critical than ever. By leveraging customer experience software solutions, you can gain valuable insights, and leverage them to improve customer experience and grow your business. 

As you consider the various customer experience platforms available, always consider your primary goals and then evaluate features, pricing, usability, and integrations, as well as potential return on investment to choose the right customer experience software for your business. Also, do  take a free trial of the software you want to use and then make an informed decision to invest in it.

Zonka Feedback is one of the best CX tools that helps you not only to create effective surveys and share them through multiple channels to collect feedback but also enables you to take instant action on that feedback to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

The tool is loaded with advanced features for survey creation and analysis like skip logic and question branching, sentiment analysis, text analysis, and advanced reporting and dashboard. To enable you to take action at the right time and close the feedback loop, it has features like real-time response alerts and feedback notifications and automated CX workflows to enable your teams to work on feedback instantly and improve CX to prevent churn.

Its AI-powered analysis and the interaction-to-impact engine can drive organizations of any scale to new heights in their CX game. 

It also offers a free trial. You can try it for free for 14 days and see how it works for your business.

To know more about how Zonka Feedback can align with your business and help you create impactful customer experiences, book a call with our expert CX consultants.   

Nikhil Dawer

Written by Nikhil Dawer

Jul 02, 2024

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