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18 Healthcare Survey Templates To Improve Patient-Provider Experience

18 Healthcare Survey Templates To Improve Patient-Provider Experience

Healthcare is at the center of all services. Patients entrust the healthcare providers with their lives. And the health workers commit to it. They do everything to provide effective treatment and care. Making the relationship between patients and their providers a close-knit one. 

And the COVID-19 pandemic deepened and strengthened this relationship. 

The healthcare workers put themselves at the forefront as frontline warriors. They are fighting the deadly virus and providing the necessary treatment. And they’ve performed countless miracles to save lives and keep the faith in the healthcare system intact. 

However, there seems to be a slight disparity regarding patient satisfaction or information sharing between the healthcare providers and receivers. 

Patients want to know more about their providers. Their education, training, qualifications, specialization, they want to know it all. At the same time, healthcare providers need information about their patients' experiences and histories before treating them. 

So, despite the endless efforts by the healthcare sector, various gaps stay unfilled. These prevent the providers from delivering care in a more systematic and fulfilling manner. And you can only find an effective solution to bridge the gap by knowing the exact issue you need to address. And one such solution is by collecting feedback using healthcare surveys or healthcare survey templates. 

Top Healthcare Survey Templates To Improve Experiences

Online healthcare surveys and feedback forms can be the tool you use to collect this critical information. Be it for inpatient/outpatient experience forms, surveys for healthcare professionals, patient satisfaction, mental health check-in, or coronavirus assessment and screening, a feedback form or survey can help collect vital information from patients and healthcare providers alike. 

And if you wish to collect feedback through any type of healthcare survey, Zonka Feedback is the survey software for you. It offers a wide range of healthcare survey templates to help you get started in minutes. Let’s read a bit about them. 

#1. Post Discharge Inpatient Satisfaction Survey

Every healthcare institute needs to measure the experience of its patients post-discharge. They can tell not just about the treatment they received but also about how their stay was throughout the treatment. This feedback can help you understand the staff efficiency, their friendliness towards the patients, availability of medicines at the hospital pharmacy, and much more. 

The survey targets patients, visitors, and the relatives of patients.

There are many questions included in the survey. Patients can fill in the information, or visitors/relatives can do the same. You just need to make sure it's from the patients’ perspective.

The survey contains questions about cleanliness, food, ward facilities, staff attitude, inquiry service, admission/discharge, and billing. In the end, it also asks about the likelihood of recommending the hospital to others and any other comments one would like to add. 

Checkout Zonka’s Post Discharge Inpatient Satisfaction Survey

#2. Post-Visit Hospital Outpatient Satisfaction Survey Template

Several outpatient cases come in daily at the hospital. Collecting feedback from these patients can offer valuable insights. You can learn about the type of care or experience a patient has overall. Great use of the post-visit hospital outpatient satisfaction survey template is to get a real-time experience of outpatients coming in for check-ups or doctor appointments.

This survey template comprises 11 questions. Some can collect patients’ comments as answers. Some others need the respondents to select satisfaction levels from an array of emojis. 

You can ask the patients different questions in this survey, like the information provided before the appointment, timelines of the prescription by the doctor, respect for privacy, and more. Lastly, it asks the patients about their likes and dislikes about the entire process. 

One can use the outpatient satisfaction survey template by Zonka and integrate it with their patient management tools to trigger the survey and pass the data. It can help analyze the patient’s overall experience and work on the drawbacks listed out by them. 

Checkout Zonka’s Post-Visit Hospital Outpatient Satisfaction Survey Template

#3. COVID-19 Screening Checklist 

Different people are bound to enter a particular premise. Even during the lockdowns. It could be your offices, hospitals, or other institutions undertaking important work. As a COVID-19 precaution, you need to screen people to ensure safety. This survey template comprises six questions. These may ask individuals about their details and if they’ve taken essential preventive measures like washing hands, presence of any COVID-19 symptoms, and more. 

Moreover, it also asks about the person’s details to determine if they are employees or visitors. You can even place a temperature checker nearby and ask them to provide it in the form. Lastly, the feedback form will ask if the person has contacted anyone infected with the virus. 

This survey can help institutions keep a database of the people who have visited the premises. They can then track the visitors and ensure the safety of others. You can run this safety assessment by using the Kiosk surveys of Zonka Feedback. 

Checkout Zonka’s COVID-19 Screening Checklist 

#4. Survey for Healthcare Professionals in COVID-19 Affected Areas

Healthcare professionals are the frontline warriors fighting the deadly coronavirus disease. They are risking their own lives to save the lives of others. With this survey for healthcare professionals in the COVID-19 affected areas template, you can get an insider’s view on their preparedness. Further, you know the preparations of the professionals to tackle the same efficiently through this survey. 

This survey template comes with 16 different questions. They ask for details of the professionals, the facility's preparedness, and the individuals' readiness to tackle the COVID-19 cases. You can also get data about the availability of professionals to handle the cases, safety measures taken, and more through this template. This data can help you take the required precautionary measures to ensure the safety of the healthcare professionals. You can offer training, additional resources, and more to the institute or healthcare professionals based on the data collected from this survey. 

Checkout Zonka’s Survey for Healthcare Professionals in COVID-19 Affected Areas

#5. Hospital Patient Satisfaction Survey Template

Knowing a patient’s satisfaction level with the hospital is crucial. It helps determine the quality of care & treatment offered. Further, it can tell areas that need improvement. You can identify the gap between what the patients expect from the hospital and the quality of care delivered. This data from the hospital patient satisfaction survey template can then be beneficial in enhancing care. 

This ready-made survey template is easy-to-use and helps gain access to patients' inputs about the treatment they receive. This template enables you to quickly set up the survey and collect the feedback of their experience (whether good or bad) more efficiently. 

Checkout Zonka’s Hospital Patient Satisfaction Survey Template

#6. Employee Wellness Survey Template

Knowing and keeping a tab on the wellness of your employees is crucial to boosting the relationship you share with them. Moreover, it can help establish a direct correlation between their feelings. Such a survey has become even more important during the present times of remote working. Employees are more likely to feel burned out and stressed due to the uncertainty and the distressing situation around them. 

There are as many as 57 questions in this survey template. These questions revolve around the mental well-being of your employees. You can ask about their feelings, emotional resilience, self-acceptance, work environment comfort, the impact of remote working on health, time spent outdoors, creative thinking, personal growth, personal satisfaction, and more. It also asks them if they are feeling burnt out, emotionally drained, or have any other negative thoughts.  

These questions can help organizations analyze the well-being of their employees and can take the required actions. Moreover, they can know what the employees seek from their remote work set-up and deliver something similar to show care. 

Checkout Zonka’s Employee Wellness Survey Template

#7. COVID 19 Assessment Survey Template

The next healthcare survey template that you can find on Zonka Feedback is the COVID-19 assessment survey template. This survey can help you assess the health status of individuals visiting and now if they have taken all the precautions to slow down the spread of the virus. You can even use this survey template to diagnose the symptoms and offer a quicker solution or cure for them. 

The template comes with nine different questions to assess the visitors if they are safe to enter and have taken all the required precautions or not. You can even use the data provided by the survey submissions to assess who needs treatment and what type of care they need at large. 

Checkout Zonka’s COVID 19 Assessment Survey Template

#8. Dental Patient Satisfaction Survey Template

Dental hospitals need to ensure that their patients leave with a smile on their face, not just from the treatment offered but also from their experience. And one way to improve the overall experience at your dental clinic can be by collecting dental patient feedback. You can use the dental patient satisfaction survey template to know how satisfied your patients are with your services.

The template comes with ten questions asking individuals about their experience and how satisfied they are with the services offered. They can share feedback about the dentist, checkup process, and the likelihood of recommending the dentist to their friends and family. Moreover, you can also know more about the factors they liked for a recommendation. You can also ask for areas of improvement. This patient satisfaction template can help you identify the areas you lack as a dental service provider. You can also connect this template with your patient management tools to better assess the data and manage dental services. 

Checkout Zonka’s Dental Patient Satisfaction Survey Template

#9. Healthcare Insurance Survey Template

The next type of survey template you can find on Zonka Feedback is the healthcare insurance survey template. This template lets you collect feedback regarding your clients' satisfaction with their healthcare insurance plans. People take the health insurance claims in times of distress, and offering a hassle-free claim settlement experience is imperative in such cases. This is why it is always advised to ask for their feedback about the process, assistance, customer service, and more. 

This template comes with nine questions in total. These questions are about the promptness in attending to the concerns, settling the claim, and the accessibility. They can also rate the insurance agent’s behavior in terms of helpfulness, promptness, knowledge, and more. 

Checkout Zonka’s Healthcare Insurance Survey Template

#10. Post Discharge Inpatient Feedback Form Template

Collecting feedback from the inpatients about their experience and satisfaction level from the services and treatment offered is also crucial for any healthcare institute. The data collected from such surveys can help you assess the current offerings and improve the overall experience. It collects the data from the patients, their relatives, or visitors and questions them about their stay at the hospital. You can ask them to rate the hospital and their stay based on parameters like cleanliness, food, staff attitude, the billing process, inquiry service, and more. This data collected from the survey effectively enhances the treatment and care offered. You can even fix the areas with fewer ratings to improve the overall experience and satisfaction level. 

Checkout Zonka’s Post Discharge Inpatient Feedback Form Template

#11. Patient Feedback about Doctor Survey Template

Getting complete insights into how the doctors treat their patients and the type of experience patients have with their physicians can help deliver better care. Patients usually have a one-to-one interaction with the doctor. This makes it difficult to assess their interaction or experience. Asking them to fill out the feedback form made using the patient feedback about the doctor survey template can help you gain clarity. You have collective data about why patients usually visit the doctor and their overall experience. 

You can ask them to rate the experience with the doctor on different parameters like politeness, comfort in talking, listening, assessment, explaining the condition, discussing treatment, and more. This feedback survey can also help you determine the likelihood of getting a  recommendation from your patients and what you can improve to increase the recommendation rate. 

Checkout Zonka’s Patient Feedback about Doctor Survey Template

#12. Coronavirus Survey Template For Leadership And HR

The coronavirus pandemic has created chaos amid the business and forced everyone to work from their homes during the lockdowns. Taking critical business decisions on conducting operations and ensuring business continuity is important. You need to focus on business continuity, think about your employees, and take their suggestions on what they feel. This is where you can use the coronavirus survey template for leadership and HR by Zonka Feedback. 

With this template, you can collect important data about your employee's reactions to the current pandemic situation. You can ask them about their concerns on its impact on business. Moreover, you can know if your employees can work effectively, challenges they face while working remotely, the longevity of the work-from-home arrangement, and more. Many employees also fear uncertainties about the business. You can also ask how they would like the leadership to communicate about it. The data collected from this survey can enable you to make critical business continuity and operations decisions. 

Checkout Zonka’s Coronavirus Survey Template For Leadership And HR

#13. Healthcare Employee Satisfaction Survey Template

Those working in the healthcare industry have been fighting the deadly virus at the frontline. You must know their satisfaction level in the work environment. With the healthcare employee satisfaction survey template, you can get yourself an actionable report that has data about the dedication and motivation of healthcare employees. 

This template comprises four basic questions. It starts with collecting the employee occupation to help better bifurcate the data. You can then get them to rate the departmental communication during these challenging times and their suggestions on improvements. 

Checkout Zonka’s Healthcare Employee Satisfaction Survey Template

#14. Healthcare Expenses Survey Template

The next healthcare survey template that Zonka Feedback offers is the healthcare expenses survey template. This template works best when you want to know how patients are managing hospital expenses. This data can be very helpful in healthcare research or simply ensuring that people are getting the best of healthcare facilities without any expense problem. Moreover, you can get a clear understanding or a clearer picture of the monthly spending of individuals on the healthcare facility.

The template comes ready-made with a few questions. You can question them on who is paying for their healthcare expenses - whether it is the local/state government, their employer, or if they are funding it themselves. In addition, you can ask the amount they pay as premium, deductible, copay, or co-insurance fees for their healthcare each month. 

Checkout Zonka’s Healthcare Expenses Survey Template

#15. Mental Health History Questionnaire Template

Offering the right treatment plan to those with any mental illness can help them get better more effectively. With the mental health history questionnaire template from Zonka Feedback, you can collect their mental health history information and provide plans accordingly. You can add the required questions that you want to add to the survey template and get a better insight. 

Checkout Zonka’s Mental Health History Questionnaire Template

#16. Mental Health Survey Template

Knowing the mental health of a person is crucial to offer better treatment. With Zonka’s mental health survey template, you can ask those visiting your clinic or hospital about their current mental health. This template can help you assess their mental health better and offer effective treatment. You can question people about the last time they had a mental examination. Additionally, you can ask the number of times they’ve felt sad or depressed and how their mental health has hampered or interfered with their personal lives. You can end the survey by simply asking how they would rate their overall mental health. 

Checkout Zonka’s Mental Health Survey Template

#17. Student Mental Health Check-in Survey Template

With so much going around in the world since the pandemic, students might feel uncertain about their future. Schools and universities are shut, and studies have become all online. This could take a toll on their mental health. And this is where you can use the student mental health check-in survey template to quickly send in the feedback form and keep a tab on their mental health. This template comes with several pre-made questions that ask the students about the way they are taking online studies. You can also ask how they feel about everything around them and if they feel they need to talk about it. 

Checkout Zonka’s Student Mental Health Check-in Survey Template

#18. Student Stress Questionnaire Template

Students feel stressed in uncertain times. You can know more about the level of stress they have taken or the well-being of the students by using the student stress questionnaire template offered by Zonka Feedback. The template comprises multiple questions. These include asking about the occasions when they feel stressed, what they do to feel relaxed, how frequently they felt stressed in the past year, and the cause of stress. You can simply use this template and collect feedback via emails, SMS surveys, or other forms. 

Checkout Zonka’s Student Stress Questionnaire Template

On An Ending Note

These were some of the common healthcare survey templates that you might need to use when working in the healthcare industry. Zonka Feedback covers everything from inpatient and outpatients in the hospital to COVID-19 screening & assessment to mental health, healthcare expenses, insurance, and more. 

You can simply sign up with Zonka Feedback and send out the surveys using the templates that Zonka offers in a matter of minutes. These survey templates can help you quickly collect feedback and work on the data to improve the healthcare services and care delivered. 


Published on Feb 22, 2022. Updated on Oct 31, 2022.


Written by Swati

Feb 22, 2022

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