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Ways to Implement Feedback System in Hotels

Customer Experience is a crucial part of any business. It would not be wrong to say that the success of any business depends solely on the customer experience it is able to provide. When you are running a hotel business, your customers become your guests and it is mandatory to provide those guests a great customer experience otherwise they will never return to your hotel. To be able to provide an awesome guest experience, it is mandatory to know what they expect and how they feel about your hotel. For this purpose, it is a prerequisite to collect hotel guest feedback. Here comes the need of implementing a feedback system in the hotels.

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A Hotel Guest Feedback system is an application setup which enables you to gather customer feedback via different survey channels like SMS, Email, tablets, online and offline surveys.

It is important to use a Guest Feedback software in a hotel so that you can easily collect feedback data with the help of customizable surveys and utilize them to make your business decisions in a way that it enhances guest satisfaction. Enhancing guest satisfaction will not only develop a lasting relationship with them but will also generate a good word of mouth in the market about your hotel that will increase your business and help you attain your goals easily. Whereas, a bad guest experience can lead to serious consequences for the growth of the hotel business.

One bad experience can lead 25% of guests to choose your competitors.

 Well, you can use a multi-channel approach and utilize different touch points in order to capture feedback from the hotel guests. But the question here arises is how to implement a guest feedback system and what are the ways through which you can collect guest feedback using it. But the question here arises is how to implement a guest feedback system and what are the ways through which you can collect guest feedback using it.

Ways to Implement a Guest Feedback System in Hotels

  1. At Reception using Kiosks
  2. At Restaurants
  3. Post Check-out Email or SMS.
  4. At Gym or Spa
  5. As Checklist for Staff

Let us review how these ways can help you.

1. At Reception Using Kiosks

You can set up android tablet kiosks to capture Customer Feedback in the hotel. You can deploy kiosk devices in the common areas where people can see it and take the survey in their free time. One of such area is reception of the hotel. You can set up a kiosk at reception which is clearly visible to the guests visiting the hotel. To add more, your receptionist can request the guests once to take a short survey through it and assist them to take the survey. This will again create a good customer experience for the guests because when you proactively seek your customers for feedback, it conveys a message to them that they are valued.

2. At Restaurants

Restaurant is one of the most important part of any hotel where people make their perception about the hotel from the taste of food and the services provided. So you must consider collecting feedback in the restaurants. You should setup kiosks in the restaurant in appropriate areas where people can view and comfortably fill survey forms. This will help you get a better response rate and you would be able to do improvements(if required) in the part which has a major impact on the overall hotel business.

3. Post Check-out Email or SMS

A good hotel guest feedback software also enables you to send bulk emails and SMS with survey links post guest checkout. It enables you to share easy links with the customers which would open in a single click and the customers can quickly and easily complete the survey without spending much of their time.

4. At Gym or Spa

Gym or Spa can also be used as a good touch point to capture guest feedback because they are the areas where the guests usually go when they have a good amount time to relax and enjoy the facilities provided. You can make use of some of their time to gather feedback by providing tablet kiosks in the gym and the spa at an area where guests can comfortably fill the surveys regarding the feedback of the gym/spa as well as their overall hotel experience.

5. As Checklist for Staff

There are a multiple tasks performed by the hotel staff. Every task creates some customer experience. In your survey, you can ask your guests about their experiences of various aspects of the hotel, like cleanliness of the rooms, coordination, and support from the hotel staff, taste of the food, hygiene conditions of the restaurants, facilities of the gym & spa and much more. You can use a rating scale, Likert Scale, star rating, or smiley face survey to collect guest satisfaction feedback regarding different facilities. The areas targeted in the survey can be a checklist for staff. This constitutes a checklist for the staff on the basis of which you can judge and rate performance of your different teams and staff members.

In these ways, you can implement and utilize a good Hotel Guest Feedback Software to obtain Guest Feedback and rate your staff performance. This will enable you to create a great guest experience and help you to improve your hotel services and take better business decisions. Moreover, it will create a strong goodwill of your hotel brand in the market which will substantially contribute to the growth of your hotel business.

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Nikhil Dawer

Written by Nikhil Dawer

Nov 22, 2019

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