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Education Feedback Software for Schools, Colleges, Teachers & Students

Create and take feedback at education institutions like Schools, Colleges and Universities from teachers and students using Zonka Feedback Education Survey Software.

Tablet Kiosk

Online & Web Surveys

Email & SMS Surveys

iOS & Android Apps



Feedback Software for Educational Institutions

Education surveys and feedback forms are a great way to get unbiased and direct feedback from students, parents and opportunities. Use Zonka Feedback at schools, colleges and universities to get real-time, actionable feedback and take prompt action to address complaints.

  • Get 100% more feedback
  • Feedback from all touchpoint
  • Get real-time feedback
  • Resolve issues faster
  • Track staff performances
  • Manage & compare locations
  • Improve Delight & Satisfaction

Get real-time feedback at schools, colleges and universities

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Feedback Notifications & Alerts

Get real-time notifications and alerts for all education feedbacks and surveys.

  • Set up real-time SMS alerts for negative feedbacks
  • Get instant emails for new feedback at schools, colleges and univerities
  • Schedule daily digests

Take Feedback in Educational Institutions across various touchpoints

Choose from multiple touchpoints and methods of taking feedback like tablets, kiosks, online, email and sms to get feedback at schools, colleges and universities.

iPad & Android Education Feedback App

Take student & teacher feedback on iPads, iPhones, Android tablets and Phones. Set up as kiosk or just hand device in-person.

Online Teacher & Student Feedback

Create and add online surveys on your website or send survey links to get feedback.

Feedback through SMS

Send mobile-responsive survey links to students and teachers through SMS to share their experience and feedback

Student & Teacher Feedback through Email Invitation

Send emails with survey links to students & teachers to give feedback or embed survey questions within email.

Manage Responses & Close the Feedback Loop

Let teams work together on feedbacks and take action using Zonka’s Collaborative Response Manager. Tag low feedbacks and mark those which require follow-ups. Take corrective actions to close the feedback loop.

  • Set up real-time SMS alerts for negative feedbacks
  • Get instant emails for new feedback at educational institutions
  • Schedule daily digests

Real-time Reporting for Education Feedback Software

Student Feedback Analysis

Analyze student feedback regarding the performance of teachers, professors, coaches and effectiveness of their lectures. Also, capture student feedbacks regarding other facilities.

Analysis of Teacher / School

Allow students to give feedbacks and ratings to teachers and professors. Also, capture insights regarding the effectiveness of their lectures, current courses, and syllabuses.

Comparative Reports

Use the location-comparative report to compare the performances of each educational chain. Use date-comparative reports to compare student satisfaction levels over time.

Digests and Summaries

Receive daily, weekly or monthly summaries of all the student- teacher feedback data delivered to your inbox. Stay updated with the ongoing processes at your facility.

Get real-time feedback at educational institutions

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Educational Institutes and ways to use Zonka Feedback


Setup our digital feedback systems for classrooms to capture student feedbacks about their experiences in the school, quality of education, effectiveness of the lectures and proficiency of the teachers.


Zonka can be deployed in colleges to collect feedback regarding the service and food in the cafeteria, professor feedbacks, and suggestions. Anonymous feedbacks can also be collected on kiosks.

Education Centers

Education centers can capture feedback based on the student satisfaction levels regarding their courses, class timings and assigned teachers. For better feedbacks, capture them right after the class.

Coaching Institutes

Capture feedbacks after every class in your coaching center based on various parameters such as the pace of the class, the effectiveness of the class, student understanding and teacher’s efficiency.

Online & e-learning courses

Feedback regarding satisfaction with the content of the online course, the pace of the e-class, presentation of the teacher and effectiveness of the teacher can be captured through web surveys post class.

Elementary Schools

Capture feedbacks from younger students by creating attractive picture based surveys that they would love to answer. Capture their happiness levels by using simple smiley based questions.



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