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Slack Apps Integrations

31 Best Slack Apps, Integrations & Tools in 2024

With a meteoric rise to over 10 million active users and its acquisition by Salesforce, Slack has cemented its place as the go-to communication platform for modern businesses. With more teams connecting remotely, Slack has emerged as the quintessential tool for seamless collaboration, connecting teams worldwide.

In this digital era, Slack isn’t just a messaging tool—it’s the hub where productivity meets innovation. Its integration capabilities redefine how teams operate, saving time, improving workflows, and enhancing connectivity across various applications in just a few clicks.

In this article, we will look at the best Slack apps, integrations and tools that can amplify Slack's potential. From streamlining tasks to promoting stronger team connections, these integrations will surely elevate your Slack experience and supercharge your team’s productivity. Let's get started!


  • Slack integration apps are software programs that expand its potential and help streamline communication, enhance collaboration, and boost productivity by seamlessly connecting various tools and applications within the Slack platform.

  • They ensure a unified workspace experience, allowing teams to consolidate tasks, share information effortlessly, and efficiently manage workflows.

  • Some of the best Slack integrations include Zonka Feedback, Trello, Assembly, Dropbox, Zapier, ActiveCampaign, Calendly, GitHub, Salesforce, MailChimp, Karma and ZipBooks among others.

  • Zonka Feedback is a leading survey tool that allows you to create surveys of various types through templates. You can analyze results, take action and close the feedback loop effectively. Sign up for a 14-day free trial or schedule a demo for a closer look at its capabilities. 

Streamline Workflow & Maximize Productivity with Feedback Surveys🔥

Create and send surveys to measure satisfaction levels with Zonka Feedback and Slack integration and set up custom response alerts to notify your teams and streamline collaboration effortlessly.

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Top 31 Slack Integrations and Apps for Businesses

Let us directly jump into our list of Slack integrations apps that you can incorporate seamlessly into your daily workflow to get your work done without leaving Slack.

List of Slack Integrations for Feedback & Surveys

1. Zonka Feedback for Conducting Surveys

Zonka Feeback is one of the most powerful survey apps that cater to a variety of feedback needs such as employee feedback, product feedback, website feedback, customer service feedback, event feedback, and more to measure customer satisfaction. Integrated seamlessly with the Slack app, it provides real-time alerts, keeping your teams in sync effortlessly, sans the reliance on emails.

With this survey software, you can receive notifications, CX metrics visibility, and the ability to trigger satisfaction surveys directly within the Slack channel, ensuring a smooth collaboration process. You can further channel feedback efficiently by assigning different users and channels to distinct surveys.

The seamless trigger functionality helps you to conduct employee pulse checks, daily standups, and customized workflows for specific responses without leaving Slack app. Moreover, it also offers powerful reporting and analytics that can help you get real-time reports that offer a comprehensive view of your team's performance, trends, and actionable insights, enhancing collaboration within the Slack environment.

Top Features of its Integrations with Slack

  • Set up instant alerts for negative feedback based on CX Metrics scores for NPS surveys, CES surveys, and CSAT surveys within Slack channel to improve scores.

  • Explore 100+ customizable survey templates and 30+ question types within Slack, facilitating diverse feedback collection to measure satisfaction effectively.

  • Implement dynamic surveys with skip logic and branching, answer piping, themes, and multiple languages, ensuring versatile and engaging feedback experiences.

  • Receive immediate Slack alerts for new survey responses, promoting prompt follow-ups and eliminating reliance on traditional email communication.

  • Conduct tailored employee pulse surveys, employee NPS surveys, and daily standups within Slack for enhanced team communication and workplace improvement.

  • Configure response workflows to your specific Slack channel based on custom filters and conditions, refining feedback management and response handling.

  • Access real-time reports and insights directly within Slack, including snapshot reports, response insights, location analytics, team performance metrics, trends analysis, and text analytics.

  • Utilize a real-time Response Inbox within Slack for immediate access to incoming feedback, allowing for tagging, notes, task assignments, and seamless communication to efficiently close the feedback loop.

  • Benefit from a centralized inbox for feedback and responses in Slack, offering comprehensive filtering options, tagging, task assignment, and activity tracking for a robust feedback management system.


  • Starts at $49/month

  • Free trial and free version available

Slack App Zonka Feedback

2. Polly for Collecting Real-time Feedback

Polly is a versatile Slack integration that streamlines information gathering for remote teams, enabling quick feedback collection on processes or team well-being, and freeing resources for more impactful tasks.

Top Features

  • Seamlessly design polls within Slack, facilitating easy decision-making, such as scheduling meetings or gauging employee sentiments on work-related procedures.

  • Access a comprehensive suite of survey capabilities directly within Slack, eliminating the need for external platforms and ensuring a seamless workflow experience.

  • Leverage APIs to craft tailored feedback-driven workflows, integrating internal systems for systematic data access, and enhancing operational efficiency within the organization.


  • Starts at $1/user/month

  • Free version available

Slack App Polly

3. Evergreen for Retrospectives and Feedback

Evergreen is a unique Slack integration that promotes a culture of appreciation and environmental impact by planting trees for each colleague's recognition received, cultivating both workplace positivity and sustainability.

Top Features

  • Empower team members to acknowledge colleagues' efforts by awarding tree seeds, and planting trees for each recognition for a positive workplace and environmental contribution.

  • Boost team morale by broadcasting recognitions directly to the company-wide Slack channel, enhancing transparency and cultivating a sense of appreciation across the organization.

  • Export comprehensive recognition lists as CSV files for monitoring and strengthening employee engagement dynamics.


  • Starts at $3.99/active users/month

  • Free trial available

Slack App Integrations Evergreen

4. Nectar for Employee Feedback and Surveys

Nectar is an employee recognition and rewards platform designed to enhance workplace morale and create a culture of appreciation by offering various ways to recognize and reward employees for their achievements and efforts.

Top Features

  • Receive real-time notifications for employee recognition in Slack

  • Seamlessly integrate Nectar into Slack to enhance engagement

  • Schedule automated birthday and work anniversary messages


Starts at $2.75/user/month

Slack Apps Nectar

Integrations with Slack for Project Management & Task Organization

5. ClickUp for Streamlining Project Management

ClickUp, a robust project management platform, seamlessly integrates with Slack to elevate team collaboration and productivity, consolidating tasks and updates in one unified workspace.

Top Features

  • Instantly convert any Slack message into a ClickUp task, optimizing workflow efficiency with streamlined task creation and comprehensive functionality.

  • Get instant notifications about progress, comments, and updates in your chosen Slack channel.

  • Rich task previews in Slack let you view and manage tasks without switching apps.

  • Schedule meetings, access docs, and collaborate in one place.


  • Starts at $7/user/month

  • Free version available

Slack Apps ClickUp

6. Trello for Task Organization and Collaboration

Trello when integrated as a Slack app offers seamless project management collaboration, enables real-time updates, create tasks and manage them within the Slack channel, enhancing team productivity and workflow efficiency.

Top Features

  • Collaborate effortlessly by creating, updating, and assigning Trello cards directly within Slack channels, eliminating the need for toggling between platforms for task management.

  • Get instant notifications about project updates, comments, and deadlines right in your Slack channels.

  • Easily create collaborative workspaces, set deadlines, and manage boards and cards from Slack, streamlining project coordination and efficient collaboration among team members.


  • Starts at $5/user/month

  • Free version available

slack best integrations Trello

7. Asana for Enhanced Task and Project Management

Asana, one of the most popular project management tools when integrated within Slack streamlines project management, allowing seamless task assignment, progress tracking, and communication without leaving the Slack environment, promoting efficient collaboration and helping assign tasks.

Top Features

  • Instantly turn new message of Slack into Asana tasks and manage them on the go.

  • Get real-time updates on progress, comments, and deadlines – all in Slack.

  • Complete tasks, assign work, and access project data – without leaving the conversation and save time.

  • Set up rules to trigger actions & keep your team moving forward.

  • Link channels to projects for team-wide visibility.


  • Starts at $10.99/user/month

  • Free version available

Slack Best Integrations Asana

8. Harvest for Time Tracking and Project Management

Harvest is a project management tool that seamlessly integrates with Slack app, empowers remote teams with efficient time-tracking capabilities. From initiating timers and logging hours to monitoring workflows and project progress, it fosters collaboration by consolidating team time into comprehensive reports.

Top Features

  • Start or stop timers, log hours, and review colleagues' workflows directly within Slack, streamlining time-tracking processes.

  • Managers gain instant access to project progress and budget tracking, enhancing decision-making and oversight.

  • Harvest's integration ensures team time is effortlessly compiled into cohesive reports, promoting transparency and teamwork.


  • Starts at $10.80/month

  • Free version and trial available

Slack Best Integrations Harvest

9. Favro for Agile Project Management

Favro, your collaborative planning ally, seamlessly integrates with Slack app to revolutionize task management. With executive dashboards and flexible planning, it ensures clarity, allowing Slack teams to schedule tasks, track time, and convert Slack messages into Favro tasks effortlessly.

Top Features

  • Schedule tasks and track time directly within Slack, enhancing productivity and ensuring seamless coordination.

  • Create specialized Slack channels for Favro projects, promoting focused communication and efficient collaboration.

  • Transform Slack message into Favro tasks in seconds, streamlining the workflow and ensuring important details are captured effortlessly.


  • Starts at $5.1/user

  • Free trial available

Slack Apps Favro

Slack Apps Integrations for Communication & Collaboration

10. Zoom for Seamless Video Conferencing

Zoom's integration with Slack revolutionizes virtual meetings by enabling seamless hosting and joining of video conferences within Slack, enhancing communication and collaboration without leaving the workspace.

Top Features

  • Initiate and join Zoom meetings directly within Slack, eliminating the need to switch platforms, ensuring efficient communication, and enhancing team connectivity.

  • Launch Zoom calls with a single click or use the /zoom Slack command.

  • Share screens, annotate documents, and brainstorm together - all within Slack interface.

  • Receive meeting summaries and access recordings directly within Slack, providing post-meeting resources and facilitating seamless information sharing among team members.


  • Starts at $158.86/user/month

  • Free version available

Slack Best Integrations Zoom

11. Microsoft Teams Calls for Collaborative Calling

Microsoft Teams calls help you seamlessly elevate team collaboration into Slack. You can effortlessly start meetings directly from your Slack window, receive timely alerts, and initiate calls swiftly using the /teams-calls command, for frictionless communication.

Top Features

  • Receive timely reminders within Slack, ensuring your team never misses a scheduled meeting.

  • Initiate meetings directly from Slack with a single click, streamlining the process for a hassle-free experience.

  • Use the /teams-calls command to effortlessly kick-off calls and check participants, enhancing communication efficiency.

  • Seamlessly blend Microsoft Teams Calls into Slack, promoting a unified workspace for efficient collaboration.


Free for all

Slack Best Integrations MS Teams Calls

12. Assembly for Task Management

Assembly enriches the virtual workspace by fostering a positive company culture through peer recognition. Team members can acknowledge and reward their peers, reinforcing company values and fostering stronger relationships.

Top Features

  • Access built-in reports to analyze departmental collaboration and pinpoint areas for improvement towards shared objectives.

  • Encourage positive interactions among team members through incentives and rewards, nurturing a vibrant company culture.

  • Strengthen relationships by commemorating milestones and anniversaries, facilitating personal connections within the team.


Starts at $2/user/month

Slack Best Integrations Assembly

13. Giphy for Adding Fun and Expression

Giphy is among the most popular Slack bots that injects fun and creativity into workplace communication, allowing users to easily incorporate entertaining GIFs into Slack conversation, fostering a lively and engaging team atmosphere.

Top Features

  • Instantly include GIFs in chat messages through a user-friendly menu, enabling users to express personality and humor, enhancing communication in a visually engaging manner.

  • Access the largest database of GIFs directly within Slack, offering a vast collection of easily incorporable GIFs to suit various conversation tones and themes.

  • Admins can tailor search settings to ensure workplace-friendly content, maintaining a professional environment while encouraging fun interactions among team members.

  • Use the /giphy command to instantly find and share GIFs, all without leaving your conversation.


  • Free for all

Slack app integrations Giphy

14. Dropbox for File Sharing and Collaboration

Dropbox's integration with Slack streamlines file sharing and document accessibility, enabling seamless access to Dropbox files within the workspace, enabling efficient collaboration and document management.

Top Features

  • Share Dropbox files directly in Slack channel or DMs without switching different apps, with instant previews and updates.

  • Get rich previews of Dropbox files within Slack conversations, facilitating quick insights into file content and structure.

  • Monitor file activity feeds within Slack and gain insights into file interactions, user access, and sharing details to understand file utilization and collaboration patterns among team members.


  • Custom plans based on your requirement

  • Free version available

Slack Apps Dropbox

15. Loom for Easy Video Messaging

Loom's Slack integration enriches team communication by facilitating seamless video messaging and screen sharing, enabling enhanced collaboration and detailed discussions within Slack channels.

Top Features

  • Record quick screen shares and explain things faster than emails, right within Slack.

  • Watch Loom videos directly within Slack threads, providing a seamless viewing experience without leaving the workspace.

  • Add a personal touch to feedback, instructions, or updates with your face & voice.

  • Jump to specific video moments and tag teammates for targeted communication.


  • Paid plans start at $12.50/user/month

  • Free version and trial available

Slack App Integrations Loom

App Integration with Slack for Workflow Automation

16. Zapier for Automating Workflows

Zapier serves as an automation powerhouse, seamlessly connecting various apps and workflows, enhancing productivity by integrating Slack with numerous applications, allowing streamlined data transfer, and enabling automated actions, ultimately optimizing team workflows.

Top Features

  • Integrate Slack with thousands of apps, automating repetitive tasks for a seamless workflow.

  • Get instant Slack notification from any app, keeping you in the loop without context switching.

  • Build custom Zaps for virtually any scenario, tailoring automation to your needs.

  • Receive notifications for upcoming Google Calendar events directly in Slack channels, facilitating better calendar management and team coordination in real-time.


  • Starts at $19.99/month

  • Free version available

Slack App Integrations Zapier

Slack App Integrations for Marketing & CRM

17. Active Campaign for Marketing Automation

ActiveCampaign, a sales automation CRM software, enriches sales teams productivity through email marketing, automation, and CRM tools. Integrating with Slack enables tailored communication and enhanced customer management for business expansion.

Top Features

  • Create personalized Slack messages, mentioning team members to efficiently manage customer tickets and facilitate collaborative customer support.

  • Receive Slack notifications concerning prospect status updates, ensuring timely updates on customer interactions and sales pipeline movements.

  • Get notified in Slack whenever a contact subscribes or unsubscribes, allowing prompt action and real-time insights into customer engagement.


  • Starts at $29/month

  • Free trial available

Slack integrations Activecampaign

18. MailChimp for Effortless Email Marketing

Mailchimp, an all-in-one marketing platform, empowers businesses to engage their target audience effectively. Integrated with Slack, it elevates marketing proficiency by enabling real-time campaign updates and streamlined communication.

Top Features

  • Receive Slack notification for new subscriptions and unsubscriptions in Mailchimp, ensuring immediate awareness and prompt action on subscriber activities.

  • Stay informed about the status of email campaigns within Slack, providing real-time insights into campaign performance and facilitating team collaboration on marketing strategies.

  • Set up rules to trigger actions like celebrating new subscribers or responding to unsubscribers.

  • Share Mailchimp activities and updates with the team through dedicated Slack channels, promoting transparency and collaboration in marketing efforts.


  • Starts at $4.61/month

  • Free version available

Slack App Mailchimp

19. Salesforce for CRM Integration and Management

Salesforce, a powerful CRM tool for businesses, optimizes sales revenue, marketing strategies, and service delivery. Integrated with Slack, it transforms teams into high-impact forces, fostering efficient communication and enhanced productivity.

Top Features

  • Receive relevant Salesforce alerts and direct message in Slack channels, ensuring immediate awareness of important updates and actions.

  • Browse Salesforce items and information within Slack using simple commands (/salesforce <search term>), streamlining data access and facilitating quick information retrieval.

  • Facilitate bi-directional messaging between Salesforce Chatter and Slack channels for seamless collaboration and synchronization of customer interactions.


  • Paid plans starts at $7.25/month

  • Free trial available

Slack Apps Salesforce

20. HubSpot

HubSpot, a leading marketing CRM platform, seamlessly integrates with Slack to empower your team across sales, marketing, and service functionalities.

Top Features

  • Convert Slack messages into new opportunities within HubSpot

  • Manage website chat responses directly from Slack

  • Access live chat, send notifications, and update opportunities across Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, and Service Hub within Slack


Free for all

Slack Best Integrations HubSpot

Slack Integrations for Scheduling & Meetings

21. Calendly for Simplified Scheduling

Calendly, a convenient scheduling tool simplifies meeting arrangements at your preferred times. Integrated with Slack, it streamlines scheduling workflows, preventing email overload and unexpected interruptions during your downtime.

Top Features

  • Share instant meeting links, personalized invites, and pick durations – all within Slack.

  • Customize meeting links with personalized messages, allowing Slack user to add context or additional information seamlessly.

  • Set meeting types and durations (e.g., 15-minute rundown or 30-minute discussion) directly from the Slack interface, optimizing meeting preferences without navigating away from Slack.


  • Starts at $10/seat/month

  • Free version available

integrations with slack Calendly

22. Clockwise for Meeting Scheduling and Optimization

Clockwise, a calendar assistant bot optimizes your schedule by carving out dedicated focus time and rearranging conflicting meetings. Perfect for remote teams, it aids in managing calendars and reducing the meeting load.

Top Features

  • Synchronize your Slack status with your calendar for seamless updates.

  • Auto-enable Do Not Disturb mode during focused work hours for uninterrupted productivity.

  • Gain a comprehensive view of upcoming meetings and efficiently decline conflicting ones.

  • Access through the Clockwise Chrome extension for simplified signup and usage.


  • Paid plans start at $6.75/user/month

  • Free version available

Integrations with Slack Clockwise

23. Google Calendar for Event Scheduling and Management

Google Calendar integrated with Slack streamlines team organization and communication. It automatically updates Slack statuses for meetings and displays real-time availability for smoother scheduling. Users can easily manage, join, or cancel meetings directly from Slack, receive reminders, and access event details effortlessly.

Top Features

  • Auto-update Slack statuses to indicate meeting or busy times, simplifying team culture and coordination.

  • Seamlessly schedule and manage meetings straight from Slack with just a few clicks of a button.

  • Accept or decline event requests within Slack and swiftly create new events with ease.

  • Seamless sync of Google Calendar with Slack statuses, eliminating manual updates and saving time.

  • Receive Slack notifications with meeting details, including links or dial-in information for Hangouts, Zoom, Webex, or Microsoft Teams.


Free for all

Slack Apps Google calendar

Slack Integrations for Developer & Coding Collaboration

24. GitHub for Collaborative Coding and Version Control

GitHub, a leading development platform, empowers software teams to manage projects effortlessly. Integrated with Slack, it becomes a centralized hub for developers, providing streamlined access to repositories and community-approved projects.

Top Features

  • Gain comprehensive insights into GitHub projects via Slack channels, enabling team-wide visibility and collaboration on repositories.

  • Open or close issues, manage pull requests and interact with GitHub repositories directly from Slack for seamless code management without switching platforms.

  • Receive instant notifications on new commits, pull requests, issues, code reviews, and deployment statuses using the /GitHub subscribe [repository name] command in Slack for timely awareness of project activities.


  • Starts at $3.67/user/month

  • Free version available

integration with slack Github

Slack Best Integrations for Employee Engagement & Recognition

25. Karma for Employee Recognition and Engagement

Karma, a Slack bot, elevates team motivation by acknowledging top performers and commemorating significant work achievements. Its Slack integration enables micro-feedback sharing, automated rewards, and comprehensive performance assessments, ensuring recognition for outstanding contributions.

Top Features

  • Establish weekly, monthly, or quarterly bonuses directly within Slack, fostering a culture of recognition for team accomplishments.

  • Access actionable performance data within Slack, empowering leaders to make informed decisions during reviews and support ongoing improvement.

  • Set and monitor monthly goals in Slack, aligning team efforts and enhancing accountability for streamlined success.


  • Starts at $28/month

  • Free trial available

integration with slack Karma

26. Donut for Building Team Relationships

Donut, integrated with Slack, combats remote work isolation by randomly pairing colleagues for virtual coffee breaks, fostering connections akin to office interactions. It's the virtual water cooler, enhancing team spirit and cultivating a vibrant, connected remote workplace.

Top Features

  • Facilitates 1:1 video chat over virtual coffee or donuts, randomly pairing team members for casual interactions, reinforcing team bonds and boosting company culture.

  • Automatically generates private threads for individuals, displays mutual availability, and prompts setting up virtual coffee breaks, seamlessly integrating with Zoom or Google Meet for calendar invites.

  • Provides shortcuts for channel engagement within Slack, enables channel creation to pair diverse teammates, and allows customized welcome messages for new remote employees.


  • Paid plans start at $49/month

  • Free version available

integration with slack Donut

27. Bonusly for Employee Appreciation

Bonusly integrates seamlessly with Slack, offering a platform for celebrating and recognizing employee achievements. Enhance team morale and motivation by acknowledging hard work across the organization.

Top Features

  • Enable employees to commend their peers and management for achievements and contributions directly within Slack.

  • Encourage alignment with company goals by providing a transparent system where everyone can see and appreciate each other's contributions.

  • Accumulate points for recognition, redeemable for various rewards such as gift cards or charity donations, fostering engagement and healthy competition.


  • Starts at $3/month

  • Free trial available

integration with slack Bonusly

Integrations with Slack for Team Check-ins & Coordination

28. Range for Team Check-ins and Coordination

Range, integrated with Slack, simplifies remote team check-ins, optimizing work hours by streamlining updates and syncing team progress efficiently.

Top Features

  • Facilitates streamlined check-ins without continuous messaging, keeping teams in sync.

  • Efficiently gathers progress updates, freeing your employees from constant departmental updates.

  • Seamlessly integrates with Slack, enabling effortless communication and updates.

  • Promotes team visibility, promote accountability, and ensure everyone’s on the same page.


  • Starts at $8/team member

  • Free for up to 12 users

Integrations with Slack Range

29. Status Hero for Streamlined Team Updates

Status Hero, integrated with Slack, optimizes team productivity by offering a seamless way to gather and present essential information without disrupting workflow.

Top Features

  • Enables team members to share daily progress and goals through simple check-ins.

  • Syncs data with project coordination tools, providing a comprehensive overview of new tasks and their statuses.

  • Generates progress reports accessible to all team members for real-time updates.


  • Starts at $6.99/month

  • Free trial available

slack integrations Status Hero

30. GeekBot for Automated Standup Meetings

GeekBot streamlines remote team communication by automating standup meetings and reports across various time zones, simplifying collaboration and enhancing productivity.

Top Features

  • Effortlessly conduct standup meetings and surveys, saving time in organizing entire team communication.

  • Gather and consolidate employee data into customizable reports, offering insights into feedback, sales, and meeting notes, enhancing operational efficiency.


  • Starts at $2.5/user/month

  • Free for up to 10 users

Slack Integrations Geekbot

Slack App Integrations for Accounting & Invoicing

31. ZipBooks for Accounting and Invoicing

ZipBooks offers efficient accounting, enabling invoice creation, expense tracking, and insights. Integrate it via the Slack app directory for enhanced accounting functionalities, including accounting project management features to streamline financial tasks and project workflows.

Key Features

  • Seamlessly record expenses from your Slack workspace into ZipBooks

  • Generate online invoices directly within Slack for efficient billing

  • Access basic income statements (revenue, fees, net income) via Slack's slash commands


  • Starts at $15/month

  • Free version available

Slack Integrations ZipBooks

Send Surveys & Real-time Alerts to Slack With Zonka Feedback

As we explore the diverse landscape of Slack integration apps, the possibilities for enhancing collaboration and productivity are endless. While some Slack apps help in project management, others help in collaborating and communicating, you need to choose the one based on your requirements.

If you're seeking a powerful online survey builder to seamlessly integrate surveys and real-time alerts into your Slack channels, Zonka Feedback could be the best fit. You can effortlessly send various surveys, receive instant notifications, view CX survey metrics, and elevate collaboration within Slack by leveraging Zonka's user-friendly features.

Integrations with Slack Zonka Feedback

Sign up for a 14-day free trial and experience the transformative impact on your team's communication and productivity today!


Written by Kanika

Jan 11, 2024

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