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Explore 10 Ways Hotels should use Online Survey Tool

March 10, 2023

 When it comes to running a hotel business, it becomes vital to see if you were able to satisfy your guests or not because hotel guests usually share their experiences with their friends and known ones. So, businesses that fall under the hospitality sector including restaurant and hotel chains should use online survey tool because, only with the help of Guest Feedback, you get to know how your guests feel about you and your hotel or restaurant.

Moreover, nowadays, people share their hotel reviews on social media and review websites like Yelp, Trip Advisor, etc.

Researches suggest that around 81% of people explore online reviews of hotels before booking.

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Failing to satisfy your guests can ruin your reputation and affect your hotel business adversely. Hotel Guest Feedback is all about the customers' views and feelings about your hotel, the food, rooms, and other services they experienced at your hotel. Hotel Guest Feedback is necessary to collect to know what your guests expect and to what extent you were able to meet their expectations.

The best way to collect guest feedback is to survey your guests with the help of a Hotel Guest Feedback Software. A Guest Feedback App or Software helps you create customized surveys for capturing Hotel Feedback from the guests through different channels.

In this article, we will share some practical ways hotels should use Online Survey tools to collect hotel guest feedback. We will first share five ways to use Online Survey tool, and then five useful tips to obtain guest feedback effectively.

5 Ways how Hotels should use Online Survey Tools to collect Feedback

  1. On-Premise Hotel Guest Feedback
  2. Post-Checkout Guest Feedback via Email Surveys and SMS Surveys
  3. Kiosks and Tablet Feedback at Restaurants, Spas
  4. In-Room Feedback from App
  5. QR Code at various touchpoints

Let's study how these ways can help you obtain Hotel Guest Feedback using an effective Survey Tool.

1. On-Premise Hotel Guest Feedback at the Restaurant in your Hotel

You can collect feedback from the guests when they are still on-premises with the help of a survey tool. A good Hotel Feedback tool enables you to capture feedback on tablets.

Your staff can simply approach the guests when they are in the restaurant in your hotel to ask for feedback and hand over the tablet to them for some time. The process is easy, yet you must inform the customers about how to share and save their feedback. After some time, the tablet can be collected from the customers.

The most significant advantage of taking feedback in this way is that you get real-time feedback, and you can work for improvement (if needed) at the right time and prevent churning of the guests.

smiling waiter in hotel handing over tablet to guests to utilize the ways hotels should use online survey tool to collect guest feedback

2. Post-Checkout Guest Feedback via Email Surveys and SMS Surveys

Post-checkout feedback is one of the most common ways to collect Guest feedback. For this purpose, a Guest Feedback Survey App can facilitate the automatic sending of post-checkout surveys to the guests through emails or SMS. You can also easily send bulk SMS and emails through an effective survey tool.

3. Kiosks Surveys at Restaurants, Spas

You can also set up tablet kiosks to gather Guest feedback on different hotel services by setting up kiosks at various locations like the restaurant, reception area, spa, pool, etc. For instance, you can set up a kiosk at the restaurant to collect post-meal feedback about various parameters like food quality, taste, service quality, staff behaviour, etc.


4. In-Room Feedback from App

You can also provide an option to your guests to use the in-room survey facility with the help of the Survey App. You need to deploy wall-mounted tablet kiosks in the rooms to collect guest opinions while they are in their personal space or hand it over to guests to rate your overall services.

5. QR Code at various touchpoints

You can also capture Guest Feedback at various touchpoints by providing QR codes to the guests at different places like the hotel welcome brochure or menu card, hotel billing receipts, etc. For instance, a guest orders breakfast or tea in the room. Your staff can take a pamphlet or a menu card with a QR code on it to provide feedback. Likewise, you can also provide a QR code on the receipt provided at the time of billing.

Below is a hotel guest survey template you can use to collect guest feedback at various touchpoints of your hotel.

Use this Template to create your own Survey

While using the above-mentioned ways to capture Guest Feedback, you also need to follow these tips to effectively obtain feedback with the help of an Online Survey Tool.

Best Tips to effectively obtain Guest Feedback through an Online Survey Tool

  1. Make it short and effective
  2. Measure the right metrics - CSAT, NPS & CES
  3. Integrate with your system to automate Email & SMS Surveys
  4. Use Multilingual Surveys
  5. Create Logic-based surveys

Let's review how these tips and ways to implement feedback system in hotels can make the usage of an Online Survey tool more effective in obtaining Guest Feedback.

1. Make it short and effective

Always try to make your surveys short and simple. The simpler the survey, the more effective it would be in gathering feedback. Nobody has much time to fill out long surveys. Moreover, the guests can get irritated if you insist they fill out long feedback forms, as they don't want to spend their vacation filling out survey forms.

2. Measure the right metrics - CSAT, NPS & CES

Customer feedback Metrics are a great way to capture Guest Feedback. Metrics like CSAT(Customer Satisfaction survey), NPS(Net Promoter Score), and CES(Customer Effort Score) help to measure various CX parameters like loyalty, satisfaction, and perceived efforts to get a job done

All you need to care about is using the right hotel guest survey at the right place and time. For instance, to measure feedback regarding a Spa or restaurant, you need to measure how satisfied the customers are, so you should measure CSAT. Similarly, you can measure the guests' overall experience and loyalty generated through it in terms of their likeliness to recommend through NPS.

Whereas, if some customers face issues, and you and your staff resolve them, you can ask them how much effort they had to put in to get their work done or the issue resolved. You can do this through CES.

Hotel Guest Feedback Survey in the right way hotels should use online survey tool

3. Integrate with your system to automate Email & SMS Surveys

To make the best use of your Hotel Feedback Software or App, you must integrate it with your system and other software to send surveys automatically at the right time through emails and SMS.

For instance, if you want to send a post-checkout survey to get feedback regarding the guests' overall experience staying at your hotel, you can integrate your billing tool with the Hotel Guest Feedback Software. You can set triggers so that as soon as the billing is done for a customer, it automatically sends a hotel guest survey email or SMS is sent to the customer.

4. Use Multi-lingual Hotel Guest Surveys

Usually, Hotel Guest Feedback Software have a multilingual feature to create surveys in different languages. Guest come from separate locations. Some may be proficient in English, and others may not. In such a case, you should send the hotel guest satisfaction survey to the guests in their own language with the help of your Hotel feedback software.


5. Use Logic-based surveys to make surveys more effective

To make your surveys more effective, it is essential to make them logic-based, which means the hotel guest survey questions will appear based on the customer's answer to the previous question.

For instance, at your restaurant, you want to ask which cuisine the customers like and what is their favorite dish of that cuisine. You can ask two questions, the first one asking the favorite cuisine where the customer will provide his choice among the options like Indian, Chinese, Italian, etc.

The next question and its option asking the favourite dish among that cuisine will appear as per the answer provided by the respondent. If the customers select Italian as the answer to the first question, they will see Italian dishes as options to choose their favourite dish further.

So, we can conclude that to effectively utilize your Hotel Feedback Software or App to obtain Guest Feedback, you need to choose some significant ways and follow some valuable tips.

Here is another hotel guest feedback form template you can use.

Use this Template to create your own Survey


Nikhil Dawer

Written by Nikhil Dawer

May 25, 2022

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