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Internal Product Feedback - Benefits, Tips & Templates

You do your best to create and launch the best products, but you can’t predict whether your users will like them or not. And it is a long process where you first launch a product, market it, sell it, then come to know the shortcomings in the product through feedback, and then work on them.

A better approach is to collect Product Feedback before launching it and launch a better final product out in the market. But how is it possible? The only way is to collect Internal Product Feedback.

In this article, we will explore what Internal Product Feedback is, how it is beneficial for your business, and some amazing tips that you should follow to utilize internal product feedback effectively and launch the best products in the market with a high success rate.

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What is Internal Product Feedback?

Internal Product Feedback is the information that you collect from your employees, especially customer-facing employees regarding your product, their feedback about the product, and customers’ choices and demands in the market.

Collecting product feedback may seem a tedious activity to some, but it's undeniably pivotal to developing world-class products. Moreover, it doesn't have to be boring or monotonous, and it actually isn't for expert product managers using a good internal product feedback tool.

Before we go ahead, let’s first explore some advantages of collecting Internal Product Feedback.

Benefits of Internal Product Feedback

  1. It improves employee engagement
  2. It brings teams together to give a complete view of the product
  3. It brings a deeper understanding of the product and customers’ needs
  4. It enables improvement before the final launch

Let’s learn more about these benefits of gathering Internal Product Feedback.

1. It improves employee engagement

When you start the process of collecting internal product feedback, it engages everybody in your organization and thus boosts employee engagement to new levels. When you share information about your product in your organization, it brings you all on the same page. Moreover, taking feedback and suggestions from your internal teams boosts their morale and they become more motivated about the company’s goals, which ultimately benefits the whole business. This is the reason product feedback surveys are an indispensable product management tool.

Researches suggest that employee engagement increases productivity by 17% and profitability by 21%.

2. It brings teams together to give a complete view of the product

Multiple teams work on the creation and development of a product. Especially in the case of big and complex products, several teams are involved and work on different features and working of the product. This can limit their knowledge to the particular functions they have worked on. But when you use in-app feedback tools, all your teams can come together and get a holistic view of the product.

This lets them get an understanding of the impact of every action or improvement they make on the product. Thus, their knowledge and skills improve which ultimately benefits the business in terms of better products and high performance. 

You can check out our Market Research Product Survey Questionnaire that you can deploy to start collecting internal product feedback. It allows collecting feedback on various aspects like the user's first reaction to product, quality, innovation, value for money, etc. 


3. It brings a deeper understanding of the product and customers’ need

When your team members use the products, get engaged with the customers, and actively look into customer insights, they get a deeper understanding of your product as well as your customers’ mindset. They get a good idea about the needs and expectations of your customers in the market and share those ideas as internal product feedback. 

Moreover, they themselves also work in the direction of developing such products that satisfy the customers, and with valuable in-app product feedback, the business also works in the right direction to improve customer experience. In this way, internal product feedback also fosters enhancement in customer satisfaction.

3. It enables improvement before the final launch

When your team members use the products themselves to provide you product feedback, they get into the working of the product and get the experience of your product even before its launch. Their feedback provides you with valuable information about the strengths and weaknesses of the products.

Let's say you use a website usability survey to collect internal users' feedback before the launch, This enables you to make necessary improvements before time and launch a well-developed, improved product rather than giving customers a bad experience and then fixing the issues to improve the product and product experience of the customers.

By checking usability internally, you can directly use the Product Purchase Experience Survey Template to get the end-user feedback. 

Now, when you know the benefits of gathering internal product feedback, let’s explore the best practices you should follow while gathering and using it.

Tips to Nail Internal Product Feedback

  1. Have Internal Discussions with your Teams
  2. Market new products in the company
  3. Organize Online Conferences and Polls
  4. Conduct Internal Surveys to collect Product Feedback
  5. Organize A/B testing and gather feedback for both options

Let’s learn more about these tips to collect and use internal product feedback.

1. Have Internal Discussions with your Teams

This is an old way to collect internal feedback, yet its effectiveness cannot be ruled out. Internal discussions with and within teams can fetch you good insights from your team members about what they think about the product, and valuable knowledge about the product requirement, customers’ needs, and ongoing demand in the market.

Although these meetings and discussions sometimes seem to be unproductive and time-consuming to some product managers and team members, however, it is a good method to get valuable information that can help you create and modify your product in a way that caters to the needs of your customers and stand in line with the ongoing market trends.

2. Market new products in and out of the company

Creating a marketing strategy without knowing what your audience is looking for is only bound to fail. But with internal product feedback, you can target your audience with the right keywords, the right pricing, and the right campaigns. And this process begins internally when you seek help from the team in analyzing your competitors. 

For example, our Competitor Research Survey Template is designed to help you understand why your customers may or may not be better than your brand. It helps you gather feedback internally on various aspects like their marketing campaigns, comparison of product features, etc. 

FREE TEMPLATES BY ZONKA FEEDBACK - NPS, CSAT, CESYou can also directly ask your customer-facing teams about any inquiries about the upcoming product and customers’ interest and views about the product. The limitation is that this feedback will just give you a rough idea about the thoughts of your employees and customers about it.

3. Organize Online Conferences and Polls

Organize real and virtual conferences with your teams to know about their thoughts. You can also conduct online live polls and Q&A sessions to ask for product feedback from your team members. This will help you collect product feedback internally from your team members.

4. Conduct Internal Surveys to collect Product Feedback

Ask your team members to use your product and share their views about how they feel about the product. You can send product links to your teams and encourage them to use your SaaS product, and then send product feedback surveys to them asking them to share honest feedback like customers.

An effective internal product feedback tool will help you do this easily. When your team members will use your product like customers and share feedback about it, you will have a clear user perspective with you. And for instance, if they face any issue using your product that is yet to be launched in the market, they will report those issues and you will be able to make improvements to your product before the launch. This will ultimately lead to launching an improved and better product in the market.

5. Organize A/B testing and gather feedback for both options

In case you are thinking about two plans or want to choose between providing one among the two best features in your product, you can conduct A/B testing within your company. You can provide your product to some members with feature A, and others with feature B, and see which one works better. Internal product feedback will help you make a better decision in such cases.5 Tips to Nail Internal Product Feedback


The first impression is the last impression, and this applies to your products as well, as the customers buying or using your product. So when you launch a new product in the market, it is a great way to improve your product before making it live and provide the best possible product in one go. Internal product feedback helps you gather user insight before time and deliver your best in the market.

Zonka Feedback is an easy-to-use Product Feedback Tool that you can use to conduct surveys and gather feedback about your products from your customers and employees. It also integrates with video conferencing tools like Webex and enables you to organize live polls and Q&As to collect internal product feedback in your virtual meetings. You can try it for free for 7 days and see how it works for your organization to launch better products.

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Nikhil Dawer

Written by Nikhil Dawer

Jul 01, 2022

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