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20 Must-Have Apps for Restaurant Owners and Managers in 2021 (Updated)

20 Must-Have Apps for Restaurant Owners and Managers in 2021 (Updated)

Restaurant owners and managers are always on the go. The daily grind involves a number of responsibilities and task lists. Check inventory. Track shifts. Get sales insights. Manage customer feedback. Send newsletters with offers. Be on top of the social media game. Check emails. Organize notes. Create a financial plan… The list is literally endless! No surprise then that technology is a necessity for running a great restaurant business. (95% of restaurateurs agree that technology improves business efficiency). Apps for restaurant owners can help manage some of this workload and make it easier to run the business. 

This is why we have put together a list of some of the best apps that will help restaurant owners and managers in their businesses. Read on to learn how you can use these apps in your business.

1. Zonka Feedback:  To manage customer feedback

Happy customers are the cornerstone of your business, and Zonka Feedback understands this very well. Zonka is a multi-channel feedback system with which you can take customer feedback on iPads, Android tablets, and kiosks (on-premises while your customers are in the restaurant). You can also send email surveys or SMS surveys to your target audience after their visit or after home delivery to get feedback when they’re out of the restaurant.

Whether you want to measure key metrics like NPS®, CES, and CSAT or wish to gain detailed customer insight into each aspect of your restaurant’s CX, you can quickly do it with Zonka Feedback. You can use the customer feedback platform’s smart features like real-time reporting, instant alerts and notifications, and in-depth analysis. You can even ask for employee feedback to evaluate staff performance. Through the app's dashboard, you can compare feedback across locations, and track devices. As a bonus, your customers become your forever partners. This restaurant feedback management system (it also comes as a feedback app) is well-suited for both standalone and restaurant chain owners. (Pro Benefit: Fully customizable surveys, real-time alerts, and end-to-end feedback management.)

Tablet Kiosk + iPad App & Android App + Web + Email + SMS | Try for Free | Request a Demo Visit Zonka Feedback to know more

2. 7shifts: To improve shift management

7shifts is a restaurant scheduling software. You'll be able to manage your hectic schedule intuitively with it. All you need to do is add the shift information and the updated staff availability, click a few times, and you are all set in minutes. The USP is your schedule will be fully optimized and data-driven as per your restaurant needs. (Pro Benefit: You can even fill and swap shifts in a call-out via a chat function.)

Apple + Android | Visit 7shifts to know more

3. Sprout Social: To manage social media

Sprout Social is a collaborative social media management app to manage your social media and communication. It works as a social inbox, so you can effortlessly post, schedule, and monitor content on cross-network social channels (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Google+).  It lets you view all your messages as well as conversation history in one place. You can take action on to-do lists or tasks from messages. Link your social media data to your customer feedback to gain better insight into what your customers are saying about you.

Android + Apple | Visit Sprout Social to know more

4. Bonusly: To enhance restaurant productivity

Bonusly helps you recognize and reward your employees. With this restaurant app, you can improve employee engagement and retention and can simplify employee recognition as well as performance management. Use this app to improve the working environment and make employee interactions more efficient and meaningful. You can integrate this app with Zonka Feedback – and use employee surveys to develop a rich employee culture. (Pro Benefit: You can enrich bonuses with emojis, images, and GIFs.)

Android + Apple + Web | Visit Bonusly to know more

5. Evernote: To organize your notes

Evernote is designed to keep your ideas and memories available to you when you need them – much like your memory. Apart from capturing your thoughts, Evernote helps you nurture and share ideas in every form ( photos, checklist, PDFs, to-do lists) and you can easily access them at any place and at any time. Make it your team’s documentation hub. Use Evernote for initial brainstorming as well as for the final implementation of various ideas and tasks – for planning menus, creating a marketing plan, etc., and be a more productive restaurateur.

Android + Apple | Visit Evernote to know more

6. MailChimp: To send newsletters

MailChimp is a marketing automation platform to build and share email as well as ad campaigns with customers, clients, and other parties as per your brand requirement. By using analytics in MailChimp,  you can even evaluate the performance of your marketing efforts. Some of its distinguishing traits are brilliantly designed campaigns, healthy list management practices, and powerful data analysis. You can integrate MailChimp with Zonka Feedback to add your customers to your mailing list.

Apple + Android | Visit MailChimp to know more

7. Avero: To get business operations and sales insights

Avero gives you valuable insights into sales and business operations. You can take a deep dive into data and explore what action management can make your team more productive. This restaurant app won’t only help you sell more, it will also help you drive sales, reduce costs, and make smarter business decisions.

Android + Apple | Visit Avero to know more

8. Compeat: To manage accounting and back-office systems

Compeat provides a comprehensive and fully integrated solution for back office, inventory, accounting, analytics, and workforce management. It helps you manage your prime costs as well as the entire business with great ease. You can also streamline your business operations with it.

Web | Visit Compeat to know more

9. Feedly: To consolidate all your publications

You can use Feedly as a central place to keep all the publications that matter to you. This smart reader app allows you to keep a tab on the latest blogs, newsletters, or magazines. Use it to stay informed and ahead of the curve in the restaurant world. Another great thing — you get everything in a clean and easy-to-digest format.  

Android + Apple + Cloud-based Service | Visit Feedly to know more

10. Food Cost Calculator: To ease your calculations

Personally speaking, I get mentally numb when I have to do calculations. But unfortunately, it’s a part of the job. If you are also like me, then the Food Cost Calculator is perfect for you. It helps you calculate the edible cost, food cost, portion cost, plate cost, and menu cost-efficiently. (Pro Benefit: You can benchmark your costs against competitors.)

Web | Visit Food Cost Calculator to know more

11. CrunchTime: To manage back-office system

CrunchTime is your all-inclusive back-office management solution. It helps you manage your food cost, labor, inventory, alerts, and dashboard smoothly. This smart app has another excellent feature  It integrates with your POS data. This means that you can get labor, sales, and other vital insights much more easily. This restaurant app is an excellent option for both midsize and large restaurants.

Apple + Android | Visit CrunchTime to know more

12. Incentivio: To manage marketing needs

Incentivio helps you manage your restaurant’s marketing needs. With this restaurant marketing app, you can quickly acquire new customers, drive visits, reduce costs, improve average ticket size, enhance loyalty, and increase engagement efficiently. Another plus point is that this app is white labeled, which means it works behind the scenes, so your brand is always at the front and center.

Web + Mobile + In-store | Visit Incentivio to know more

13. LevelUp: To handle mobile ordering and payments

LevelUp is a mobile ordering and payment platform to keep your line always moving. This restaurant app connects you with your guests and provides a CX that blends loyalty, analytics, and rewards.  By using this app, your customers can securely link their credit or debit card to a unique QR code and pay you by just scanning the QR code.

Android + Apple | Visit LevelUp to know more

14. MobileDay: To lead conference call or online meeting

MobileDay is an app that allows you to dial into a conference call or online meeting with one touch. This means you can schedule an online meeting or conference call with restaurant stakeholders in a fraction of a second. You can sync it with your Smartphone calendar to remain up-to-date with all the upcoming meetings. (Pro Benefit: You can connect with a single touch. No need for access, or pin code.)

Android + Apple | Visit MobileDay to know more

15. Slack: To manage team communication

Slack helps you communicate with your team members in real-time. Whether you want to share a personal or a group message with teams and vendors across supply, operations, kitchen orders, you can easily do it with this mobile messaging app. This app will help you bid goodbye to all your communication gap anxieties. You can also integrate Slack with a feedback system to get notified immediately of customer feedback.  (Pro Benefit: You get the added advantage of screen sharing, integrated calls, and the file-sharing option.)

Android + Apple | Visit Slack to know more

16. Outlook: To check emails

Outlook helps you ease your email communications. You can effortlessly check emails and perform other actions (like archive, schedule, or delete emails) using Outlook. What's more, you can use it at any time, whether you are on the go or at your desk. (Pro Benefit: It auto-organizes your email into the Focused Inbox.)

Android + Apple + Windows | Visit Outlook to know more

17. Restaurateur: To manage the restaurant's business plan and financial plan

Restaurateur helps you create your business as well as the financial plan. You can build an effective profit and loss statement and calculate check and sales break-evens. You just have to key in the size of your space, cost ratios, average check amount, and monthly expenses and leave the rest to the software. (Pro Benefit: You can get alerts when a ratio crosses the industry guidelines.)

Apple | Visit Restaurateur to know more

18. Zenefits: To manage all your HR needs

Zenefits is an online HCM software you can use to meet all your HR needs. You can use it for everything related to your HR needs. Use it to manage payroll for your restaurant employees, paid time off and attendance, benefits, and health insurance. You can also use it to manage your compliance requirements, employee onboarding, and more. Whether you are a small firm and a big organization, it works just as well.

Android + Apple | Visit Zenefits to know more

19. StoreKit: To manage payments

StoreKit is payment technology software. They help businesses around the world realize the future of ordering food and drink. With click & collect, delivery, and in-store ordering modules, Storekit software helps make things simple and usable for your customers, and for you.

Visit Storekit to know more

20. E-Delivery: To Accept and Manage Online

Fulfilling customer’s needs is a must in order to survive in this competitive business arena. Customers these days leading towards “convenience” and having an online ordering solution for restaurants has become a new norm. From browsing digital menus to secure online payments to real-time tracking of orders and social media sharing, E-Delivery platforms allow a delivery services business to accept and dispatch online orders more efficiently. (Benefit: You will get separate apps and panels for stores, customers, and delivery providers to manage bulk deliveries without any glitches.)

Visit Elluminatiinc.com for more information.   

Try out these restaurant apps to make your tasks easier and automated. With these apps, you will be free to focus on making your restaurant successful and on improving the customer experience.

Have some other apps for restaurant owners in mind? Let us know in the comments below. We will love to check them out for you!

Published on Jun 18, 2018. Updated on Sep 10, 2021.


Written by Sonika

Jun 18, 2018

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