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50 Restaurant Survey Questions for Guest Feedback

50 Restaurant Survey Questions for Guest Feedback

Whenever a customer visits a restaurant, he creates a perception of the service and the brand. And when you are in the restaurant business you need to know the perception the customer has in mind. 

How do you think they'll get to know about this? It's not always possible for the waiter to ask for feedback after the customer had their meal. Most customers are not comfortable sharing their views openly. Here comes the need of a restaurant survey. It is necessary for the success of your restaurant in many aspects. 

And here’s a statistic showing the importance of customer feedback.

33% would never eat at a restaurant with less than four stars.

Enter the restaurant survey questions.

Use these restaurant survey questions to get feedback that can be an invaluable way to know what works and what doesn’t (in your restaurant). In this guide to restaurant surveys, we’ll cover: 

  • Importance of restaurant surveys
  • 50 Restaurant survey questions you should ask in your surveys
  • What to do with all this feedback

Importance of Restaurant Surveys

Gathers unfiltered feedback: You will receive unfiltered feedback from customers on your food, service, and ambiance.

Improves service quality: Based on the feedback you receive, identify and resolve issues with your menu and service for a better customer experience.

Planned improvements: Asking for some restaurant service survey questions helps to track how the changes you've made have impacted customer satisfaction.

Collects customer information: If you want to launch targeted promotions and offers, it's imperative that you find out more about your customers by asking them questions like their age group and frequency of visits.

Maintain customer loyalty: Your guests want to know that you have their best interests in mind, and the act of sending a survey can signal that you take their feedback quite seriously. Surveys are an opportunity to engage directly with your customers and thank them for dining at your restaurant. And building strong customer relationships can help your restaurant save money and grow your revenue. 

Here's how a Restaurant Dine-in Feedback Form looks like: 

Restaurant Questions you Should Ask in your Surveys

So, without further ado, here are 50 restaurant questions you should ask guests in various scenarios. To make it easier, we have organized the questions categorically such as general, food, service, ambiance, restaurant, reservations, and takeout. You can tailor these questions according to your restaurant. 

General Restaurant Survey Questions  

Gather information about your customers, how they heard about you, and the basics about your restaurant. 

1. How much did you like your visit all around?

2. This was your first visit to the restaurant, right?

3. How were you made aware of the restaurant?

4. What aspect of your trip was the best?

5. What aspect of your trip was the worst?

Food Restaurant Survey Questions

The main reason people eat out is food. By asking for opinions on the quality of your drinks and food, you can ensure that your menu is the best it can be.

6. What were you served?

7. Did everything turn out as it should have?

8. How did you find the food?

9. What aspect of the meal did you like best?

10. What was the meal's worst component?

11. Did you place an alcohol order?

12. How did you find your beverages?

13. How did you find the menu choices?

14. Have you got any dietary preferences or restrictions?

15. Were we able to satisfy your dietary requirements?

Service Restaurant Survey Questions

A dining experience can be made or broken by the service. To learn how your front-of-house team is doing and how their performance can be improved, include these questions in your restaurant surveys.

16. Did the host welcome you when you arrived?

17. How long did it take for you to be shown to your table?

18. Who served you, exactly?

19. Did the server satisfactorily address your questions about the menu?

20. Was your waiter obliging?

21. Your server was polite, right?

22. Have they anticipated your needs?

23. Did your server offer any suggestions?

24. If so, what were your thoughts on the suggestions?

25. Was the service hurried?

26. Were courses properly spaced apart?

27. Between courses, did the waitstaff clear the table?

28. Was the water quickly replenished?

29. In between courses, did you receive new silverware?

30. Did the manager come to your table to check on your satisfaction?

Ambiance Restaurant Survey Questions

The ambiance is the first thing a customer notices when he/she enters the restaurant. You can ask these questions to understand what your customers think of the restaurant’s atmosphere. 

31. Which three words best sum up the atmosphere of the restaurant you recently visited?

32. Was the environment friendly?

33. Was the area tidy and well-arranged?

34. How loud was the setting?

35. Were the restrooms well-maintained and stocked when you used them?

36. Was the area accommodating to your needs if you need special accommodations because of a disability?

37. Were you happy with the COVID-19 security measures the restaurant was implementing?

Restaurant Reservations Survey Questions

Making reservations is a necessary part of the dining experience. Use these restaurant survey questions for guests who have booked the table in advance. 

38. For your visit, did you make a reservation?

39. If so, how did you go about making the booking?

40. How simple was it to book a room?

41. When did you finally make a reservation?

42. Did you get a confirmation for your reservation?

43. How happy were you that reservations were offered?

Restaurant Takeout Survey Questions

You shouldn’t only send restaurant surveys to your dine-in guests. Learn more about your customers’ off-premises dining experiences by asking these questions.

44. Have you ordered delivery or takeout?

45. If that's the case, how did you make this order?

46. Was it simple to place your order?

47. What was the order placement process like for you?

48. How long did it take for the food to be prepared for delivery or to be picked up?

49. Was our staff helpful and polite during the pickup and delivery process?

50. How can we make our delivery and takeout options better?

Use Restaurant Feedback to Improve your Results

Even if you can't please every customer, you may utilize restaurant survey questions to get insightful data that will help you grow your company. Additionally, acquiring this data allows clients a forum to discuss their experiences before posting on review sites. 

The purpose of collecting survey responses is to find solutions that help you operate your business more effectively. Track trends to identify prospective areas for development. By boosting the possibility of repeat business, you may use this knowledge as you take action to support the growth of your company.

Are you looking to conduct restaurant surveys by yourself? Here are some amazing restaurant survey templates to get you started. Zonka Feedback provides you with everything you need to create and gather restaurant feedback. Have you got any questions about creating restaurant surveys? Let us know in the comment section below.

Published on Dec 21, 2022. Updated on Dec 23, 2022.

Nikhil Rana

Written by Nikhil Rana

Dec 21, 2022

Experienced content marketer, been in the industry for 5+ years. Loves to write about Saas Industry on topics such as NPS, Customer Experience and more.

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