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The Importance of Restaurant Surveys

Whenever a customer visits a restaurant, he steps out with a new view and perception created in his mind about the restaurant and its brand. And when you are running a restaurant business, it becomes essential for you to know what perception does a customer has in his mind about you and your restaurant.

How do you think you will get to know about this? Will that be good that a waiter asks the customers their feedback about food and service just after they had their meal? Well, it is a way of getting Customer Feedback but practically it's not a very good idea.

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Reason behind, many customers are not comfortable sharing their real views openly. This can lead to inaccurate feedback. In such cases, their outrage is visible in their actions like their online reviews or their choice of switching to another restaurant.

A dissatisfied customer usually never visits again to a restaurant.

Here comes the need of a Restaurant Survey. A Customer Feedback survey at a restaurant would be able to fetch you such valuable feedback data which even a face-to-face interaction is unable to provide you.

A restaurant survey is important for the success of your restaurant in many aspects. Let's list them out.

Importance of Restaurant Survey

  1. Helps to avoid negative online reviews
  2. Provides you honest feedback
  3. Helps you improve your quality of food and service
  4. Fetches you customer data
  5. Enables you to track your improvement

Let's review these aspects which makes a Restaurant Survey important for the success of your restaurant.

1. Helps to avoid negative online reviews

When customers go through a bad experience, they want to vent it through feedback but usually people are not comfortable to share openly their feedback with the restaurant staff. It maybe to avoid any argument or a mere justification which actually can't change their view or improve their experience.

In such cases, they share their bad Customer Experience in the form of either a bad word of mouth in the market or in the form of negative reviews on social media. This is very harmful for the goodwill of a restaurant.

To avoid such situation, Survey becomes even more important to provide them a space to share their negative feedback so that they can vent out their outrage in the survey rather than posting it on social media.

2. Provides you Honest Feedback

As mentioned above, all people are not comfortable to share their feedback openly. And when it is a negative feedback, they hesitate to share their experience with the restaurant staff.

Whereas, in a restaurant survey, they tend to give honest feedback either negative or positive in the form of survey responses. If they share a bad experience in a survey, you should welcome such feedback and deal with negative feedback constructively as it helps in improvement of your business rather than effecting your goodwill in the market.

3. Helps you improve your quality of food and service

Knowing your shortcomings enables you to work on them and thus reduce them. A survey helps you know the strengths and weaknesses of your restaurant and motivates you to do improvements.

By knowing where you are lacking, be it food quality, hygiene, ambiance, customer service, or any other aspect; you can always work on them to improve them and provide a better Customer Experience. A better Customer Experience opens ways for growth of your restaurant business.

4. Fetches you customer data

A survey not only helps you to provide feedback from your customers, but it also provides you other customer data which you can use in future. There are different types of questions in a restaurant survey.

You can include some demographic questions in it which fetches you customers' demographic details like name, locality, gender, age-group, etc. and contact questions like email and phone number etc.

With the help of this data, you get to know more about your customer base which enables you to enhance Customer Satisfaction. You can use this data for segmenting into different groups and take business decisions based on it.

Moreover, you can also get their contact details through the survey forms which you can use for marketing purposes in future. You can send them text messages or emails informing them about newly added delicacies in your menu, or the discount options or latest offers running at your restaurant.

5. Enables you to Track your Improvement

Will you be able to track any changes or improvement in your restaurant without a restaurant survey data? By implementing a good Restaurant Survey Software or an App, you can maintain your documented survey data which you can use in future.

You can use this data to track improvement in different aspects of your restaurant business by looking at the feedback trends. You can check which business decision was liked by most of the customers and which business decision was criticized by them through a negative feedback.

In this way, you can use your restaurant survey data to know the market trends and changing choices & preferences of the customers. This helps you to make better business decisions.

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Nikhil Dawer

Written by Nikhil Dawer

Feb 12, 2020

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