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Ways to Take Restaurant Feedback

Customer feedback is an amazing way to stay on top of your restaurant's pulse. Knowing whether your customers are satisfied or if there are areas to improve to the ongoing success of your restaurant.

You won't be able to give customers the best customer service if you aren't trying to find out what they actually think about your restaurant. Because of this, their feedback on their interactions is important information that can help the restaurant develop and better serve its customers.

Measure Restaurant Feedback and Satisfaction

Gauge feedback from guests and visitors at various touchpoints in your restaurant.

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The best way to gather restaurant feedback is by using surveys. And what's better than using Restaurant feedback software.

Zonka Feedback allows businesses to gather insightful customer feedback to enhance their restaurant services. It also functions without the internet. You can keep staff in the loop and improve the overall quality of customer service. 

Reasons to Use Restaurant Feedback 

Here are some of the major benefits of Restaurant feedback.

They may disclose potential repeat clients.

Everyone enjoys having supporters for their restaurants. the kind of clients who are more than willing to brag about what you're doing. The issue is that you might not be aware of who they are or who is most likely to become one. You can offer a return promotion or discount to those customers who really appreciated your service by identifying them through a customer survey.

It demonstrates your concern for your clients.

Every person enjoys feeling appreciated, heard, and cared for. Customers in particular benefit from this. Customers will understand that you value their feedback and that it matters if you create customer surveys. How do you convey your concern? Instead of mailing out surveys to homes, ask staff to personally distribute them in the restaurant while promoting the incentive. Additionally, customers are much more likely to be satisfied when they are caught in the restaurant.

Surveys thwart problems before they become major.

No restaurant wants to learn that there is anything being said against them. After all, this could significantly affect your company. This can be avoided by identifying problems early on, which is where customer surveys come in. These will draw attention to any problems that have surfaced more than once and provide you with the chance to make changes. Additionally, it will draw attention to a dissatisfied customer and give you the opportunity to address this immediately.

Ways to Take Restaurant Feedback using Different Methods

1. Face-to-face feedback

There are numerous ways to solicit customer feedback, some of which can begin in the restaurant. Once the customers are seated, the waiters take on the role of the restaurant's public face because they are the people who the customers will recall when providing feedback. 

The first opportunity for a customer to provide feedback is with the waitstaff. They ought to be taught to ask how the meal is going and if there is anything that could be done to make it better for the customer. This gives the restaurant an opportunity to immediately respond to customer feedback and address any issues that may have arisen.

The waiter can help to facilitate more detail in other ways even though diners might be too polite to immediately voice every little concern they have. For instance, at the conclusion of the meal, the customer might be asked to complete a form in the restaurant or encouraged to provide feedback online. A great way to get feedback is to offer incentives like a free dessert or a "2-for-1" on their next visit.

Cons: Not every customer is comfortable sharing face-to-face feedback. 

2. Use Offline feedback forms

Many restaurants favour using a printed, well-structured questionnaire to gather customer feedback. This method involves passing out a survey to the customers as they wait to pay the bill. For example, restaurants such as Barbeque Nation across its outlets request every customer to fill out a short feedback form. 

Cons: Traditional method, takes a lot of time. 

3. Implement Restaurant Feedback Software

There are various ways to employ restaurant feedback and enable you to gather feedback from guests. Here are the best ways to implement restaurant feedback software. 

  • Hand over tablet-based feedback forms to guests 

The user base of the iPad has increased exponentially. And because of this user base, the tablet-based survey has become the need of the hour for restaurants. This on-the-spot feedback helps you to collect real-time insights. You can expect feedback without biases when it is captured on the tablet. 

  • Set up kiosks at various touchpoints 

Collecting guest’s perspectives towards your restaurant’s service through Zonka Feedback is as easy as you like. It is better than other traditional methods. You can set up the kiosks at various touchpoints such as reception, restrooms, etc. Implementing a kiosk feedback system near the buffet area works wonders for knowing about taste, food menu, quality and more. 

  • Share feedback link on social media

Social media has an amazing reach and you can’t leave it behind. With our restaurant feedback system, you can create a survey link and share it on social media, making it easier to gather responses. Add open-ended questions about your food, ambiance or services. 

Want to create your own Link Surveys? Sign up for a Free Trial and create your own Link Survey in minutes. 

  • Print the QR code on the bill 

The QR Code is used by restaurants and food manufacturers to collect customer feedback in addition to security functions like counterfeit prevention. The QR Code has emerged as the most user-friendly method of collecting digital feedback.

Give your guests the QR Code printed on the bill if you want to know their thoughts on the food and services. Your visitors will scan the provided QR Code to leave feedback. This method of getting feedback can help both parties save time.


You can grow your restaurant business significantly with the help of restaurant feedback software. It not only enables you to gather accurate customer insights but also fosters customer satisfaction and retention and numerous other benefits

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Nikhil Rana

Written by Nikhil Rana

Dec 29, 2022

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