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9 Best Nicereply Alternatives & Competitors

Nicereply is a well-known customer experience platform that is mainly designed to collect customer feedback in an effortless way. The platform enables businesses to improve support teams' performances and help them fix the issues.

Although these are a few essential factors brands might look for when searching for a survey company that focuses on customer service, Nicereply isn't the only option. Luckily there are many Nicereply alternatives that offer better features, and affordable pricing options.

If you're also looking for top Nicereply alternatives then look no further. We've compiled a list of 9 best Nicereply alternatives that will help you choose the best one.


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#1. Zonka Feedback

Zonka Feedback is one of the best Nicereply alternatives as the platform enables businesses to measure customer sentiment and services effortlessly. The omnichannel platform enables organizations to add value to your company by upskilling your current team members.

The best part about this Nicereply alternative is that you can easily collect data and get an analysis and comparison of team members' performance on each question and metric. Measuring employee feedback at all touchpoints just takes a fraction of a second.

You can easily increase communication between teams, reduce employee turnover, enhance employee engagement, and create a great workplace culture with Zonka Feedback. You can download the team performance reports from the Zonka Feedback web dashboard.

What makes Zonka Feedback the top contender for Nicereply is its ability to capture the pulse of the business and each member at regular intervals through customized customer service surveys. Also with Zonka Feedback you know the problem areas, hold departments accountable, review and make improvements.

Zonka Feedback-Canny alternativeZonka Feedback Features

  • Gain amazing insights with Zonka Feedback’s Real-time survey reports

  • Get analysis and comparison of team member performance on each question and metrics

  • Effortlessly measure feedback from employees or teammates

  • Measure CSAT, CES, and NPS with real-time feedback, and in-depth insights

  • Create surveys for all touchpoints with online survey software

  • Set up feedback channels for everyone - in-office on tablets, through email surveys and SMS surveys, and online

  • Measure employee satisfaction and loyalty

  • Get notified for miffed employees and identify recurring issues

  • View employee feedback trends

  • Compare teams' performance at various locations

  • Measure metrics like Employee Satisfaction and Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS)


Zonka Feedback offers survey software in both Free and Paid plans. The paid plan (Starter) starts at a starting price of $49 per month and offers features like Customer experience management and white-labeling, offline surveys, survey logic, location-based CX surveys, and more.

#2. Userback

Another Nicereply alternative is Useback when we speak about measuring customer service. Userback enables brands to connect with their software teams throughout the entire software delivery lifecycle.

The user feedback management platform helps users to assess, process, assign, action, and close the user feedback loop faster, all in a single platform.

Userback-Canny alter

Userback Features

  • Collect bug reports, feature requests, and general feedback, together

  • Create and deliver feedback quickly without sacrificing any detail

  • Keep users in the loop and build a more engaged product community

  • Connect user insights with software teams throughout the software delivery lifecycle

  • Create better an employee experience and speed internal collaboration

  • Easily route information to the right team

Pricing: The startup plan starts at $59/month, billed annually.

#3. SurveyMonkey

As one of the top Nicereply alternatives, SurveyMonkey offers an easy way to compare survey results within your company in key categories such as team engagement, and more. The platform helps you know how your team is performing through its employee performance templates. It enables you to compare locations, and branches to spot trends that require immediate action too.

SurveyMonkey-Nicereply alt

SurveyMonkey Features

  • Easily interpret your survey results

  • Assess agent performance metrics accurately

  • Identify best practices in your industry

  • Keep tabs on your competition

  • Set strategic goals for your organization

  • Collect information and feedback from almost anywhere

Pricing: The starter plan starts at $55/month, billed annually for a minimum of three users.

#4. GetFeedback

GetFeedback is one of the prominent Nicereply alternatives that enables you to empower your team to quickly act on feedback from happy and unhappy customers across multiple channels. This customer experience software platform helps you to automate tasks for critical feedback across multiple channels. One can quickly notify product, web, or other teams about issues in real-time. You can even send critical feedback through Slack, escalate technical issues in Jira, trigger follow-up in Salesforce, and more.

free customer feedback tool-getfeedback

GetFeedback Features

  • Improve employee retention by taking the right actions

  • Create custom notifications for your team to act on feedback based on customer attributes, sentiment

  • Set up workflows and alerts based on role, so the right individuals in the organization can quickly take action

  • Quickly notify product, web, or other teams about issues in real-time

  • Ensure the right teams take action on time

  • Socialize insights and drive internal collaboration with custom dashboards

Pricing: You need to first sign in, and then connect with the sales team to learn about pricing plans.

#5. Jotform

Another well-known Nicereply alternative is Jotform as the platform helps teams create shared workspace for forms and surveys. Jotform lets team members within an organization create forms, tables, reports, and apps to work collaboratively online. You can even set different roles and permissions to stay in control of your data. Being one of the best Nicereply alternatives, this platform gives each team an all-in-one workspace so members can access and edit their assets in a single place.

Jotform - Nicereply alt

Jotform Features

  • Create shared workspaces for teams within your organization

  • Set different roles and permissions to stay in control of your data

  • All team assets in one place to give access and edit

  • Assets added to shared workspaces are owned by the entire team

  • Customize permission settings for each user

Pricing: The essential plan price starts at $34/month; however, you can even start with a free plan.

#6. Survicate

Survicate is a popular customer experience platform that plays a great role for businesses to increase customer satisfaction, win clients’ hearts, and get brands recognized within the industry. With this Nicereply alternative, you can conduct regular quality checks to maintain top-level customer service.

Survicate-Uservoice alt

Survicate Features

  • Evaluating the effectiveness of service agents

  • Communicate with your brand through your customer service representatives or agents

  • Constantly evaluate the performance of your service agents

  • Uncover your customers’ pain points via surveys and use these insights to train your agents

  • Share Survicate customer service agent surveys using your favorite customer service software

  • Add agent-specific parameters to the survey link to gather feedback on the agent's performance

Pricing: The starter plan starts at $53/month, billed annually.

#7. AskNicely

AskNicely emerges as a prominent contender among Nicereply alternatives, helping managers and team members to quickly see who needs support, and who needs recognition. It also helps them to understand which customers need attention at the start of every day. The platform enables users to see at a glance how every location is performing with real-time customer feedback. Using Asknicely one can quickly send a message, and set personal goals for frontline employees based on customer satisfaction ratings.

AskNicely-Nicereply alt

AskNicely Features

  • Connect your frontline to the bottom line

  • Help your managers to quickly see who needs support, who needs recognition

  • Understand what separates your best performers from the rest

  • See at a glance how every location is performing

  • Quickly see who needs support and who deserves a shoutout

  • Build better connections with your team

Pricing: You may either book a demo or request an estimate to learn about pricing plans.

#8. Delighted

Delighted is a notable alternative tool to Nicereply, offering users the means to create a great work environment and boost productivity while enhancing the entire customer journey and service experience. This Nicereply alternative empowers the customer service team with top tools and a robust customer service survey solution to track teams' performances.

Delighted-Survicate alt-1

Delighted Features

  • Quickly raise the bar for exceptional customer service standards

  • Empower your support teams with a robust customer service survey solution

  • Capture real-time CSAT and CES feedback anywhere with omnichannel post-support assistance

  • Support quick and effective QA with powerful leaderboards and reactive dashboards

  • Track customer satisfaction after a support interaction and collaborate with teams

Pricing: The initial plan starts at $17/month, billed annually. However, you can also start with a free plan.

#9. SurveySparrow

SurveySparrow stands out as one of the top Nicereply alternatives, assisting businesses with streamlining support, and revenue, processes, turning customers into dedicated brand advocates, and optimizing support interactions with seamless ticket management. It enables businesses to transform all customer interactions into actionable tickets, ensuring prompt resolution while making customers feel valued.

SurveySparrow-Nicereply alt

SurveySparrow Features

  • Turn voices into actionable solutions

  • Empower your customers with streamlined support

  • Channel responses into tickets, ensuring prompt resolution

  • Streamline teamwork, assign experts, and accelerate feedback closure

  • Enable your experts to focus on customers and offer seamless support

  • Shared inbox for all communications

  • Streamline support across the globe

  • All-in-one ticketing dashboard

Pricing: You can enter your personal details to learn about the pricing plan.

Wrapping Up

Now that you have a clear idea about the top Nicereply alternatives, you can choose the one that best suits your business in terms of quality of customer service, team performance, employee engagement, and customer experience.

Each of these alternatives highlighted in this piece has its own strength and unique key features. As we conclude this article, we hope that it has provided you with ample information to select the Nicereply alternatives that best align with the specific requirements of your business.

If you are still not sure which platform to choose, you can take Zonka Feedback's 14-day free trial. Take advantage of this cost-effective platform, gather feedback, and get started today!

Nivedita Nayak

Written by Nivedita Nayak

Oct 27, 2023

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