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Popular customer survey form templates

Powerful customer survey templates for wide-range of industries with varied question types, all under one roof.

Detailed General Customer Satisfaction Survey Template

With this all-inclusive detailed general customer satisfaction survey, understand how your customers perceive your company and what are their satisfaction levels.

Net Promoter Score Survey Template with Follow Up Question for Detractors (Logic-based)

This template form provides you with a net promoter score question along with a follow-up question that will only be visible to your detractors i.e. the customers who have rated you between 0 and 6 in the NPS question.

Net Promoter Score Survey Template with Customer Information

Evaluate your net promoter score and make sure your customers stay loyal to your brand for years to come.

Net Promoter Score Survey Template with Comments

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) question captures customer satisfaction and loyalty by asking customers how likely they are to refer people to your brand.

Gym Feedback Form

Instructor not paying attention? Machine dysfunctional for a long time? Give a platform to your gym members to report all the minor and major issues they face every day at the gym.

Shopping Mall Experience Feedback Form

Ask your visitors to rate the shopping mall on various characteristics. Make improvements as per the insights received and weave seamless experiences for your customers.

Shopper Experience Survey (Detailed)

Get detailed insights about every minute aspect of the shopper experience at the retail store.

Shopper Experience Survey (Short)

This short and crisp shopper experience survey by Zonka will help you to capture the satisfaction level of your shoppers.

Employee Onboarding Survey Form

Collect employee opinion about the recruitment process and first day at the workplace with this employee onboarding survey form.

Employee Training Survey Template

Use this employee training survey template and collect employee feedback about the ongoing training.

Employee Exit Survey Form Template

Send this employee exit survey form template to understand the honest opinion of your employee regarding your company

Employee Net Promoter Score Survey Form

Distribute this employee net promoter score survey form in your organization and employee NPS scores.

Spa Feedback Form Template

Send this vibrant spa feedback form template to your clients post their visit at the spa.

Hotel Experience Feedback Form (short)

Use this hotel experience feedback form to quickly capture the experience of your guests during their stay at the hotel.

Cafeteria Food Survey Template

Use this cafeteria food survey template and collect employee feedback on office cafeteria.

How did you hear about us survey template

Use this how did you hear about us survey to understand the source from where your customers came to know about you.

Restaurant New Menu Survey Template

Capture feedbacks about the new menu with our detailed restaurant new menu survey template.

Supervisor Performance Evaluation Survey Form

Collect honest feedback from subordinates with this supervisor performance evaluation survey form.

Salon Staff Feedback form

This salon staff feedback form template will allow your clients to rate the hair stylists/ beauticians & other staff members.

Banking Customer Feedback Form Template

Understand what your customers feel about the services provided by the bank with this banking customer feedback form template.

Washroom Feedback Form Template

Use this washroom feedback form template to collect feedback about the condition of the washroom as people found it. Sign up with Zonka to use this form template right out of the box

Bank visit feedback form

Use this bank visit feedback form to capture the feedback of services as experienced by the customers during their bank visit. Sign up with Zonka to use this form template right out of the box.

Salon Experience Feedback Form (Detailed)

Send this standard salon experience feedback form (detailed) to all your clients.

Detailed Restaurant Feedback Form

With this detailed restaurant feedback form capture all the aspects of the restaurant service.

Home Delivery Feedback Form

Send this short & crisp home delivery feedback form to your customers through SMS, emails or get the survey QR code.

Quick General Customer Satisfaction Survey Template

Evaluate the customer satisfaction with this short customer satisfaction survey template in no time.

Website visitor online survey form sample

Conduct online surveys from customers that come over to your website. Set up an online survey forms in minutes and start taking online surveys at desired touch-points in desired pages.

Net Promoter Score Survey Template with Follow Up Question

Capture the likeliness of the customers to recommend you to their friends, colleagues and other acquaintances with this form. Collect actionable feedback with this short NPS survey form.

Event lead capture form template

Capture leads at events, conferences, corporate events and trade shows with this short lead capture form template. This form is ideal for quickly collecting information from the respondent in a high traffic trade show.

Product purchase experience survey template

Use this template in order to understand the opinions of your customers regarding their purchased product. With this detailed product purchase experience survey, evaluate the feedbacks

Restaurant feedback form

Thrill your customers with this good-looking feedback form template for restaurants. The form contains star rating questions that will make the customer's feedback filling experience fun, the NPS question that will help calculate the guest satisfaction with your restaurant.

Hotel feedback form template

This beautiful-looking sample hotel feedback form (available as a premade template in Zonka) is a perfect for hotels, resorts or any other lodging and homestay business.

HR employee survey template

Want to know about your employee’s experience, challenges and satisfaction at the workplace? Use this Employee Survey template and get a closer look at the work life of your employees.

Customer service feedback form template

Collect insightful feedbacks about your customer service from your customers. Customize this customer feedback form template as per your own requirements and distibute it through Zonka's muliple distibution channels.

Product Customer Satisfaction Survey template

Confused about what questions to ask in your product satisfaction survey? Use this general product customer satisfaction survey template to quickly understand the customer satisfaction with your products.

Simple Net Promoter Score Survey Template

This basic NPS survey form (available as a pre-made template in Zonka survey builder) can be set up and deployed in minutes to quickly start taking customer feedbacks.

Change the way you take surveys & feedbacks

Use Zonka’s rich pre-made survey form template gallery to start taking feedbacks and surveys in minutes. Use right out of the box or customize fully. Start today!

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