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Advantages of Customer Feedback Software for Retail Industry

May 18, 2023

In today's world, success of a retail business revolves around these questions: Are the products which customers are looking for available at your retail store? Is your retail staff supportive and welcoming for the customers? Are your prices competitive in the market? Are your return and exchange policies fair and helpful for the customers?

This is true for most brick and mortar stores. But retail has evolved drastically over the past few years. Retail Shopping doesn't always happen in physical stores anymore. It happens online, in-app, through phone and more. Most businesses are today selling in more than one way and serving omnichannel to reach their customers at multiple touchpoints. 

And while being present on various customer touchpoints is great for the business, it poses a lot of challenges in ensuring a great customer experience. 

Researches suggest that 51% of consumers will stop shopping at a retailer after 1-2 poor in-store shopping experiences.  Now the challenge you face is to know whether your customers are happy or not with the Customer Experience you provided. Because most dissatisfied customers usually leave a brand without saying anything. Only 1 in 26 unhappy customers actually complain.

Did you know that more than 80% of shoppers report having run into inefficient or malfunctioning tech while shopping.  But do you think all of them complained the retailers? Certainly no! So what is the way? The one and only way is to gather Customer Feedback by seeking your customers. But you cannot reach every customer visiting your retail store with a physical survey from and ask them for feedback. To make this easier and better, there are various Customer Feedback Software available in the market.

A good Retail Survey Software enables you to reach your customers wherever they are, at all touchpoints, for their feedback. With a Retail Feedback Software, you can set up automated post-transaction and post-purchase surveys. At the same time, an e-commerce retailer monitoring tool is an excellent solution is you search for a more comprehensive tools to stay ahead of the game.

For instance, with Zonka Feedback, you can set up Kiosk Surveys on premises with iPad Survey App and Android Survey App to give customers a platform to give feedback while they're in the store. You can also print survey links and QR Codes in the bill or send Email Surveys and SMS Surveys to customers after they make a purchase in-store or online through your eCommerce store. 

Let's explore the benefits of using a Customer Feedback Software in the Retail Industry. 

Advantages of Customer Feedback Software in Retail Industry

  1. It helps to provide and analyze real-time feedback data
  2. It helps to save reputation of the brand
  3. It helps to retain customers
  4. It facilitates increased Customer Engagement
  5. It helps to make improvements in your products and services

Let's learn how a Retail Survey Software helps you get these advantages for your business.

1. It helps to provide and analyze real-time feedback data

For any business, getting real-time customer insights are really important, and in retail business, it becomes even more important as the customers don't take much time to switch for another brand and store. A Retail Survey Software helps you to get real-time feedback.

It provides you alerts and notification for every feedback response and negative feedback so that you can take timely action to improve Customer Experience.

2. It helps to save reputation of the brand

Unhappy customers have a greater tendency to share their feelings with others as compared to happy and satisfied customers. They usually do this either through negative word of mouth or negative online reviews. And you know what, nowadays 49% of consumers consider the number of online reviews as an essential factor in their purchase decision. Due to this, 55% of retailers had implemented online visibility into in-store inventory to their satisfaction, up from 40% last year.

Moreover, 92% of all people trust a word of mouth recommendation over any other kind of marketing. So negative reviews or word of mouth an be really harmful for your business. When you use a Retail Survey Software, it provides your customers an appropriate medium to share their feelings about their Customer Experience in the form of survey responses. If you act timely and wisely, it helps to save your reputation getting ruined in the market.

3. It helps to retain customers

50% of consumers wait for seven days for an organization to respond before stop doing business with it. A Retail Feedback Software provides you timely alerts and real-time information of Customer Feedback that enables you to take timely action to improve Customer Experience.

When you do timely implementation on the feedback from the shoppers and inform this to them, it can actually change their bad experience into a good one. This not only helps to bring back the miffed customers, but also motivates them to stay with your brand for a longer period of time.

4. It facilitates increased Customer Engagement

Customer Feedback helps to boosts Customer Engagement. When you ask for feedback from your customers, it conveys a message that you care for them and their opinion matters to you. This builds a trust among the customers and they get involved in your business by providing you feedback and suggestions for your retail business.

When you follow their suggestions and make business decisions according to them and inform them, it further increases their Customer Loyalty and engagement in your business.

5. It helps to make improvements in your products and services.

A Customer Feedback Retailing Software helps to capture Customer Feedback that enables you to know what your customers feel and how they perceive the products and services provided by you. This helps to know the strengths and weaknesses of your business and how you can work on them.

When you get to know such aspects, you focus on maintaining the quality of positive aspects of your business and helps you work on the negative aspects. This helps you in overall improvement in your products and services which helps you business to grow.

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Nikhil Dawer

Written by Nikhil Dawer

Oct 22, 2020

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