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Employee Survey Templates

Ask the right questions to your employees with our employee survey templates and receive their honest feedback about their workplace experiences. Build positive employee relations and a positive work environment by working on the feedback provided.

Employee Onboarding Survey Form

Collect employee opinion about the recruitment process and first day at the workplace with this employee onboarding survey form.

Employee Training Survey Template

Use this employee training survey template and collect employee feedback about the ongoing training.

Employee Exit Survey Form Template

Send this employee exit survey form template to understand the honest opinion of your employee regarding your company

Employee Net Promoter Score Survey Form

Distribute this employee net promoter score survey form in your organization and employee NPS scores.

Cafeteria Food Survey Template

Use this cafeteria food survey template and collect employee feedback on office cafeteria.

Supervisor Performance Evaluation Survey Form

Collect honest feedback from subordinates with this supervisor performance evaluation survey form.

HR employee survey template

Want to know about your employee’s experience, challenges and satisfaction at the workplace? Use this Employee Survey template and get a closer look at the work life of your employees.

Change the way you take surveys & feedbacks

Use Zonka’s rich pre-made survey form template gallery to start taking feedbacks and surveys in minutes. Use right out of the box or customize fully. Start today!

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