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7 Best Fulcrum Alternatives & Competitors

Fulcrum stands out as one of the best location-based data collection tools; however, this specialty is less useful when it comes to collecting data through surveys, forms, and more.

Fortunately, there are numerous alternatives available today that cater to a diverse range of data collection techniques, methods, and data types. If you're also searching for the best tools to collect feedback then we've got you covered.

In this blog, we have shared a list of 7 best Fulcrum alternatives that can help you to enhance your feedback collection process.


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#1. Zonka Feedback

As one of the top Fulcrum alternatives, Zonka Feedback is the best data collection tool that enables users to collect data with its surveys and feedback forms. Using its offline surveys, users and enterprises can quickly collect customer feedback digitally, and monitor the results in real-time. Apart from creating contact forms and capturing leads, the platform is a go-to option for many world-class brands to collect customer feedback at events, exhibitions, conferences, and trade shows.

Zonka Feedback- Google form altZonka Feedback Features

  • Capture data on iPads, Android Tablets, iPhones, Smartphones, and kiosk mode

  • Use market research tools for offline survey platform

  • Survey builder to help create a survey from scratch or use templates

  • Make surveys dynamic using skip logic, Hide Logic, Answer Piping


The offline survey starts at $15/month and the CX platform starts at $49/month. You can also try Zonka Feedback for free for 7 days or take a free monthly plan.

#2. Forms on fire

With Forms on fire, one can quickly collect feedback from clients as its drag-and-drop functionality makes it easy to collect data. This cloud-based digital tool gives users easy ways to collect data from clients with aesthetically pleasing form designs.

Forms on fire- data collection toolForms on fire Features

  • Can recreate checklists, inspections, audits, and more with the designer

  • Drag and drop question fields to create your forms

  • See what mobile form templates will look like on mobile devices with a quick sync


The essential plan starts at $20/month.

#3. Jotform

Jotform is the ideal choice for users who wish to create personalized surveys and questionnaires to collect data from participants. In comparison to Fulcrum, Jotform provides a template library that covers an extensive range of forms commonly used by individuals and organizations in their daily operations.

Jotform-Google form alt

Jotform Features

  • Enhance forms with integration of a variety of feedback widgets, apps integration, and integrations
  • It offers HIPAA-compliant request forms for secure healthcare access and data collection
  • Create forms effortlessly using a user-friendly, streamlined drag-and-drop interface


The essential plan service starts at $34/month.

#4. Magpi

Magpi is a mobile-centric tool, specialized for data collection forms to track application that empowers users to complete forms using any device. The platform offers full access to a broad spectrum of tracking functionalities, enabling users to tag various categories of data points, including images, signatures, barcodes, and geolocation information.

Magpi-Data collection tool

Magpi Features

  • Optimize your team’s productivity with our no-code integrations into thousands of online survey tools

  • Simply create forms using an easy web-based interface

Pricing: The basic plan starts at $250/month.

#5. GoCanvas

Another top Fulcrum alternative is GoCanvas which allows users to collect data using field surveys, even without access to an internet connection. Users can create and customize digital forms tailored to their specific tasks and data collection needs.

GoCanvas-Data Collection tool

GoCanvas Features

  • Manage all facets of your business from the palms of your hands

  • Get a library of 30,000+ pre-built forms, intuitive drag-and-drop feature

Pricing: You need to get in touch with their sales team to learn about the pricing plan.

#6. Paperform

Paperform is one of the best Fulcrum alternatives, allowing small businesses to simplify the process of gathering information while automating manual processes. This data collection platform empowers users to effortlessly gather relevant information to ensure that their customers create forms and product pages.

Paperforms-Google Forms alt

Paperform Features

  • Get powerful built-in analytics to help improve conversions and collect more data

  • Data collected in Paperform is stored in the cloud and is protected by SSL

Pricing: The essential plan price starts at $20/month.

#7. SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey is a well-known online survey platform that simplifies the process of collecting data and conducting research. Being one of the best data collection tools, the platform offers an easy-to-use interface and extensive features, making it a top-choice for small businesses and individuals seeking effortless collecting data.

SurveyMonkey-Google form alt

SurveyMonkey Features

  • Use multiple channels, including email surveys, website surveys, and social media, to reach a broader audience.

  • Leverage advanced reporting features like data trend analysis and custom charting.

Pricing: You need to contact the sales team, and service team to learn about their pricing plan.

Wrapping Up

All these field data collection tools are cost-effective and user-friendly solutions; however, select the one that suits your organization and business needs.

If you are still not sure which software platform to choose, you can take Zonka Feedback's 7-day free trial. Take advantage of the key features of this cost-effective software platform, gather feedback, and get started today!

Nivedita Nayak

Written by Nivedita Nayak

Nov 16, 2023

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