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Get better Survey Response Rate by avoiding these mistakes

When you create a survey, you ensure each detail is just right, you make sure every question is relevant, and you make certain that it goes out to all the right people. With all of that work you are putting in, shouldn’t you be getting more survey responses than you currently are? The answer to that is yes! There are simple mistakes or items that may be overlooked that will cause your customers to either not respond, or abandon their survey. Here are a few of the most common mistakes, and how to fix them to increase survey response rate.

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Typos are any company’s worst enemy. Unfortunately, there are many people that will look at those typos as a poor reflection of your business, and may even rate your score lower for that misplaced comma. One of the best ways to avoid those kinds of scenarios is by having several people read and edit those questions until you have a polished copy. Hiring a professional never hurts either.

Making the Survey too Long

Getting in-depth feedback is something every company wants, but when it moves into interrogation territory, it is going way too far. When creating your survey, a good mix of open-ended questions, multiple choice, or even rating scales will help you get those most out of your questions. We suggest you keep open-ended questions to the minimum possible. Try to keep surveys under two minutes to complete to get better survey response rate.

Asking Needless Questions

Review your survey to ensure that you're not asking silly questions; ones that don't make any business sense to you as well. When you are looking for responses, keep the questions focused on one theme, from customer service, satisfaction, and so on and see an instant increase in your survey response rate.

Scattered Questions

One of the biggest deterrents for a customer is when the questions jump around. Try to group them together as it will help the customer recall their experience faster and easier than if you asked about various parts at different parts of the survey. Not only does this help boost your responses, it will allow you to quickly identify where your company is doing well, and where it may need some extra attention.

Including mandatory questions

Not all questions may be important for your survey. Try and keep questions as non-mandatory in your survey. Think of this, customers only tend to skip questions that they either don't want to disclose or don't have strong opinions about. By making it mandatory, you're either inviting junk data or discouraging them to complete the survey.

Lack of Branding

A very common, yet costly mistake thousands of companies make is not branding their surveys! There are multiple reasons as to why a company needs to have their logo, tagline, and other images relating to their business on the survey. The biggest reason is if you customer had a genuine terrific experience, then you want to have your brand in their mind. While they may not remember your name, they are statically proven to remember your logo. On the other hand, a person who may have had a negative experience, can tell you what needs to be improved, and can even be enticed back to the company through an effective survey.

Crafting surveys to get optimal results is a task every company should devote themselves to. Understanding your customers, and their experiences will allow you to grow and thrive in the ever-changing market. Get an effective tool to capture feedback and avoid these mistakes to ensure getting better survey response rate for your surveys.

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Team Zonka

Written by Team Zonka

Mar 05, 2015

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