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Collect & Measure Visitor Experience with Feedback Widgets

Use Zonka Feedback to gather visitor feedback and make data-driven decisions. Customize the look and feel of the website feedback widget and personalize survey questions to collect feedback at every touchpoint.

Website Feedback Widget

Top 20 Website Feedback Widgets to Collect Feedback

Feedback is the compass guiding every successful business through the maze of customer satisfaction, and website feedback plays a vital role in this journey. Studies show that 42% of users will leave a website due to poor functionality, and 88% are unlikely to return after a bad experience.

In today's digital age, understanding your website's pulse is crucial. Picture this: understanding what triggers a sale, identifying the challenges preventing transactions, and unlocking the magic that keeps users glued—these are the gems hidden in website feedback.

To listen to the voice of customers closely, what you need is a website feedback widget that empowers you to listen, engage, and respond in real-time without the hassle of coding surveys into your website. They're not just tools; they're your secret gateway to decoding the needs, preferences, and desires of your website visitors.

In this blog, we will unveil the 20 best website feedback widgets that can help you unlock your website's untapped potential. We will also explore its importance, types, considerations for feedback widgets and use cases across industries. Let's get started!


  • A website feedback widget is an interactive element embedded within web pages to gather user insights that enhance user experience and inform website improvements.

  • There are various types of website feedback widget that includes feedback button, popup surveys, and slideout surveys among others.

  • They are used across industries like SaaS to improve software products, e-commerce for measuring product experience, healthcare to gather patient feedback, and financial service to refine customer experience.

  • Some of the best website feedback widgets tools include Zonka Feedback, Qualtrics, SurveyMonkey, Hotjar, and AskNicely among others.

  • Zonka Feedback is one of the most effective feedback widgets tools that can help you deploy customizable and engaging user surveys of all types through its feedback widgets on websites. Sign up for a free trial or schedule a demo to collect website feedback, analyze incoming feedback, take action and close the feedback loop.

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What is a Website Feedback Widget?

A website feedback widget is an interface element or a snippet placed on a website to gather opinions, suggestions, and comments from visitors. It typically appears as a small tab or button fixed to the side or bottom of a webpage, inviting users to provide feedback about their experience on the site.

It can be easily embedded into your live website without any coding or technical skills required. You can add a website feedback widget to NPS surveys, CSAT surveys, 1 to 5 rating scale surveys, bug reporting surveys, product feedback, and more for analyzing user feedback.

Why is Website Feedback Widget Important?

Here are some reasons why you must consider website feedback widgets for your business:

  • Capture Testimonials and User Reviews: User ratings and online reviews, collected through in-app feedback using widgets, provide valuable social proof, influencing other potential customers' decisions and contributing to building trust in the product or service.

  • Evaluate Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty: Utilizing surveys like customer satisfaction surveys, NPS surveys with a feedback widget helps to gauge customer satisfaction levels and understanding loyalty, guiding your business in addressing concerns and retaining customers.

  • Identify and Resolve Issues: Feedback widgets enable users to provide bug reports or suggest improvements, helping you to promptly address these concerns and improve the website or product from the user's perspective.

  • Facilitate Feature Enhancement: Allowing users to suggest new features or improvements through feedback widgets empowers your business to gather ideas directly from their user base, helping in feature prioritization and development.

Types of Feedback Widgets to Collect Feedback

Here are some feedback widget examples that can help you decide what would work best for your requirements:

1. Feedback Button

The website feedback button, placed strategically across web pages, allows customized survey access, providing continuous, unobtrusive feedback without crowding the interface or requiring any additional integration within the system, unlike the feedback plugin. It’s versatile and serves various purposes:

  • Website Usability Feedback: To capture user insights on website experience, from navigation to overall UX.

  • Product or In-App Feedback: Gather unsolicited opinions or suggestions about products or app usage.

  • Lead Capture: Utilize customizable user feedback buttons for capturing user details seamlessly, enhancing branding and attention capture.

Website Feedback Widgets Feedback Button

2. Popup Survey

Website popup surveys are among the most popular ways to collect customer feedback aimed at collecting event-specific or user-specific content on a website. They appear as forms within the website interface and serve specific functions tailored to user behavior. Use them to get:

  • Time-Based Feedback: To trigger surveys after specific durations and capture genuine impressions, such as engaging users after 5 minutes on the website.

  • Exit Intent Feedback: Understand reasons behind incomplete actions, like abandoned purchases, by prompting exit-intent surveys before users leave the website.

  • Post-Transaction/Event Feedback: Solicit feedback post-interaction, be it a purchase, newsletter sign-up, or other transactions, to gather insights on varying user experiences.

Feedback Widgets Popup Survey

3. Slideout Survey

A slideout survey is designed to slide out from the side of the screen without taking up the entire screen space. Most website builders allow for easy integration. Use them to collect:

  • Post-Transaction Feedback: Place slideout surveys strategically, such as on the order completion page, to gather feedback immediately after a transaction.

  • Exit Intent Feedback: Engage users before they leave the website, capturing unsolicited feedback and understanding the reasons behind their exit.

  • Generic Feedback: Deploy slideout surveys on the homepage or across various pages to capture general feedback or suggestions, aiding in collecting both generic and page-specific insights.

Website Feedback Widgets Slideout

Use Case of Feedback Widgets

Some use cases for feedback widgets include:

  • SaaS: Utilizing feedback widgets to collect user suggestions and opinions helps in iterating and improving the software. This can lead to higher user satisfaction and increased retention rates.

  • E-commerce: In E-commerce, feedback widgets can be used to collect customer feedback on products and shopping experiences, conduct market research surveys to grasp market trends and request contact forms for enhancing personalization efforts.

  • Healthcare: Feedback widgets can help to collect patient feedback on services, facilities, and healthcare experiences and enhance the overall patient journey.

  • Financial Services: Allowing clients to provide feedback on banking services, online transactions, or customer support interactions through feedback widgets helps in refining service quality.

  • Tourism: Feedback widgets allow travelers to provide real-time feedback on their user journey, encompassing aspects such as accommodations, tours, transportation, and attractions so that companies can fine-tune their services.

15 Best Website Feedback Widgets to Collect User Feedback

Although there are multiple website survey software out there that offer feedback widgets for collecting user feedback, let us look at the best website feedback widgets tools that can help you create customer feedback forms and get customer insights.

1. Zonka Feedback

Zonka Feedback is an intuitive feedback widget tool for websites and mobile apps. Its code-free survey builder enables effortless survey creation, facilitating seamless survey execution and robust feedback analysis for extracting reliable customer data to enhance overall brand experiences.

Top Features

  • Collect user feedback using feedback widgets like feedback button, popup surveys, popover surveys, slide-up surveys, and bottom bar options for varied and non-intrusive feedback collection methods.

  • Create surveys using 100+ customizable survey templates and 30+ question types to capture various types of customer feedback including CX metric surveys like Net Promoter Score, Customer Satisfaction Score, and Customer Effort Score.

  • Conduct surveys in over 30 languages, catering to a diverse user base and ensuring inclusivity in collecting feedback.

  • Optimize surveys for mobile devices, providing a seamless and user-friendly feedback experience across different screen sizes.

  • Segment users based on behavior and demographics to offer tailored feedback requests and customize survey displays based on user responses, ensuring a personalized feedback experience.

  • Access advanced reporting and analytics tools for in-depth analysis of feedback data, facilitating actionable insights for enhancing customer experiences.

  • Seamlessly integrate with various business tools and platforms for streamlined data flow and unified feedback management.


  • Starts at $49/month.

  • Free trial and free basic plan are also available.Website Feedback Widget Zonka Feedback

2. Qualtrics

Qualtrics offers a free website feedback widget, enabling the addition of interactive forms at crucial moments in the customer journey. Leveraging easy reporting and analysis features, Qualtrics helps maximize insights from website visitor data.

Top Features

  • Allows for up to 500 responses, offering ample data collection for analysis and decision-making.

  • Provides concise summary reports with filtering options for streamlined data analysis.

  • Offers predictive analysis tools to forecast trends and behaviors based on collected feedback.

  • Wide variety of pre-built survey templates and question types catering to different feedback needs.


  • Contact their team to get pricing information.

  • Free trial is available.Website Feedback Widgets Tools Qualtrics

If you find that this software is a bit expensive for your budget, you can check out Qualtrics alternatives that have similar tools to meet your needs.

3. SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey serves as one of the most versatile feedback tools, offering a robust platform for creating surveys and collecting diverse feedback from users. Its user-friendly interface simplifies collecting feedback for comprehensive insights.

Top Features

  • Provides extensive customization options for surveys, including various question types and design elements, enhancing user engagement.

  • Allows surveys to be distributed across multiple channels like websites, emails, and social media, maximizing feedback reach.

  • Offers powerful analytics tools for in-depth insights into customer data, aiding in informed decision-making for website improvements.

  • Enables team collaboration on survey creation and analysis, streamlining feedback management processes for businesses.


  • Paid plans start at $18.60/month.

  • Free trial and free basic plan are available.Website Feedback Widget SurveyMonkey

You can also look at these SurveyMonkey alternatives if you think the tool has integration constraints with various software. 

4. Hotjar

Hotjar stands as a powerful website feedback widget, offering a comprehensive suite of tools to understand user behavior and gather actionable insights. Its user-centric approach enables businesses to optimize their websites based on valuable feedback.

Top Features

  • Heatmaps, session recordings, and funnel analysis provide deep insights into user interactions, aiding in website optimization.

  • Customizable surveys, polls, and feedback forms allow for targeted feedback gathering, enabling businesses to address specific user concerns.

  • In-depth analytics and reporting tools offer detailed data visualization, empowering informed decision-making for website enhancements.

  • Capability to recruit testers and gather user feedback for comprehensive usability testing, facilitating tailored improvements.


  • Paid plans begin at $32/month.

  • Free basic plan with limited features such as heatmaps and survey creation.Website Feedback Widget Hotjar

This software offers limited targeting and segmentation, hence you can check out Hotjar alternatives if that feature matters the most to your business requirements. 

5. Typeform

Typeform is a dynamic website feedback survey widget known for its interactive and engaging forms that effortlessly capture customer feedback. Its user-friendly interface facilitates seamless data collection and analysis.

Top Features

  • Interactive, conversational forms with multimedia capabilities make filling the feedback form more enjoyable and insightful for users.

  • Smart form features enable conditional logic and dynamic questioning based on user responses, ensuring a personalized feedback-gathering experience.

  • Customizable designs and templates allow you to align feedback forms with their branding, enhancing user experience.

  • Robust analytics tools provide comprehensive insights, including completion rates and response trends, helping in data-driven decision-making for website improvements.


  • Paid plans start at $25/month.

  • Free basic plan with limited features available.Website Feedback Widget Typeform

If you feel that this software doesn't offer in-depth data analysis and customizations, you can check out Typeform alternatives to find the tool that fits your needs. 

6. AskNicely

AskNicely serves as a specialized website feedback widget known for its focus on customer experience, utilizing Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys to gather actionable insights and drive improvements.

Top Features:

  • Utilize Net Promoter Score methodology to gauge customer loyalty and satisfaction, providing clear metrics for feedback analysis and improvement tracking.

  • Automated workflows streamline feedback gathering, allowing for real-time insights and timely responses to customer sentiments.

  • Seamlessly integrates feedback data with CRM systems to trigger feedback requests related to specific events or time for a holistic view of customer interactions and sentiment analysis.

  • Detailed reporting and analytics offer in-depth insights into trends and performance, aiding in targeted improvements and decision-making for enhanced customer experiences.


Contact their team to get pricing information.Website Feedback Widget AskNicely

If you are running a small business and are looking for a website feedback widget tool that doesn't sit heavy on your pocket, you can check out AskNicely alternatives

7. Emojics

Emojics stands out as a dynamic website feedback widget that leverages emojis and reactions to collect user sentiments effectively. Its visually engaging interface simplifies collecting feedback for enhanced customer engagement.

Top Features

  • Uses emojis for gathering feedback quickly and intuitively, allowing users to express sentiments easily.

  • Tailors reactions and emojis to match specific feedback categories, providing more nuanced insights.

  • Provides instant insights into user sentiments with real-time analytics, enabling immediate responses to feedback.

  • Seamlessly integrates with various platforms and tools, including CRMs and analytics software, for comprehensive feedback management and analysis.


Starts at $14/monthWebsite Feedback Widget Emojics

8. Informizely

Informizely is a feedback tool that offers interactive surveys and targeted feedback collection to gain valuable insights from website visitors. Its adaptable features facilitate data-driven decision-making for optimized user experiences.

Top Features

  • Creates targeted popups, email surveys, website surveys, and integrated surveys to gather specific feedback from visitors, helping in targeted improvements.

  • Targets specific user segments with tailored surveys based on behavior, optimizing feedback collection for different user groups.

  • Triggers exit intent surveys, capturing valuable feedback from users at crucial moments, potentially reducing bounce rates.


  • Starts at $50/month

  • Free trial availableFeedback Widgets Informizely

9. Saber Feedback

Saber Feedback serves as a versatile customer experience software that allows users to submit visual feedback by highlighting issues on websites, and providing actionable insights through annotated screenshots.

Top Features

  • Visual issue annotation enables you to 'draw' on websites to pinpoint specific issues, providing clear visual references for quick fixes.

  • Allows users to capture snapshots of website problems for comprehensive issue identification.

  • Offers 14 form field types including emoji rating and logic-based forms, ensuring tailored feedback collection.

  • Enables easy feedback incorporation into various systems like email, helpdesk tools, or project management tool for efficient issue resolution.


  • Starts at $49/month.

  • Free trial available.Website Feedback Widget Saber Feedback

10. Feedbackify

Feedbackify is another feedback tool that offers a user-friendly platform empowering the creation of custom feedback forms through a drag-and-drop editor. It facilitates anonymous customer feedback from site visitors, ensuring increased response rates and data privacy protection.

Top Features

  • Design tailored feedback forms effortlessly with a drag-and-drop form builder, ensuring easy customization.

  • Collect instant feedback from website visitors using the Feedbackify widget or a text link, enhancing user engagement.

  • Gather feedback through embedded text links on websites or emails, expanding customer feedback collection channels for comprehensive insights.

  • Access and manage collected feedback conveniently through the Feedbackify dashboard, streamlining data analysis and decision-making.


  • Basic plan starts at $19/month.

  • Free trial available.Feedback Widgets Feedbackify

11. Survicate

Survicate is one of the most popular feedback tools that present an embeddable user feedback button adaptable for Android, iOS apps, or websites, streamlining feedback capture with customization options for engaging interactions and multilingual support.

Top Features

  • Run targeted surveys via email, link, chat, websites, web apps, or mobile apps for different user demographics.

  • Over 125+ customizable survey templates and 15+ question types like NPS, CES, and CSAT enable tailored surveys with brand-centric customization for enhanced engagement.

  • Seamless integration with various software, including email and marketing automation tools, ensuring comprehensive feedback management across platforms.

  • Access a dedicated dashboard for customer experience tracking, providing detailed filtering options and per-respondent analysis for actionable insights.


  • Starts at $53/month.

  • Free trial available.Feedback Widgets Survicate

If you are looking for advanced features on a budget, consider checking out these Survicate alternatives for your business requirements. 

12. Marker.io

Marker.io stands as a visual feedback tool that helps in collecting bug reports through direct identification of website issues through annotations and customizable bug reporting templates. It seamlessly integrates feedback into the issue tracker for centralized management across different website environments.

Top Features

  • Allows visual bug identification through direct annotations on websites to pinpoint issues visually, enhancing precision in bug reporting.

  • Tailor bug reporting templates for personalized bug tracking, aligning with specific business requirements for enhanced customization.

  • Integrates seamlessly with issue trackers, consolidating incoming feedback across local, staging, and live websites for streamlined management.

  • Enables non-disruptive way to collect honest feedback, avoiding intrusive pop-ups or exit intent frames, ensuring a smooth user experience.


  • Starts at $39/month.

  • Free trial available.Feedback Widgets Marker.io

13. GetFeedback

GetFeedback is among the popular customer feedback tools that offers a versatile feedback widget allowing contextual ways to collect feedback across the customer journey. It enables personalized surveys triggered by various events, while customization options including logos, fonts, and colors to enhance engagement.

Top Features

  • Create branded user feedback buttons and surveys personalized with logos, fonts, colors, and custom URLs.

  • Embed surveys on websites or apps, share via text messages or social media, or send emails directly or through integrated email service providers.

  • Customize survey logic, greetings, and personalize interactions, ensuring tailored feedback experiences for users.

  • Utilize advanced targeting capabilities to prompt real-time website feedback based on user behavior and demographics, enhancing feedback relevance.


  • Contact their sales team to get pricing information.

  • Free trial is available.Feedback Widgets GetFeedback

If you think this software doesn't have enough customization options, you can check out GetFeedback alternatives to find your required tool. 

14. Mopinion

Mopinion is one of the most popular website feedback tools enabling centralized collection, analysis, and segmentation of online customer feedback. It features an intuitive interface for diverse feedback form creation and feedback button customization, with robust analytical tools for visually represented and fully customizable customer data.

Top Features

  • Design customizable feedback surveys using a drag-and-drop interface, featuring various modes like slide-in forms, modals, or embedded options to collect customer feedback.

  • Collect visual feedback by allowing users to point and click on-page elements, providing precise insights into reported issues or suggestions.

  • Create feedback forms that are customizable and display on-page, facilitating contextual customer feedback gathering directly within the user experience.

  • Use a single lightweight script for all feedback buttons, ensuring streamlined integration and management of feedback tools.


Starts at $284/month.

Website Feedback Widget Mopinion

15. Medallia

Medallia stands as an all-inclusive and one of the best enterprise feedback tools offering comprehensive insights beyond traditional customer feedback surveys, encompassing the entire customer journey. It has website feedback widgets alongside a multitude of other features, ensuring you gather detailed feedback from your website visitors.

Top Features

  • Analyze sales and customer support calls for nuanced insights through speech analysis, providing deeper understanding and improvement opportunities.

  • Uncover frustrations and usability issues via heatmaps and click analysis, identifying precise areas needing enhancement within the user experience.

  • Gather insights from various social platforms and third-party reviews, consolidating feedback from diverse sources for holistic analysis.

  • Incorporate video feedback for enriched insights, allowing users to convey feedback more comprehensively than traditional text-based responses.


Contact their team to get pricing information.Website Feedback Widget Medallia

While the initial setup of this software can be a hassle, you can check out Medallia alternatives for an easy onboarding requirement of your feedback widgets tool. 

Top Free Feedback Widgets to Collect Customer Feedback

While many feedback widget tools mentioned in the above list were free for use, here are some that offer complimentary access to essential features for gathering customer feedback.

Zonka Feedback's free basic plan includes fully customizable surveys, including CX metric surveys like NPS, CSAT, and CES. It also offers multilingual surveys, web embeds, microsurveys, survey distribution through web widgets, white-labeling, response tagging, snapshot reporting, segmentation, and integrations with apps such as Slack, Zapier, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and more.

1. Userback

Userback is a feedback widget that focuses on capturing visual feedback, allowing users to easily annotate screenshots and provide detailed feedback on websites or applications.

Top Features

  • Capture annotated screenshots with precise feedback

  • Collect feedback on live websites or prototypes

  • Collaborate with team members and clients in real-time

  • Integrate feedback directly into popular project management tools

Website Feedback Widgets - Userback

2. Appzi

Appzi provides customizable website feedback widgets, allowing you to create buttons and surveys that match your brand. It offers a range of customization options, making it easy to create feedback forms that suit your needs.

Top Features

  • Customize feedback widgets with your brand's colors, icons, and logo

  • Create surveys and forms for product feedback, website feedback, and more

  • Easily embed widgets into your website with a simple copy-and-paste code

  • Receive feedback and responses in real-time for quick action

Website Feedback Widget - Appzi

3. UserEcho

UserEcho is a comprehensive customer feedback tool that goes beyond widgets, offering a knowledge base, forum, helpdesk, and live chat. It provides a platform for customers to leave feedback, comment, and vote, all while providing comprehensive analytics.

Top Features

  • Create a centralized hub for FAQs and helpful articles.

  • Allow customers to leave feedback, comment, and vote on ideas.

  • Provide real-time support to website visitors through live chat

  • Organize and prioritize customer support tickets effectively through ticketing system.

feedback widget for website - userecho

4. Crowdsignal

Crowdsignal is a versatile website feedback widget tool that enables you to embed widgets on your website for continuous feedback collection. It also allows you to share interactive polls, surveys, and quizzes easily, even via email, without requiring users to leave their inbox.

Top Features

  • Easily embed widgets on your website to collect feedback continuously.

  • Share polls that users can fill out from anywhere, including email.

  • Engage and educate your audience with interactive quizzes.

  • Gain insights from feedback and survey responses with robust data analysis tools.

  • Connect Crowdsignal with your existing tools for seamless data sharing and analysis.

Feedback widget for website - Crowdsignal

5. Ruttl

Ruttl is a visual feedback tool designed for new websites, offering precise and detailed customer reviews to enhance user experience. Easily collect feedback by sharing links to web pages and allow customers to provide honest feedback without the need for sign-ups.

Top Features

  • Integrate with 3000+ apps using Zapier for a seamless workflow.

  • Clients can leave comments without the need for sign-ups.

  • Request feedback on web pages, images, and PDFs.

  • Receive feedback on web apps without requiring logins.

  • Access an open Slack channel for prompt customer support, regardless of plan.

Website feedback widget- Ruttl

What to Consider While Selecting the Feedback Widget?

When selecting a feedback widget, consider the following factors to ensure it meets your needs and enhances user engagement:

  • Placement: Choose a widget placement that is easily noticeable but unobtrusive, such as a side tab or bottom bar.

  • Design: Select a design that aligns with your brand's aesthetics and is visually appealing to users.

  • Customization: Look for widgets that offer customization options, such as color, size, and branding, to match your website or application.

  • Interaction: Consider how users will interact with the widget and ensure it provides a seamless experience, such as easy access to the feedback form.

  • Targeting: Choose a widget that allows you to target specific user segments or pages to gather relevant feedback.

  • Behavior: Decide on the widget's behavior, such as when it appears (e.g., on page load, after scrolling) and how it behaves after submission (e.g., closes automatically, remains open).

  • Integration: Ensure the widget can be easily integrated into your website or application without requiring extensive development work.

How to Create a Feedback Widget with Zonka Feedback?

Creating a feedback widget with Zonka Feedback is a simple process that can be completed in five easy steps. Here's how you can do it:

Step 1: Sign up for Zonka Feedback free trial and login into your account using your credentials.

Step 2: Click on 'Add Survey' and select among survey templates that align with your survey goals

Free Website Feedback Widgets - Zonka Feedback Templates

Step 3: Select 'Website and Web Apps' as your survey distribution method and choose your website widget

feedback widget for website - survey distribution

Step 4: Choose among the available feedback widgets and click on 'Continue'

  • Side Tab: Also known as feedback button, it is displayed on the side of a website or application that users can click to open a feedback form.

    free website feedback widget - side tab
  • Popup: Provides a fixed or floating feedback widget on the website for users to easily access and participate in the survey.

    Free website feedback widgets - popup
  • Popover: Similar to a popup survey but typically appears as a small button that opens into a survey, a less intrusive window on the website.

    Feedback widget for website - Popover
  • Bottom Bar: It is a fixed or floating bar at the bottom of the website, prompting users to participate in the survey.

    Free website feedback widgets - bottom bar
  • Slide Up: Presents the survey as a sliding panel from the bottom of the website, engaging users without interrupting their browsing experience.

    Website Feedback Widget - Slide up

Step 5: Your survey with a feedback widget will be ready once you configure your feedback widget by adjusting available features in the editor and clicking on 'Done'.

  • Appearance: Choose survey size, include welcome screen, dismiss button, auto-close on submission

    website feedback widgets - appearance
  • Targeting: Select devices (desktop, mobile, tablet), specify pages for survey launch, target specific users

    website feedback widget - targeting
  • Behavior: Decide when the feedback widget appears (after scroll, after time, on exit), choose display settings (once, until submission, every time)

    website feedback widget - behavior
  • Segment: Define user groups for survey visibility and exclusions

    website feedback widgets - segmenting


Selecting the right customer feedback widget is not just about having a tool; it's about precision, understanding, and responsiveness. The ideal feedback widget aligns seamlessly with your needs—be it gathering feedback responses effortlessly, tracking user feedback effectively, or collaborating seamlessly with your team.

Zonka Feedback is an effective survey software that goes beyond a mere widget. With its suite of functionalities like survey creation, sharing across multiple channels, user segmentation, workflow automation, reporting and analytics, this feedback widget tool doesn't just collect feedback; it refines it into actionable insights by closing the feedback loop.

Sign up for a 14-day free trial now and see how it works for your business!


Written by Kanika

Mar 21, 2024

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