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How to get Customer Feedback for Restaurants during COVID-19 Pandemic?

May 24, 2023

Every corner of the world is suffering from the impact of the global pandemic caused by COVID-19 (Corona Virus). Major industries have been suffering a downfall since months especially travel and hospitality industry has seen a major setback due to the pandemic situation.

Although food is the basic and essential need of people but when we talk about restaurants, they are bearing the impact of this epidemic in multiple ways. Mandatory shutdowns imposed by the government in many countries and the people resisting to go out of their homes have affected restaurant business adversely.

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Are you one of those in the restaurant business who are going through these tough times? Don't worry, facing challenges develops your strength and teaches you new ways to work.

Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful - Joshua J.Marine

Despite suffering such a downfall in business, the positive thing is that providing food is an essential service and this will keep your business running. All you need to is to focus on the services which you can carry on during this outbreak along with following the guidelines by the government. You should concentrate on providing maximum Customer Satisfaction even during this hard time.

Satisfying your Customers

Here are some tips to satisfy your customers which can keep your restaurant business running and save you from a major setback even in this major pandemic.

  • Focus on Home Delivery of your products, as this is the only option left in this shutdown. Concentrate on providing best home delivery service.
  • Take special care of hygiene. Ensure regular sanitization of your premises, especially kitchen and delivery vehicles.
  • Train your staff for maintaining special hygiene, whether it is your kitchen staff, cleaning staff or delivery staff.
  • Maintain the best quality and taste of food you are delivering. Even if you are delivering limited dishes in your menu nowadays, never compromise on food quality and taste.
  • Inform the customers through websites, pamphlets and advertisement that you are ensuring special hygiene and doing your best to prevent coronavirus from spreading.
  • Always seek customers for feedback whenever an order is delivered.

Although, it is impossible to take on-premises feedback, you can still capture Restaurant Feedback in a variety of ways . Let's list them out.

How to get Restaurant Feedback during COVID-19 Pandemic?

  1. Send SMS Surveys
  2. Send Email Surveys
  3. Use QR Codes for taking feedback
  4. Popup Surveys on Website
  5. Social Media platforms

With the help of an effective Restaurant Survey Software, you can create beautiful and customized surveys in order to obtain Customer Feedback. Let's learn how you can distribute your surveys to obtain feedback.

1. Send SMS Surveys

SMS Surveys are a great way to gather Customer Feedback during this lockdown period without coming in direct contact with the customers. Whenever an order is delivered, an SMS survey can be sent to the customers after sometime like an hour.

Till that time, the customers would have enjoyed the food delivered to them and that would be the most appropriate time to seek customers for feedback. You can also send bulk SMS at the end of the day requesting for feedback to all the customers who ordered food from your restaurant in the whole day. Restaurant Survey Software nowadays help you in this purpose.

2. Send Email Surveys

Sending Email surveys is another method wherein you can collect Customer Feedback without requiring the customers to visit your restaurant or physically contacting you or your staff in any way. You can simply send emails to the customers with the survey links which should open within a second by a single click and the customers can easily take the survey.

You can also send embedded surveys within the emails wherein the customers would not have to click on the link to see survey questions. Rather, first question will be embedded in the email itself which the customers can answer with a single click and get the next question automatically. Embedded surveys are best in case of single question surveys.

3. Use QR Codes for taking feedback

Distributing QR Codes to the customers is also a good way to obtain Restaurant Feedback from your customers. QR codes consists of a number of black squares and dots representing a certain piece of information. These codes work like bar codes only.

You can print these QR codes on the delivery boxes or on the billing receipts along with a message requesting for feedback by scanning the code. When the customers scan these codes through their smart phones, they will get a survey form to be filled through their smartphones.

4. Popup Surveys on Website

A Pop-up survey is a feedback form displayed on your website. You can also take Restaurant Feedback from your customers on your website through popup surveys. Whenever someone visits a website, pop-ups will be displayed on the screen asking the visitors to provide feedback.

The visitors can easily open the pop-up survey with a single click and fill the feedback form. You can also invite customers on your website by providing them website name and link on the delivery boxes or receipts and requesting them for feedback through a small written message.

5. Social Media platforms

You cannot neglect the importance of social media platforms these days. In the recent years, use of social media has increased to a large extent. Most people are commonly using websites and apps like Facebook and Twitter and these websites have become a common place for the people to vent out their feelings.

So it has become necessary to make an official website page of your restaurant on these websites so that you can provide a platform to the customers to share their feedback. This will help you get your feedback from the customers in the form of reviews and comments. Make sure that you revert to every comment and take appropriate action on the feedback received whenever needed.

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Nikhil Dawer

Written by Nikhil Dawer

May 14, 2020

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