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Best Product Feedback Questions for Different Feedback Goals

Product feedback surveys are very critical if you're looking to derive valuable insights from your customers in terms of usability, functionality, appearance, etc. However, you must structure your surveys in such a way that you get insightful and the most authentic feedback. 

Survey questions are the core of every survey. When it comes to collecting Product Feedback, you must ensure that your survey questions ask the right questions that gauge the sentiments of the customers and go in-depth to find out what customers want and what they don’t.

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In this article, we will share the right Product Feedback Questions that you should use to collect customers’ feedback about products. Before we come to that, let us first explore why a product feedback tool is important for your business.

Importance of Product Feedback

  1. It helps to measure Customer Satisfaction
  2. It helps to improve the Customer Experience
  3. It enables you to be in line with the changes in customers' preferences
  4. It helps you stay ahead in the competition
  5. It helps to prevent churn

1. It helps to measure customer satisfaction

Product Feedback gives you real customer insights about your product and it tells you whether customers are happy with your product or not, and how much they are satisfied with the product. This valuable information guides you to take further actions and make crucial decisions like making changes in the product, adding or removing features, and more.

2. It helps to improve customer experience

Product or in-app feedback tools help product managers understand what it is about their product or app that users dissatisfied or satisfied with. The most definite feedback directly from customers, in turn, helps in working in the direction of improving the overall product experience. Feedback for products also tells what customers liked and what they disliked and guides you regarding the actions you should take to improve the overall customer experience.

3. It enables you to be in line with the changes in customer preferences

Customers’ expectations and preferences keep on changing with time and vary as per their own culture, and ethnicity. You may have a common understanding of your customers’ problems, but their priorities may have changed since they started. In-app user feedback lets you know those priorities and enables you to be in sync with them to satisfy your customers.

4. It helps you stay ahead in the competition

SaaS is a highly competitive market where a product can be successful only if you make it dynamic and keep on upgrading it as per the latest market trends and customer requirements. With the right Product Feedback, you can plan better regarding the development and changes in your product. This will help you stay ahead in the competitive market.

5. It helps to prevent churn

When you collect Product Feedback with the help of an effective product management tool with feedback surveys, and act on it making the right developments in the product, thereby improving customer experience; your customers get the feel of getting heard. When you make changes as per customers’ suggestions, it improves their experience drastically and prevents customer churn.

Now, when you have understood how Product Feedback is crucial for your business, Let’s explore some useful Product Feedback Questions that you can include in your surveys and derive the right information that is helpful for your business. You can directly use these questions as templates for your product feedback surveys and collect valuable information with them.

Product Feedback Questions you should ask in your Surveys

Before we discuss questions for different use cases in detail, you can go for this Product Feedback form template for customer feedback. You can also customize the survey to collect internal product feedback from your team members.


1. Post-Free Trial

You can send a Post-free trial survey to your leads to ask how satisfied they are with the experience of using your product on a free-trial basis. Product feedback questions you should ask them are:

How satisfied are you with the free trial of the product? (Rating Question)

Based on your trial experience with our product, how likely are you to buy this product?

  • Most Likely
  • Somewhat Likely
  • Not Likely

2. Post Demo

When you or your customer care executives share a demo with your leads, you can gauge the demo experience from your leads. You can ask these product feedback questions for this purpose:

How would you rate the demo you have just received? (CSAT Question)

Were you able to understand the working of the product through the demo?

How likely are you to try this product?

3. Marketing Attribution

Marketing Attribution questions are those that help you find how customers and leads discovered your product, brand, or organization. The question you can ask is:

How did you get to know about our product?

  • Friend or colleague
  • Internet Browsing
  • Televison
  • Others

4. Market Fit

Product Market Fit is the degree to which your product is able to satisfy good market demand. The question would be:

How would you feel if you could no longer use our product?

  • Very Disappointed
  • Somewhat Disappointed
  • Not Disappointed

For Customers

Now, when the leads get converted into customers, you need to ask different questions as per your product and the touchpoint at which you are taking the survey. Here are some useful product feedback questions that you can use to ask your customers in a Product Feedback Survey.

1. NPS Question

Net Promoter Score Survey is used to measure customer loyalty. The main question of the survey which is also known as The Ultimate Questions asks the likeliness of the customers to recommend a brand to others on a scale of 0 to 10. The question is:

How likely are you to recommend this product to your friends and colleagues? (Rating Options 0-10)

You can check out our NPS survey template here: 

NPS Product Feedback question


The question is also followed by an open-ended follow-up question asking the reason for the rating given by the customer. The follow-up question is:

Could you please share with us the reason for your rating?

NPS Product feedback questions for follow up on customer rating2. CSAT Question

Customer Satisfaction(CSAT) score is a CX metric that is used to measure the level of satisfaction of your customers with their experience with your products. In a CSAT survey question, the customers are asked to rate their experience on a 5-point scale. The answer options can be displayed in different ways like self-explanatory emoticons, star ratings, adjectives ranging from Excellent to Poor, and more.

The CSAT question is: 

Stars Rating Product Feedback Questions in CSAT Survey

If you wish to get started right away, you can check out our product purchase experience survey template which consists of CSAT question, open-ended question, and closed-ended questions for the most specific feedback. 


Further, you can customize website usability survey questions to get more detailed feedback in your product.  

3. CES Question

A Customer Effort Score Survey measures the customers’ perceived efforts to get a job done with your business. In a product feedback survey, you can ask CES questions in cases where customers face an issue with your product and approach your brand to resolve the same. 

For instance, if a customer faces a defect in the product, and raises an issue to avail the warranty for the same, or to exchange or return the product; you can ask CES questions to collect the customer’s feedback regarding the overall experience of getting the issue resolved. The question is:

To what extent do you agree or disagree with the following statement? "The company made it easy for me to handle my issues."

  • Extremely Disagree
  • Disagree
  • Somewhat Disagree
  • Neither Agree Nor Disagree
  • Somewhat Agree
  • Agree
  • Extremely Agree

CES Product Feedback Questions on tablet and mobile

4. Customer Churn

Customer Churn Survey is used when a customer wants to end the subscription to your product. The product feedback questions in this survey are aimed to find the why behind customer churn and prevent it if possible. The questions are:

We are sad to see you go. Could you please let us know the reason for ending thes subscription to our product?

  • It was hard to use
  • The price is too high
  • I found a better alternative
  • I don’t need it anymore
  • Others
  • Do you think we can do anything to make things better for you?
  • How would you rate the overall experience with our product? (Rating question)
  • We would be happy to know your suggestions so that we can make improvement to our product. (Open-ended question)

5. Product Review questions

These product feedback questions are used to collect customer reviews regarding the product with respect to various parameters. The questions would be:

  • How often do you use this product?
  • How would you rate the product in terms of ease of use?
  • How would you rate the product in terms of value for money?
  • What feature do you think we missed in the product?
  • How helpful was the product to accomplish your goals?

6. Bug Report

A Bug is an error or fault in a SaaS product. A Bug Report is a report that tells about what is going right and what is going wrong in a SaaS product.  When your customers face a bug, they report it. You can survey your customers asking about the bug and the experience of reporting and resolution. You can ask these questions:

  • How much did the bug affect your work?
  • Did you find the bug reporting process helpful?
  • Did you get the resolution in time?
  • How would you rate the overall experience of bug reporting and getting the issue resolved? (CSAT rating question)

7. New Feature Feedback

When you add a new feature to your product, it is important to survey your customers and collect their feedback with respect to the new feature. You should use product feedback questions like:

  • How was your experience with the newly added feature to the product? (CSAT rating question)
  • Are you able to use the newly added feature in the product?
  • Did you find the new feature helpful?
  • On the basis of your experience with the new feature, how likely are you to recommend this product to your friends and colleagues? (NPS rating 0-10)

8. Product Strengths and Weaknesses

These product feedback questions tell you what customers like and what they dislike. With the responses to these questions, you get an idea as to what’s working and what’s not and get to know the strengths and weaknesses of your product, so that you can work on improving the product by eliminating the weaknesses and maintaining the strengths. The questions would be:

  • What do you like the most about this product?
  • What do you dislike the most about this product?
  • Name one feature without which you would stop using the product.
  • Name one feature which you would like to remove from the product.


Product Feedback Surveys are crucial to the success of a SaaS product because it is essential for the product managers to know what customers really want if they want to satisfy them. Collecting product feedback from time to time with the right survey questions will help you find useful insights from your customers which will act as a guide to improving your product and make it upgrade it to better to stand in the competitive marketplace.

Zonka Feeback is a comprehensive Product Feedback Tool that enables you to create effective surveys to obtain actionable feedback from your customers and close the feedback loop effectively.

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Nikhil Dawer

Written by Nikhil Dawer

Jul 05, 2022

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