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What is the Best Time to Collect Customer Feedback?

What is the Best Time to Collect Customer Feedback?

There is an age-old question, “What is the best time to collect feedback from my customers?”, finally, the answer has been nailed down. The absolute best time to gather feedback is right now. Feedback is vital to your business, and it is important to get that information as soon as the customer has engaged with your company to get the most valuable feedback. The main reasons you need to be proactive about getting clients to complete a feedback survey are outlined for you below.

1. Keep the Experience Fresh

Companies need to be collecting feedback as soon as possible for the sole reason of the customer may be busy and could confuse their visit with your business and another. Being able to recall an event with clarity, a customer service agent, or even an employee all play a part in getting a score that allows you to improve. If you wait several weeks before sending out a survey, your client may have very well forgotten all about their visit with you!

2. Seek Opinion on Important Matters

While knowing about a customer’s experience is important, for most data, you want to be able to hone in on one aspect. It is important to remember that not every moment of the experience needs to be inquired about. Instead, you may ask about their visit on that day if they tried a particular product or the similar. Narrow your scope for more conclusive data.

3. Catch Them When They Are With You

Most often, customers will neglect to leave feedback just because it takes more time out of their day. Instead, if you approach the issue by simply asking your clients their current thoughts, through prompts or small pop-up surveys, you can quickly address issues before you negatively impact your customer satisfaction. For instance, in restaurants, hand over feedback capture tools to customers while they wait for their bill to be processed; in hotels, while they’re checking out; in spas after their spa experience is over and they’re enjoying a cup of tea in your lounge.

4. Collect Feedback Every Time, from Every One

When you are collecting feedback, you cannot be selective about who you collect it from and when. In order to get conclusive feedback, you must attempt to gather feedback from each and every customer you engage with, no matter the platform. Also, make sure that all of your surveys are consistent with each other. Not only will this make processing the data much easier, but you will also have a much clearer view of where your company is excelling, and where it could use some work.


Overall, collecting customer feedback is one of the single most important actions a business can take. The worst feedback you can get is no feedback at all, and the customer will typically want to share their experiences with you. When it comes to taking your business to the next level, be sure to collect customer feedback each and every time you engage with your clients.


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