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How to Collect Customer Feedback Instantly

How to Collect Customer Feedback Instantly

The most important people on which the success of your business depends are your customers. We all know that the needs and expectations of the customers are the basic reason for survival of any business. And if you are able to fulfill them, you can easily climb the ladder of success easily.

When your business is small, you get time and opportunity to connect and engage with most of your customers. You can easily talk to them face-to-face and get Customer Feedback in the form of real insights about their views, perceptions and satisfaction level with your products and services.

But when your business grows, it becomes difficult to engage with your customers to that extent. When your customer base increases, it is almost impossible to connect with each and every customer.

For instance, if you own a shop, you can be present there all day and get to see and interact with every customer visiting your shop. But when you have multiple retail outlets, it is not possible to be present at every branch.

In such cases, how will you connect with the customers and get insights? Well, you may not get an opportunity to connect face-to-face with every customer in such cases, but you can still get real insights from them in the form of Customer Feedback.

Wouldn't that be a great idea to conduct surveys for this purpose? When you conduct a survey with the help of an effective Survey Software, you can obtain feedback from the customers without contacting them personally.

Different Approaches to Survey the Customers

There are wide variety of approaches of sending surveys. From sending annual surveys to embedding mobile friendly website surveys, companies use different approaches to send surveys to their customers.

Many companies use annual surveys to know the position & goodwill of the company which is good but embedding mobile surveys can fetch you real-time data containing immediate feedback of the products and services used by the customer.

You don't need to stop your annual surveys or replace them, but to have an instant feedback from the customers, you should also focus on opportunities to gather feedback instantly.

Obtaining instant feedback can help you take immediate actions to improve and grow your business at a good pace. Lets list out some great ideas that can help you to collect Customer Feedback in an effective and quick way.

Ways to Collect Customer Feedback Instantly

  1. Gather Feedback in Face-to-face requests
  2. Make use of exit intent survey
  3. Take care of Timing of sending surveys
  4. Distribute post-purchase surveys
  5. Create mobile-friendly surveys

Let's review how you can implement these ways which can help you obtain instant Customer feedback.

1. Gather Feedback in Face-to-face requests

It may be not possible to take on-premises feedback of each customer face-to-face. But every time any of your team member interacts with a customer, you have a chance to collect different ideas from the customers.

You should train your employees to take benefit of such opportunities by interacting with customers. The views of the customers should be then documented in the form of comments.

With the help of a Survey Text Analysis feature of a good survey software, you can convert these comments into meaningful information and this can help you a lot in creating useful reports and analyzing the customer insights.

2. Make use of exit intent survey

Websites are a great way of receiving orders and fulfilling them through online platform. Then why don't use your website to ask feedback questions from your customers! You can do this through Exit Intent Surveys.

Exit Intent surveys are those which appear on exiting a website through small pop-ups appearing whenever a visitor exits a website. These pop-ups request the visitors to answer a few questions about their experience. The visitors can easily go to the survey in a single click and take the survey.

This is indeed a great way to gather real insights of the visitors instantly. All you need to take care is of the customers' time.

The survey must be very short having not more than 2-3 questions because the customers have already spend their valuable time on your website so you need to respect their time. Moreover, the survey should open quickly and easily in a matter of a few clicks and seconds.

3. Take care of Timing of sending surveys

Let's take an instance when a customer has made a purchase and he has not approached you with any complaint or a request to return or exchange. Does that means the customer is fully satisfied? Well, it is not necessary that this is the case.

96% of unhappy customers won’t complain to you, but will tell 15 friends (Infographic)

To know about Customer Satisfaction, you need to seek your customers for feedback after a considerable time lets say a week or two after the purchase of a product or service depending upon the nature of your business.

This time may vary but is important so that the customer can use that product in between and comes in a better position to judge the product and provide its real feedback. After a few days or week of the purchase, you can send a survey email or SMS asking your customers for feedback.

4. Distribute post-purchase surveys

Post-purchase surveys are a great way to obtain Customer Feedback instantly. After a customer has made a purchase, whether an online purchase or an on-premises purchase where you get phone number, email id or other details of your customer; you can send a survey to your customers.

You can also send a post-purchase survey while sending a Thank you email or SMS to your customer. This is also a good time to send a short post-purchase survey asking feedback about customer's buying experience which matters a lot. You can ask about ease of shopping and giving payment through different modes.

This is a very effective time to take instant feedback as the shopping experience is fresh in the mind of the customers and the customers share what they actually feel.

5. Create Mobile-friendly surveys

Nowadays, the use of mobile phones have increased to a large extent for multiple purposes. Due to its ease of use and handy nature, people are preferring mobile phones for many things, be it checking and replying to emails, doing online banking or online shopping.

It is quite obvious that no one will open his laptop or PC just to respond to your survey. So, make sure that the surveys you create must be mobile friendly. People should be able to open the survey link on mobile and it should run fast and smooth on the mobile itself.

For this, it is necessary that the survey software or app you choose should enable you to create effective mobile surveys which you can send to your customers through email or SMS.

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Published on Feb 13, 2020. Updated on Oct 06, 2021.

Nikhil Dawer

Written by Nikhil Dawer

Feb 13, 2020

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