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Understanding Why Customers Give Feedback – Things that customers don't say

March 09, 2023

“Some things are better left unsaid” – a phrase that is not appropriate for the hospitality industry. As a business owner, it is important that you comprehend the meaning of every action that your customer engages in. What makes your customer take action is something what has happened behind the scenes – perhaps a service not completed or something gone awry.

The real motivation behind customer feedback often goes unnoticed and as a result, business owners fail to take necessary steps to serve their customers better.

Feedback motivation

Feedback motivation is something that acts as a driving force behind successful businesses. If you try to understand a customer’s real intentions for taking out time and offering valuable feedback, you're more likely to work upon it and improvise on your existing services. This is what customers want to know about feedback.

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  1. They really like your service and don’t want to leave Why would anyone bother to help you if they were not interested? When happy customers notice a flaw or feel you could do better, they don’t hesitate in leaving a feedback. A customer that isn't satisfied with you would take to social media to vent his frustration. Happy customers, on the other hand, prefer to speak with you directly and help you find a potential solution.
  1. They want you to get better The reason your customers are offering you feedback is because he wants you to get better and match up to the ever-rising market standards. This is exactly why he has shown interest in discussing the issue with you and helps you address the problem as soon as possible. An issue that goes unnoticed would lead to significant consequences in the longer run.
  1. They want you to take action “Customer expectations always keep increasing. I don’t care!” –If this is what you think, you are the biggest threat to your own business. Every customer feedback has a purpose and a noble intention. When a customer takes time to give feedback, he expects some kind of assurance that they’ve been heard and that you have a dedicated staff that would pay heed to the feedback.
  1. They wish to stay in the loop Customers like to know what you’ve done with the feedback. As mentioned earlier, customers leave feedback because they care and expect to be acknowledged for doing so. Therefore, it is essential that you keep them in loop and update them on all the latest developments on how you’ve tried to solve the issue. While thanking customers for their valuable feedback is a good gesture, it is important that you take action. In the end, your actions should speak louder than words.

Customer feedback and feedback motivation are two aspects that go hand in hand. Once you’ve received a negative feedback from a customer, it is your responsibility to address it. Customer problem redressal is the first step to gaining customer trust. It’s important that you ensure your customers remain satisfied and give positive reviews about your business.

Team Zonka

Written by Team Zonka

May 07, 2015

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