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6 Best Ways to Ensure Patient Satisfaction at your Hospitals & Clinics

May 23, 2023

Patient Satisfaction is an indicator of a patient's happiness with the treatment and the services provided in the hospital or a healthcare center. 

According to a study conducted by Accenture, 51% of patients will change their healthcare provider for great Customer Experience.

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A satisfied patient will not only choose your hospital for himself and his family members in the future in case of a need for health care services but also suggest it to his friends and known ones for any treatment. The opposite might happen in the case of unsatisfied patients. 

Dissatisfied patients spread a bad word of mouth more actively than the satisfied patients spreading good word of mouth.

Therefore, Patient Satisfaction carries utmost importance for building strong patient goodwill of your hospital or healthcare center using the best healthcare app ideas.

Ways to Ensure Patient Satisfaction in your Hospital or Clinic

If you want to make sure that the patients in your hospital or clinic are satisfied with your services, you have to take an active part to safeguard the interests of the patients and provide them with world-class services. Here are best practices to help you maximize Patient Satisfaction care at your hospital or clinic.

Best Ways to Ensure Patient Satisfaction at your Hospitals & Clinics

  1. Make Processes Simple
  2. Educate the Staff
  3. Improve services and ensure best practices
  4. Collect Patient Feedback
  5. Take required actions based on feedback
  6. Follow up with the patients

1. Make Processes Simple

When a patient approaches a hospital or a clinic, he is already struggling with his own health problems. And above that, if he has to go through complex and lengthy processes in the hospital, it makes his situation troublesome. So, if you want to satisfy your patients, the first step is to make all the processes simpler for them.

2. Educate the Staff

When you have the vision to satisfy patients and develop a lasting relationship with them, it is crucial to make your staff aware of the common organizational objective of patient satisfaction.

Motivate your staff to work for the betterment of the patients and providing them with the best services which will eventually help your hospital to grow in terms of business and goodwill.

3. Improve services and ensure best practices

Remember that the patients are very much aware about certain medical aspects too and it is essential to have a patient-friendly approach and follow the best practices in your hospital.

Moreover, the doctors and the other hospital staff should be supportive of the patients and the patients must feel respected and comfortable enough which has a positive effect on their health.

4. Collect Patient Feedback

To maximize Patient Satisfaction, collecting Patient Feedback is a prerequisite. When you gather Patient Feedback, you get to know the real perspective of the patients and what they feel about their experience at your hospital.

Customer Feedback Survey

Taking timely feedback from the patients will enable you to have real insight into the procedures and processes going on in your hospital. You can obtain feedback by using Patient Feedback Software. You can take Patient Feedback via different ways of taking surveys.

  • You can send survey emails and SMS to the inpatients post-discharge from the hospital.
  • You can set up tablets in the areas like clinic reception or waiting areas to get real-time feedback from the patients post appointment.
  • You can ask Patient Satisfaction survey questions to improve the Patient Experience.

5. Take required actions based on feedback

Once the feedback is collected, it's important to take measures like analyzing the responses and closing the feedback loop. This can be done by:

  • Setting up instant email and SMS alerts for feedback responses and negative feedback so that you get notified in real-time and are able to take immediate corrective actions.
  • Always take timely action wherever it requires improvement and inform the patients about the actions taken so that they feel that their opinion makes a difference.

6. Follow up with the patients

Following up with the patients after they have got discharged is as important as asking for feedback. This is a very good gesture to express your genuine concern for their health. Moreover, you get the opportunity to get to know more regarding their experience with your hospital and health care services.

This will also help to develop a long-term relationship with the customer and will also foster Patient Satisfaction. In addition to this, this will help you in closing the feedback loop.

In this way, you can ensure that the patients are satisfied with the services provided at your hospital or health care center.

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Nikhil Dawer

Written by Nikhil Dawer

Dec 04, 2019

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