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All About Intercom CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) Surveys

March 06, 2023

There may be a million ways that could come in your way of offering remarkable customer experiences. Unavailability of certain products, high delivery charges, lack of customer support, or even a poor website – anything can cause you to lose customers.

This is the reason measuring Customer Satisfaction has become a standard when looking to achieve excellence of customer service and match customers’ expectations. But you cannot expect customers to open their emails every day and leave everything to share feedback. Measuring customer satisfaction requires brands to be where their customers are. A major part of this includes creating seamless digital experiences – yes, even when collecting feedback.

Intercom is a popular customer support system that also allows you to amp up your feedback collection strategy simply by adding a survey app. Just imagine this; a customer visits your website and faces a challenge in renewing their subscription. But the Intercom chatbot with a CSAT survey pops up and prompts them to share their challenge with your brand. And since your support team would immediately receive a notification, they can cater to customers in real-time.

Similarly, when offering support through Intercom chat, your support executives can embed a CSAT survey directly in the chat, get feedback, and close the feedback loop. This is the power that surveys in Intercom can bring to your customer experience team.

Measure Customer Service Performance

Improve your customer service and grow your business with real-time feedback

Zonka Feedback, a highly-trusted survey app in Intercom, enables you to do all this and much more. How? Let’s understand in a little more detail.

Measuring Customer Satisfaction Score in Intercom

You can send CSAT surveys to customers in Intercom in different ways using Zonka Feedback. Here are a few things you can do:

1. Add a CSAT Survey to Messenger Home

Customer satisfaction is not a constant because several factors contribute to making or breaking the customer experience. For example, a customer may be looking to make a purchase but may be driven away because of reasons, such as incompatible payment gateway. Therefore, you must make way for unsolicited feedback so that customers are encouraged to share challenges and negative experiences directly with you to better the ongoing relationship.

You can do this right on your website by adding a CSAT survey to your Intercom Messenger Home. Zonka Feedback survey app can be added to Intercom Messenger to display the survey button constantly in the Intercom Chat Window and as a Post. The user can just click on the Intercom Messenger icon on your website and start taking the survey.

The benefit of this is that customers can share feedback any time they want right in the Intercom Messenger chat window without having to follow a link to take a CSAT survey. Moreover, your team would receive a real-time notification as soon as a customer shares feedback. This way, you can also ensure that customers are offered resolution and support instantly.

2. Send CSAT Surveys to Customers in Intercom Inbox & Messages

Zonka Feedback enables customer service agents to gauge customer satisfaction in real-time in Intercom. They can easily embed surveys in the Intercom Messages and Inbox to ask for customers’ feedback during support communication.

This enables them to not only collect customer data but also act on it to close the feedback loop while the customer is still talking to you. They can modify their conversation and offer personalized support that discerning customers expect today. And all that is required to add a survey to the Inbox is clicking on the ‘Add a Messenger App’ button in the chat window and you will get an option to select the survey in action.

3. Send CSAT Surveys using Custom Bots

Zonka Feedback and Intercom together allow you to configure bots in a way that brands can collect feedback even when the team is offline or busy with other tasks.

To do this, you must set different paths the customers will be asked to take based on their answers. Each answer choice must follow a path that would prompt users of their next step. For example, if a customer rates their satisfaction level as 5, the next question they would see can be “Please share your challenges with our brand.” Similarly, if a customer gives a 9 or 10 score, the next statement can be to ask customers if they can share a review or testimonial.

4. Embed CSAT Surveys in Intercom Emails

When customers make a transaction with you, most communication, including purchase details, shipping details, delivery details, etc. are shared over email. You can use this opportunity to ask customers for their feedback.

You can embed a CSAT survey in your outbound Intercom emails and also insert it into the signature so that when a customer opens your email to look up the details, they can share feedback of their experience with you right inside the email. They do not need to open a special link and hop off your email to take a survey, which makes the chances of them sharing feedback much higher.

This is great for the support team as well since they can embed a CSAT survey in the support email conversations. This can help them capture details of customers’ challenges and offer customized solutions without getting on a call to discuss the problems at length. Customer feedback at an early stage like this can improve customer service multifold.

Measure Customer Service Performance

Improve your customer service and grow your business with real-time feedback

More with Zonka Feedback

You can expect a survey app in Intercom to enable sending surveys through Intercom communication. But in addition to that, Zonka Feedback allows streamlining and better managing customer data and workflows. Let’s understand this in a little more detail.

1. View Customer Satisfaction Score with Contacts and In Inbox

With Zonka Feedback survey app in Intercom, you can empower your customer support agents with data that can be acted upon. This means you can turn on syncing of CSAT survey score with contacts and Inbox and be able to check customers’ satisfaction scores by simply opening contacts or chat Messenger.

You can select CX metrics to be synced and this will information would be embedded in Contacts or Messenger as tags or field attributes. This enables customer support executives to get an idea of customer sentiment even before starting a conversation and dig deeper to find out the underlying reasons for the CSAT score the customers gave.

2. Sync Survey Responses

Just like the CSAT score, you can also add customers answers in their own words as comments to Contacts and Messenger conversations. For example, if a customer chooses to share a detailed reason for the CSAT score they gave you, you can view it simply by clicking on their contact entry or in their conversation thread.

This can help customer support experts to offer unique solutions to customers based on their complaints or challenges. Moreover, when customers go through the support funnel and require talking to different representatives, they need not repeat their concerns or challenge to each support agent. This makes customer service seamless and more effective.

3. Create a New Intercom Conversation

With Zonka Feedback in Intercom, you can set up a new conversation with the customer to open as soon as they share feedback. The reason this can be extremely helpful is that it allows customer support agents can follow up with customers, especially detractors after they have submitted their feedback. For example, if a customer shares negative feedback, your customer support agents would receive real-time notification and hop on to the newly-created chat conversation to personally address the concerns.

You can also control when you want a new conversation to be created based on the CSAT survey response. For example, you can enable automatically triggering an outbound conversation when a survey participant is a detractor. Similarly, in the case of promoters, you can trigger a new conversation that prompts the survey participant to share a testimonial or review.

4. Trigger CSAT Surveys at the Right Time

Zonka Feedback enables automation in Intercom which can help you tremendously in surveying customers at the right time despite different customer journeys. For example, you can group customers together based on the purchase of an item or, let’s say, purchase date. You can then enter the delay time which means how long you prefer to wait after the transaction to send customers a survey. The key is giving them enough time to experience your product or the service. And then based on these triggers, the entire segment of customers grouped together would receive a CSAT survey at the right time in their customer journeys. Similarly, the surveys can also be automatically triggered at the end of conversations or a challenge resolution.

This is great for when you are catering to a huge number of customers and cannot survey customers individually or manually.

Zonka Feedback for Intercom

Zonka Feedback is an intuitive and easy to use survey tool that tightly integrates with Intercom to make feedback collection easier than you can imagine. It not only makes feedback collection easier at different points in a customer journey but also makes the lives of your customer support agents and managers easier by streamlining how customer data is managed.

Here are some great benefits that you can enjoy with Zonka Feedback:

  • Create attractive and crisp surveys using hundreds of ready-to-use templates.
  • Make surveys relevant for different customer journeys using survey logic.
  • Leverage insightful survey reports to get a birds-eye view of your customer loyalty program.
  • Automate and save time in your quality assurance process.
  • Collect quick and instant responses from your customer.
  • Increase agent performance and productivity.
  • Keep track of agent and team improvement over time.
  • Streamline your quality operation process.

Measure Customer Service Performance

Improve your customer service and grow your business with real-time feedback



Written by Bhawika

Jan 09, 2022

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