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Patient Satisfaction Survey Examples

May 24, 2023

According to a Stanford University study, positive interactions of patients with their healthcare providers can increase the efficacy of treatments.  84% of people say that wait time at a facility can have a huge impact on their experience. Similarly, transparency of cost and payment matters to 65% of patients.

Transparency, communication, flexibility, convenience, and several other elements together make up excellent patient experiences. The key is finding what matters to your patients and improving healthcare in a way that it aligns with their needs and expectations.

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Patient satisfaction surveys have been a popular means for collecting patient feedback for a long time now since you can conduct patient surveys for various purposes at different touchpoints. However, you must ask your patients all the right questions that can actually help bring a change. So, in this article, we will discuss some of the most important patient satisfaction survey examples.  

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Patient Satisfaction Survey - Questions You Must Ask

Let's discuss some must-have questions that you can include in almost all types of patient satisfaction surveys. 

How did you find the experience of booking an appointment with us?

Studies suggest that 81% of patients would schedule their own appointments through a secure web service. Some of your patients may like to make appointments over the phone while some may prefer scheduling online. You can ask your patients which mode they prefer by asking this question. 

How long did you have to wait beyond your appointment time to be seen by a healthcare provider?

Waiting time can have a major impact on patient satisfaction. And with the help of this question, you can highlight inefficiencies, which, in turn, can help you re-evaluate your staffing needs and make necessary changes to minimize waiting time. 

How would you rate the provider's care instructions and willingness to answer medical questions?

Studies show that good interaction with healthcare providers can have a positive impact on the medical outcomes, thus improving patient satisfaction. With this patient satisfaction question, you can find how how well healthcare providers communicate with patients, listen to their concerns, and offer reassuring answers. 

How would you rate the cleanliness and hygiene at our medical facility?

An unhealthy medical environment can make sick people sicker. Therefore, cleanliness and hygiene is one of the most critical components that patients look for in a medical facility. By asking this question, you can identify areas that need more work, for example, unhygienic washrooms or lack of sanitization facility as patients walk in. 

How would you rate the overall care provided at our facility? Please share the reason for your answer.

How patients perceive the overall care at your facility determines whether they would come back. And this makes it an important question. When you ask patients to rate the overall care, you are basically asking them to share their experience of everything from making appointments to payment to completing discharge paperwork. And by asking the reason for their answer, you can give patients an opportunity to share in their own words what they liked and disliked. 

How likely are you to recommend our facility to others? Please share the reason.

This is a Net Promoter Score question that gauges patient satisfaction and loyalty in terms of their willingness to recommend your facility to others. If they are happy and satisfied with the level of care, they are more likely to spread a positive word about you. Further, you can ask the reason for their answer and understand what is stopping patients from recommending your facility to others. 

Importance of Patient Experience in Hospitals (9)

Though these are super important patient satisfaction survey questions, you can always create a detailed feedback survey to understand patients' experiences with different healthcare elements. It is best to categorize these surveys depending on the type of patient. Let's understand this in a little more detail. 

Post Discharge Feedback

Post-discharge feedback is necessary to understand patients’ experiences in terms of medical care they received, the comfort of stay, cleanliness, staff professionalism, and much more. It is one of the most important touchpoints for feedback collection since your surveys can be detailed covering all aspects of care from treatment to staff friendliness to care – each necessary for overall patient satisfaction.

Post Discharge Survey Questions

  • Please rate your stay at the hospital on a scale of 1 to 10.
  • How was the ambiance at the hospital? [Poor/Average/Good/Excellent]
  • How were ward facilities? [Poor/Average/Good/Excellent]
  • How were the food and diet served to you during your stay? [Poor/Average/Good/Excellent]
  • How were the toilets and changing rooms in the hospital? [Poor/Average/Good/Excellent]
  • How was the attitude and service of the attending doctor? [Poor/Average/Good/Excellent]
  • How was the billing process at the hospital during discharge? [Poor/Average/Good/Excellent]
  • How would you describe the responsiveness and friendliness of the staff? [Poor/Average/Good/Excellent]
  • How would you describe the admission process? [Poor/Average/Good/Excellent]
  • How would you describe the discharge process? [Poor/Average/Good/Excellent]
  • Based on your stay at the hospital, how likely are you to recommend this hospital to your friends and family? Please rate on a scale of 1 to 10.
  • Please share your comments, suggestions, and inputs.

Outpatient Feedback

When capturing outpatient feedback post doctor visit or appointment, here are a couple of things to keep in mind:

  • Collect feedback in real-time through a mobile app, tablet, or kiosk so that patients respond with the experience still fresh in their minds.
  • Use smart surveys to pass information, such as patient ID, patient’s name, doctor’s name, the reason for consultation, etc. automatically in the survey so that patients don’t have to answer unnecessary questions and waste time sharing details that you already have.

Outpatient Survey Questions

  • Were you provided sufficient information prior to your appointment at the clinic? [Yes/No]
  • Was booking an appointment with us prompt and efficient? [Yes/No]
  • Did the doctor attentively listen to your issues and educate you about the treatment? [Yes/No]
  • Did you receive your prescription in time after the appointment? [Yes/No]
  • Was the staff friendly, helpful, and proactive? [Yes/No]
  • Did the staff respect your privacy during your visit? [Yes/No]
  • Was there anything that you particularly liked?
  • Was there anything that you particularly disliked?

On-Premises Feedback

In addition to the medical care, there are several other factors that impact a patient’s experience with your facility, such as visitor’s lounge, pharmacy stores, washrooms, cafeteria, etc. Therefore, it’s important to collect feedback at these touchpoints and gauge overall patient satisfaction.

The prominent way of collecting on-premises feedback is through a Kiosk-based setup. You can either install a kiosk station or set up mounted phones or tablets at various touchpoints, such as reception, cafeteria, visitor’s lounge, etc. to collect instant feedback.

On-Premises Survey Questions

  • Please rate the cleanliness and hygiene of our hospital facility on a scale of 1 to 10. [Yes/No]
  • Did you find all the prescription medicines in our pharmacy? [Yes/No]
  • Did our pharmacists provide important dosage information and precaution-related information? [Yes/No]
  • Was our visitor lounge clean and had enough seating space? [Yes/No]
  • Was the waiting area clean and organized? [Yes/No]
  • Were the cafeteria premises clean and hygienic? [Yes/No]
  • Was the quality of the food available in the cafeteria satisfactory? [Yes/No]
  • Were the washrooms clean and hygienic?
  • How would rate your overall experience at our medical facility on a scale of 1 to 10?
  • Please share suggestions to help us improve our premises and departments.

While creating a survey, make sure to segment the target audience into groups. For example, patients’ families may provide the most accurate facility feedback as visitors, and outpatients may share other detailed feedback for reception staff, medical care, use of technology, etc. Make sure to leverage feedback at different touchpoints to get generalized feedback on the facility and overall care.

Patient Satisfaction Survey Tips

While creating a patient satisfaction survey questionnaire, there are many things you must keep in mind to ensure that patients do not get confused, answer questions correctly, find the survey relevant, and complete it. And, we have some important tips for you to remember. 

Importance of Patient Experience in Hospitals (1)-1


If you know how patients move around your service and interact at different touchpoints, you can create brilliant patient satisfaction surveys. But to make sure that your surveys perform and enable you to achieve your patient satisfaction goals, you can only rely on an intelligent patient survey tool. 

Zonka Feedback patient survey tool is designed to help you bridge the gap between poor and excellent patient experiences, enabling you to retain and attract new patients. It allows you to share surveys through different channels, including SMS, email, website, mobile, tablet, mobile app, weblink, QR code, and kiosk booth. All you do need is to create surveys using our easy survey builder, share them with your patients, and start measuring patient satisfaction using our insightful analysis and reporting tool. 

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Written by Bhawika

Dec 03, 2021

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