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Infographic - Why Mobile Surveys Are the Game Changers

Infographic - Why Mobile Surveys Are the Game Changers

Planning to conduct a survey of your customer base? Then pick a survey tool that is compatible with mobile screens for many, mobile is the internet. Mobile surveys are developing fast, adapting to keep pace with the development of technology.

With people’s leisure time very often squeezed to the bare minimum, they do not have the time or the inclination to devote even 15 minutes to answer questions for little or no reward. For such situations, responsive mobile surveys fit best where companies get to their customers quickly, draw a response, and make a swift exit.

Mobile surveys do not intrude the personal space of the customers rather come with an impression saying that - Hey I am sitting right here in your inbox, fill me up when you feel like. It draws the required customer attention with a swift arrival and makes an even swifter exit when filled. A mobile surveys app is vital if feedback is required at relatively short notice. Relevant surveys timed aptly allow businesses to act, and react, quicker than ever before.

We have created an infographic that states some impactful statistics backing up the importance of mobile surveys.


Responsive survey infographic (3)

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