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6 Best ways to use Email Surveys

6 Best ways to use Email Surveys

How do you connect with your end customers? Is it possible to connect all of them personally? Maybe it is possible in some small businesses, but when you grow or aspire to grow, the need for making a systematic way to connect your customers and ask their feedback becomes a necessity for your business. This raises the need of sending surveys.

When we talk about sending surveys, we think of various ways like SMS, Email, through website, through kiosks, etc. Despite all these methods getting popular with the growth and prominence of mobile messengers and chat apps, Email Surveys have not lost their importance and is still an integral part of daily online life. In fact, the number of global e-mail users amounted to 3.9 billion in 2019 and is set to grow to 4.48 billion users in 2024.

Email Survey is actually a method of asking questions to your customers with the help of emails through embedded surveys or survey links provided in the mail body. With its ease and simplicity of collecting survey data, email survey has always been a preferred mode of sending surveys to the customers despite being having a comparatively lower response rate than some other methods.

Yet, an Email survey is used popularly as one of the most cost-effective methods of sending surveys. It is not only easy to send but also easy for customers to respond with the convenience of their own time. Let's learn how to use Email Surveys.

Using Email Surveys

Using email surveys has been a common practice of many organizations to collect data. With Email Surveys, you can take Customer Feedback about your products and services, Patient Feedback about the interaction of the patients with the doctors or Employee Feedback regarding the experience of your employees with your company. Email Surveys are also a great tool for doing Market Research.

Basically, you can take any feedback and surveys depending on the requirement of your industry. But the success of email surveys largely depends on the way you use them.

Let's explore some of the best use cases of Email Surveys.

Best ways to use Email Surveys

  1. Use surveys post-purchase or other transaction
  2. Use Relationship Email surveys
  3. Use Email surveys after delivery
  4. Use Email surveys for onboarding
  5. Use Email NPS Surveys
  6. Use survey data collected for research purpose

With the help of Email Survey Software, you can send your email surveys in these ways and get the maximum benefit out of them. Let's explore how to follow these simple methods and how they can help you with your objectives of getting a good response.

1. Use surveys post-purchase or other transaction

With the help of an effective Email Survey Software, you can send email surveys post-purchase or any other transaction. These are called Transactional Email Surveys. As soon as a transaction is made, it triggers and an email survey is sent to the customers automatically.

Customize Email Survey

You must have noticed emails and SMS sent to you as soon as you do a transaction from your debit or credit card, haven't you? In the same way, a survey app enables you to send survey emails to your customers post-billing or post-purchase of a certain product or a service. You can also send these surveys after some days of purchase to ask the experience your customers had with your product.

2. Use Relationship Email surveys

You can also send Relationship Email surveys to your customers to maintain your relationship with your customers. These are surveys that are sent on regular intervals to ask about the ongoing experience of the customers with your brand. You can send monthly surveys, weekly surveys, quarterly surveys or annual surveys to gather Customer Feedback.

These surveys ensure a smooth relationship with your customers and give a chance to customers to express their feelings about your products and services time to time. These are very effective to track your growth, maintain customer loyalty and to ensure customer happiness and good customer relations.

You can also read the difference between Transactional Surveys and Relationship Surveys.

3. Use Email surveys after delivery

Email surveys can be used effectively to get the feedback of the customers regarding their online shopping experience by sending surveys after delivery of the products.

You can also use this method if you are in food and hospitality industry by sending email surveys after the delivery of food to gather feedback about your food and delivery services.



4. Use Email surveys for onboarding

Email is an accepted mode of communication in corporate offices all over the world and you can even get 100% response rate on these surveys. So you can also use Email Surveys as onboarding surveys to collect Employee Feedback regarding their onboarding experience.

You can ask about employees' joining experience, training and onboarding experience with the help of these surveys.

5. Use Email NPS Surveys

NPS or Net Promoter Score is one of the most popular and effective metrics to measure Customer Satisfaction. It captures Customer Feedback by asking the likeliness of the customers to recommend your brand to their known ones, thus finding Customer Loyalty.

Emails are a great way to send NPS surveys as NPS surveys are simple and a single-question survey which can be easily embedded in the email body itself. So the customers don't need to go to a link mentioned in the email, wait for it to open and then fill a long survey. Because of this, you can receive a great response through emails in these surveys.

6. Use survey data collected for research purpose

One of the best ways to use Email Surveys to the maximum extent is to use the data collected through the surveys for market research. When you send email surveys, you ask some basic demographic questions(like age group, locality etc.) which creates a rich data for you to do market research.

With this data, you can research to know more about your customers and their choices and preferences which will help you take better business decisions. Moreover, you can also ascertain the impact of your business decisions on different groups of individuals in the future by tracking NPS improvements through NPS reports and analysis.

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Published on Jul 13, 2020. Updated on Jun 27, 2022.

Nikhil Dawer

Written by Nikhil Dawer

Jul 13, 2020

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