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Mobile App Surveys Best practices

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

With the growing use of smartphones, mobile apps have become a common and popular method of using the services of a brand. Whether you are in a retail business, health and fitness industry, gaming, eCommerce, or even in the education industry, mobile apps have taken an important place for promoting and accessing your services.

But is your app doing well? Is it easy to use for your customers? Does it look good enough to attract new users, and does it stand with your customers' expectations? The answer to these questions is something which you cannot afford to assume! You need to ask your customers these questions to glimpse the Customer Experience they are having.

Mobile App Surveys are a great way to get customer insights about their experience with your app and gauge their satisfaction. To understand more about how beneficial these surveys can prove to be and the best practices to utilize your Mobile App Surveys, you need to explore what you can do with your surveys.

What can you do with Mobile App Surveys?

When you conduct Mobile App Surveys, you can:

  • Know the general views and perceptions of your customers about your brand.
  • Know the overall experience of your customers with your app and the ease of using it.
  • Know if the customers face any challenges while using the app, like bugs and errors using your app.
  • Request your happy customers to leave a review about your app and share it with their friends and family.
  • Approach your unhappy or dissatisfied customers to ask what went wrong.
  • Work to improve the Customer Experience and enhance Customer Satisfaction to retain your customers.

To utilize your Mobile App Surveys to the maximum, you need to focus on the time to send your surveys. Let's learn how and when to send surveys in a way that gives you the maximum advantage.

When should you ask for feedback?

The success of a Survey highly depends on the timing of sending it. It would be best if you prefer a time when the Customer Experience is fresh, and the customers are in a position to respond to your survey. You can send your surveys:

1. After an Interaction

You can send your Mobile App Survey after a transaction, an event, or an interaction with your customers. Sending surveys at this moment is highly beneficial as the Customer Experience is fresh in the customers' minds, and they don't have to recall it for filling your surveys. For instance, if yours is a restaurant or a food delivery app, you can send the surveys just after a meal or within an hour of the food delivery to the customers.

If you have a Retail Shopping App, you can send Mobile App Surveys just after purchase to get feedback about the customers' shopping experience or after resolving an issue or concern to know the feedback about your after-sales services. Using a Customer Feedback App, you can set triggers to send the surveys to your customers at the right moment.

2. Upon Completion of an Event

If you are running an event organizing firm, you can choose to send your Mobile App Surveys to your visitors after completing the event or a seminar. Suppose you are running an educational institute or an online education platform. In that case, you can send surveys to your students after a class or completion of a particular course or a certification.

3. On a Continuous Basis

You can also use Mobile App Surveys to build a strong and long-term relationship with your customers. You can do this by sending relationship feedback surveys to your customers, i.e., the surveys regularly sent to the customers.

By sending surveys in this way, you can stay in touch with your customers and ensure that they are going through a smooth customer journey. You can get to know about bad experiences or challenges faced by the customers while using your products and services as they may not approach you themselves directly.

According to Estaban Kolsky, the customers do not tell you if they are unhappy. Only 1 out of 26 customers register their displeasure in the form of complaints, and the rest move forward to switch to another brand. But a survey can prompt them to share their experience if they had a bad one, and then you can take actions to improve it.

So it would be best if you always used a Mobile App Survey at the right moment to get the most benefits from it.