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Collect Unbiased Feedback with our Anonymous Feedback Tool 

Use Zonka Feedback to collect anonymous feedback from employees, product users, students, and more. Ensure survey confidentiality and gain comprehensive insights into their satisfaction levels. 

Anonymous Feedback Tools

15 Best Anonymous Feedback Tools to Collect Unbiased Insights

In a world where genuine opinions are often tethered to personal identities, the freedom of anonymity paves the way for unfiltered truth. The ability to express thoughts without the weight of identification is a catalyst for candid feedback—a cornerstone of growth for businesses and organizations.

To collect honest feedback, what you need is anonymous feedback tools so that the absence of names promotes an environment of honest expression. From capturing unspoken customer sentiments to unveiling raw employee insights, these tools serve as conduits for unadulterated feedback.

In this blog, we will explore the best anonymous feedback tools, their top features, along with pricing and rating. We will also look at the features you should look for before deciding on your ideal anonymous feedback tool. Without any further ado, let's get started!


  • Anonymous feedback tools are survey software that enable individuals to provide feedback without attaching their name or any identifying information to their feedback. They can be used in various settings, including workplaces, customer service environments, educational institutions, and more.

  • They help to collect honest feedback, encourage employee engagement, and enhance customer experiences authentically, enabling organizations to identify areas for improvement.

  • Some of the best anonymous feedback tools include Zonka Feedback, Typeform, Jotform, Survicate, and Vevox among others.

  • If you are looking for free anonymous feedback tools, then Google Forms, Microsoft Forms, Free Suggestion Box, SurveyMonkey, and Poll Everywhere could be a great choice.

  • While choosing the anonymous feedback tool, you should opt for tools that have features like advanced reporting and analytics, customization capabilities, data security, a variety of survey question types, and extensive integration with other software.

  • Zonka Feedback is a powerful online survey tool that can help create custom surveys and collect anonymous feedback, analyze survey results, take action, and close the feedback loop. Sign up for a 14-day free trial or schedule a demo to enhance your feedback process.

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What is an Anonymous Feedback Tool?

An anonymous feedback tool is a platform or software that allows individuals to provide feedback or share their opinions without revealing their identity. The primary purpose of an anonymous feedback tool is to create a safe and open environment for honest communication.

By removing the need for individuals to disclose their names or other identifying details, anonymous feedback tools offer a platform where individuals can freely express thoughts without the necessity of revealing personal details. This anonymity often leads to more genuine and unfiltered feedback, which can be valuable for your organization in collecting authentic insights.

Why Does Anonymous Feedback Matter to Businesses?

Securing honest opinions from both employees and customers can be a serious challenge for many organizations, which can hold them back from making necessary changes. Anonymous feedback can come in handy to tackle this issue.

Here are some reasons why collecting anonymous feedback holds significant value:

  1. Honesty and Transparency: Anonymity encourages people to provide honest feedback without fear of repercussions. This openness leads to more open feedback, offering your business a clearer picture of its strengths, weaknesses, and areas that need improvement.

  2. Employee Engagement and Satisfaction: Employees often feel more comfortable sharing their concerns or suggestions anonymously. This type of feedback can contribute to a healthier work environment, promoting trust and improving overall employee satisfaction.

  3. Improved Customer Experiences: Anonymous feedback from customers allows you to understand their experiences more authentically. Identifying pain points or areas needing enhancement becomes easier, enabling you to tailor your product or service to meet customer needs more effectively.

Top 15 Best Anonymous Feedback Tools to Collect Honest Feedback

Let us look at the best anonymous feedback tools that can help you create employee survey and gather unbiased feedback for enhancing organizational growth and encouraging transparent communication.

1. Zonka Feedback

Zonka Feedback stands out as a robust anonymous feedback platform offering comprehensive solutions for gathering all kinds of feedback including employee feedback, product feedback, website feedback and more. With its user-friendly interface and diverse survey options, it streamlines the process of collecting insights while prioritizing respondent anonymity.

Top Features

  • Prioritize respondent anonymity and data privacy, promoting a secure and trustful environment for candid feedback.

  • Facilitate surveys in multiple languages, accommodating diverse respondent preferences and enabling global feedback collection.

  • Access real-time response data insights and analytics to gain immediate feedback data and trends for prompt decision-making.

  • Access over 100 industry-specific customizable templates, including CSAT, CES surveys and NPS surveys enabling quick deployment and customization.

  • Create personalized and brand-aligned anonymous feedback surveys, enhancing respondent engagement and providing tailored feedback experiences.

  • Collect omnichannel feedback seamlessly across multiple channels and touchpoints, ensuring accessibility and widespread participation through email, SMS, survey links, QR codes, mobile apps, tablets, kiosks, and websites.

  • Seamless integration with various tools and platforms like Zapier, Slack, and Microsoft Teams for enhanced functionality and streamlined data management.

  • Utilize advanced customer segmentation to collect feedback from specific demographics, ensuring a tailored approach to gathering feedback.

  • Streamline feedback processes with automated CX workflows and closure of the customer feedback loop, ensuring efficient handling and resolution of feedback submissions.


  • Starts at $49/month.

  • Free version and free plan are available.

G2 Rating

4.7/5Anonymous Feedback Tool Zonka Feedback

2. Assembly

Assembly presents an intuitive platform allowing effortless customization and rearrangement of questions to attain specific feedback objectives. It allows seamless sharing of forms among individuals or larger groups, be it employees or dedicated departments, by providing adaptable link access. Assembly's focus on employee recognition and creation of anonymous surveys makes it an ideal choice for businesses of varying sizes.

Top Features

  • Allows quick visualization of response data through easily scannable charts or downloading data as CSV files for comprehensive analysis.

  • Create personalized brand-aligned forms and customized surveys, like customer satisfaction surveys, customer service surveys, product surveys ensuring a tailored feedback experience for respondents.

  • Facilitates effortless rearrangement and reordering of questions within surveys, ensuring flexibility and customization in customer feedback collection.

  • Offers seamless integration with multiple tools and platforms, enhancing functionality and facilitating streamlined data management for feedback analysis.

  • Provides optional settings for anonymous responses, ensuring respondent anonymity and fostering candid feedback.

  • Ensures secure data storage and protection, prioritizing confidentiality and maintaining the integrity of collected feedback.


  • Starts from $4.50

  • Free version available

G2 Rating

4.7/5Anonymous Feedback Tools Assembly

3. Typeform

Typeform is a user-centric platform offering interactive and engaging survey experiences to collect anonymous feedback. With its unique conversational interface and diverse question formats, it enhances user engagement while ensuring anonymity. Its standout features include its sleek design, conditional logic, and seamless integration capabilities, offering a distinct and engaging approach to anonymous feedback collection.

Top Features

  • Engage respondents with a conversational survey interface, ensuring an interactive and easy-to-use feedback collection experience.

  • Utilize various question formats, including multiple-choice, open-ended, and rating scales, enhancing feedback diversity and richness.

  • Incorporate conditional logic to personalize the survey journey based on user responses, ensuring a tailored and relevant feedback experience.

  • Seamlessly integrate with various tools and platforms, expanding functionality and facilitating data management for thorough feedback analysis.


Basic plan starts at $25/month

G2 Rating

4.5/5Anonymous Feedback Tool Typeform

If you are looking for feedback software with advanced analytics and more than just an interactive interface, you can explore the top Typeform alternatives

4. Feedbackify

Feedbackify offers an intuitive platform tailored to collect anonymous feedback effortlessly. With customizable feedback forms and intuitive reporting, it simplifies the feedback-gathering process. Its standout features include website integration and sentiment analysis, enhancing the understanding of user sentiments without compromising anonymity.

Top Features

  • Create tailored forms to gather specific feedback, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of user sentiments.

  • Access detailed reports for insightful analysis, aiding in understanding feedback patterns and making informed decisions.

  • Seamlessly integrate feedback forms into websites, ensuring convenience and broad accessibility.

  • Employ sentiment analysis feedback to gauge user sentiments without compromising anonymity, providing deeper insights into feedback.


  • Starts at $19/month

  • 15-day free trial available

G2 Rating
Not AvailableAnonymous Feedback Tools Feedbackify

5. Jotform

Jotform stands out for its unparalleled versatility in creating diverse forms, from surveys to approval and PDF templates, bolstered by an extensive library of templates. With seamless anonymization options, effortless customization via drag-and-drop or template selections, and a wide array of integrations, Jotform simplifies the anonymous feedback collection process while offering flexibility and ease of use.

Top Features

  • Create various forms—card, app, surveys, and more—with ease, utilizing an extensive library of survey templates.

  • Anonymize forms and surveys effortlessly, encouraging open and honest feedback from respondents.

  • Customize forms effortlessly using a drag-and-drop builder or by choosing from a vast range of templates, ensuring a seamless user experience.

  • Access over 100 integrations with popular CRMs, email marketing, and payment tools, enhancing functionality and data management for comprehensive survey data collection.


  • Starter plan is free.

  • Other plan starts at $34/month.

G2 Rating

4.7/5Anonymous Feedback Tool Jotform

If you think this tool might not fulfill your requirements, you can check out Jotform alternatives that can offer distinct experiences along with anonymous feedback.

6. Survicate

Survicate stands out as an exceptional survey builder designed to gather valuable and anonymous feedback across various platforms such as Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. Its versatility spans instant survey launches with numerous templates and multi-channel distribution capabilities, ensuring an effortless and comprehensive feedback collection experience. With integration support and diverse data collection methods, Survicate caters to mid-sized to large businesses seeking hassle-free multi-source customer insights.

Top Features

  • Access over 100 built-in customizable templates for quick and seamless survey creation, ensuring immediate feedback collection.

  • Gather various data types through Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Effort Score (CES), Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) surveys, and more.

  • Enable website feedback collection through a feedback widget, facilitating swift and direct user inputs.

  • Publish the anonymous feedback survey across multiple channels including websites, mobile, and chat surveys, ensuring broader reach and accessibility.

  • Manage and consolidate customer insights from diverse sources, providing a holistic view for comprehensive data analysis.


  • Starts at $53/month.

  • Free trial for 10 days available.

G2 Rating

4.6/5Anonymous Feedback Tools Survicate

If you are new to collecting anonymous feedback, you might get overwhelmed with using this survey software. However, you can check out Survicate alternatives that can be easy to navigate.

7. Vevox

Vevox stands out as a robust platform tailored for the effortless gathering of anonymous feedback from customers, visitors, and participants across hybrid meetings, classes, and events. Focused on enhancing engagement and participation, Vevox allows users to express opinions anonymously, promoting an inclusive feedback environment irrespective of location. This makes it an ideal choice for polls, surveys, and anonymous feedback collection, including post-meeting feedback, ensuring that all voices are heard and valued

Top Features

  • Tailored specifically for hybrid meetings, classes, and events, ensuring seamless feedback collection across varied settings.

  • Enable live polling and Q&A sessions for genuine and anonymous feedback, ensuring equal participation from all participants.

  • Collate sentiments and opinions through word clouds for comprehensive and holistic feedback analysis.

  • Access real-time responses and live polling features for immediate insights into audience sentiments and opinions.

  • Gain detailed insights into audience feedback through robust reporting and analytics tools, aiding informed decision-making.


  • Starts from $10.95/month.

  • Free version available.

G2 Rating

4.7/5Anonymous Feedback Tools Vevox

8. Mopinion

Mopinion, an advanced feedback analytics tool, specializes in collecting and analyzing anonymous feedback from customers. It stands out for its focus on detailed data analysis and effective management of negative feedback, empowering businesses to derive actionable insights and enhance customer experiences.

Top Features

  • Leverage user segmentation to gather feedback from targeted demographics, ensuring a personalized feedback collection process.

  • Access an intuitive and user-friendly dashboard offering predictive analytics, sentiment analysis, and in-depth reporting for comprehensive data analysis.

  • Effectively manage negative feedback, enabling swift action and resolution to improve customer experiences.

  • Access detailed reporting and analytics tools for comprehensive data insights, aiding informed decision-making and strategy development.


Starts at $282.50/month

G2 Rating

4.1/5Anonymous Feedback Tool Mopinion

9. WorkTango

WorkTango stands as a powerful anonymous employee feedback software designed to cultivate actionable insights from employee feedback. With a focus on fostering growth and open communication, this innovative platform streamlines feedback processes using standardized templates while ensuring anonymity. Emphasizing growth, it streamlines feedback processes, enabling open communication and peer reviews while preserving anonymity, and facilitating genuine insights for impactful 1-on-1 conversations.

Top Features

  • Gather insightful employee feedback on engagement levels and work experiences to drive meaningful improvements.

  • Conduct frequent pulse surveys for real-time adjustments in engagement strategies, ensuring proactive responses to employee sentiments.

  • Access detailed and robust reporting tools for in-depth analysis and tracking progress over time, aiding informed decision-making.

  • Conduct surveys on the go through in-app functionalities, ensuring convenience and broader accessibility.

  • Collect feedback from global employees in multiple languages, ensuring inclusivity and comprehensive insights.


Available on request

G2 Rating

4.6/5Anonymous Feedback Tools WorkTango

10. Qualaroo

Qualaroo offers a sophisticated yet user-friendly platform to gather anonymous employee feedback among others. With its advanced targeting capabilities and dynamic survey creation tools, it also stands out as a powerful in-app feedback tool to engage users at specific touchpoints, gather nuanced feedback, and derive actionable insights, ensuring a personalized and impactful feedback collection process.

Top Features

  • Utilize advanced targeting options to reach specific audiences or segments, tailoring feedback collection for different user groups.

  • Create surveys that are interactive and engaging including mobile surveys using skip logic, branching, and personalized question paths for a tailored respondent experience.

  • Access real-time feedback analytics and reporting for instantly gauging sentiment and identifying trends, empowering quick response and decision-making.

  • Seamlessly integrate with various platforms and leverage APIs for enhanced customization and integration with existing systems.

  • Generate asynchronous code for website surveys, preventing slowdowns on the website while still collecting valuable feedback.


  • Starts at $19/month.

  • Free plan and free trial for 15 days available.

G2 Rating

4.4/5Anonymous Feedback Tool Qualaroo

Free Anonymous Feedback Tools

Let us look at the best free feedback tools that can help you gather anonymous feedback and empower your organization’s growth.

Zonka Feedback also offers a free version through which you can perform multi-channel feedback collection available through the website and in-product interactions and gather diverse feedback from various touchpoints anonymously. Here's what this free survey maker offers:

  • 10k web sessions or 1k MTUs/month

  • 3 users

  • 10 questions per survey

  • Metric surveys - NPS, CSAT, CES

  • Basic analytics and reports

  • Simple website intercept

  • Ready-to-use integrations with Zapier, Integrately, Make, Slack, Microsoft Teams

  • Static Segments

  • Response notifications

11. Google Forms

Google Forms is a versatile and user-friendly survey tool that serves as one of the best free anonymous employee feedback tools. It allows customization of surveys and question types, ensuring a tailored approach for collecting candid opinions. With its intuitive interface and integration with other Google Workspace tools, it's an efficient solution for anonymous feedback collection.

Top Features

  • Create personalized surveys with various question types like multiple choice, text answers, checkboxes, and more.

  • Seamlessly sync feedback data with other Google tools for comprehensive analysis and sharing.

  • Multiple team members can collaborate on survey creation, enhancing efficiency and input diversity.

  • View responses in real-time, enabling prompt analysis and action on feedback received.

  • Set required questions or validation rules to ensure comprehensive and accurate feedback collection.

Pricing: Absolutely free

G2 Rating: 4.5/5Free Anonymous Feedback Tool Google Forms

While Google Forms offers some customization options, it might not be as flexible as dedicated anonymous survey tools. Custom branding or highly specific design elements might be challenging to implement. Therefore, you can check out Google Forms alternatives for more advanced customization options and specialized features.

12. Microsoft Forms

Microsoft Forms, a part of the Microsoft 365 suite, offers an intuitive interface for creating feedback forms and quizzes, enabling effortless anonymous feedback collection. With features like branching logic, personalized forms, and seamless integration with other Microsoft applications, it stands out as an intuitive and collaborative tool for gathering genuine insights while ensuring data security and compliance.

Top Features

  • Create dynamic surveys with conditional branching, guiding respondents based on their answers for a more tailored experience.

  • Seamlessly integrate with other Microsoft tools like Excel, SharePoint, or Teams for enhanced collaboration and data management.

  • Customize surveys with personalized themes, logos, and design elements for a professional and branded appearance.

  • Utilize built-in analytics to review feedback trends, export data for in-depth analysis, and gain valuable insights from responses.


  • Basic version is free.

  • For additional features like advanced branching, collaboration tools, and more sophisticated analysis options, Microsoft Forms is available within certain Microsoft 365 subscription plans which starts at $70/year.

G2 Rating

4.4/5Free Anonymous Feedback Tool Microsoft Forms

13. SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey, a versatile survey platform, offers a wide array of features for collecting feedback anonymously. With its user-friendly interface, various templates, and multilingual capabilities, it stands out as an adaptable tool. Its robust reporting options and customizable surveys enhance the experience, allowing for comprehensive feedback collection while maintaining respondent anonymity.

Top Features

  • Create tailored surveys with varied question types, themes, and branding options for a personalized feedback experience.

  • Reach a wider audience by designing surveys in multiple languages, ensuring inclusivity for diverse respondent groups.

  • Generate detailed reports with filtering options to segment responses based on criteria, enabling a deeper analysis of feedback trends.

  • Access a vast repository of ready-made templates to create surveys for a streamlined feedback collection process.


Starts at $10.79/month.

G2 Rating

4.4/5Free Anonymous Feedback Tool SurveyMonkey

If you feel that its free plan does not offer many functionalities, you can explore SurveyMonkey alternatives to find features like advanced reporting, display logic support, and more at a lower price. 

14. Free Suggestion Box

FreeSuggestionBox offers a straightforward and user-friendly platform specifically designed to collect anonymous feedback. With its simplicity and focus on fostering open communication, it provides a secure space for users to share candid opinions without the need for account creation or logins, ensuring complete anonymity. Its emphasis on simplicity and directness makes it a suitable choice for quick and hassle-free feedback collection.

Top Features

  • Collect feedback from users without them registering or creating account, ensuring complete anonymity.

  • Create tailored suggestion forms with customizable fields, allowing for specific feedback collection based on organizational needs.

  • Maintain control over submissions with moderation features, enabling review and approval of feedback before publication.


Absolutely free

G2 Rating

Not availableFree Anonymous Feedback Tool Free Suggestion Box

15. Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere stands out as an interactive and engaging platform to collect employee feedback through live polls, surveys, and open-ended questions. Its real-time interaction capabilities allow respondents to contribute anonymously using various devices, fostering active participation and candid responses without the need for account creation, making it an ideal choice for engaging audiences and collecting instant, anonymous feedback.

Top Features

  • Enable real-time participation from respondents via mobile devices or web browsers, allowing for immediate, anonymous feedback during events or presentations.

  • Engage respondents with a variety of question formats including multiple-choice, open-ended, word cloud, and clickable image polls.

  • Allow participants to contribute anonymously without requiring account creation, ensuring an open and secure feedback environment.

  • Seamlessly integrate polls into presentations, webpages, or other platforms for increased engagement and flexibility in collecting anonymous feedback.


  • Basic plan is free.

  • Other plans start from $10/month.

G2 Rating

4.5/5Anonymous Feedback Tools Poll Everywhere

What to Look for in an Anonymous Feedback Tool?

Here are a few features that a good anonymous feedback tool must have so that you can collect feedback that would provide valuable insights and help you enhance your offerings.

a. Reporting and Analysis Features

Robust reporting functionalities include the ability to provide automated insights like detailed direct reports, data visualization through graphs or charts, and helps identify trends or patterns within the feedback. Anonymous feedback tools that offer in-depth analysis empower you to derive actionable insights from the feedback collected, make informed decisions and perform strategic planning.

b. Variety of Surveys & Question Types

A quality anonymous feedback tool should support a diverse range of survey types like NPS, CSAT, CES and survey questions like multiple-choice questions, open-ended survey questions, closed-ended questions, Likert scale questions, survey rating scale questions, and more.

The availability of different survey types and question formats ensures flexibility in gathering comprehensive feedback, accommodating diverse respondent preferences, and facilitating a thorough exploration of specific concerns.

c. Extensive Integrations

Anonymous feedback tools must offer seamless integration with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, analytics tools, or other software for a streamlined data sharing and comprehensive view of feedback insights.

Extensive integrations will empower you to merge feedback data with existing operational data, facilitating a more comprehensive analysis and informed decision-making process.

d. Customization Capabilities

The customization capabilities of anonymous feedback software are important in tailoring surveys or feedback forms to suit specific needs. This includes branding options to align with an organization’s aesthetics, flexibility in question formats and design, and the ability to personalize surveys according to the targeted audience.

e. Data Security

An anonymous feedback tool should prioritize data security by employing robust encryption methods, secure data storage practices, and compliance with data protection regulations. Ensuring data security builds trust with respondents, assuring them that their feedback remains confidential and protected from unauthorized access or breaches, thereby maintaining the integrity of the feedback process.


Anonymous feedback tools allow individuals to voice opinions without identifying information and wield significant influence across various settings—from workplaces to educational institutions. If you make use of good anonymous feedback software, you can easily do more than just collect anonymous employee feedback.

Zonka Feedback is one such anonymous feedback tool that prioritizes respondent anonymity while offering comprehensive solutions for gathering feedback across multiple touchpoints. Its diverse survey templates, customization capabilities, real-time reporting and analytics, and seamless integration with software tools set it apart and facilitate a holistic feedback experience that goes beyond just collecting anonymous feedback.

Sign up for a 14-day free trial and start gathering anonymous feedback to unlock invaluable insights today!


Written by Kanika

Nov 24, 2023

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