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Top Customer Satisfaction Survey Templates To Measure Your CSAT Scores

You can never overstate the importance of customer satisfaction. 

Especially in a time when you might have to spend 5 to 25 times more in attracting new customers than retaining your existing ones. Of course, everyone loves to have more customers added to their database. But retaining the ones you already have can be a bigger boon. 

Imagine having a loyal customer base. A customer satisfied with your services/products, and overall experience would not just buy from you again. But they would also advocate your brand to their friends and colleagues. 

And we all know the importance of word-of-mouth marketing by now. Your customers can influence more people into buying from you. All you need to do is ensure that they are satisfied with what you are offering. 

A quick way to measure that is through the CSAT score

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What is CSAT Score?

CSAT is one of the most critical customer experience metrics. CSAT score is the score you receive based on customer satisfaction. It is the metric used to measure the satisfaction level for your offerings. You can gain the CSAT score for your particular product, service, support interaction, or brand in general. You can use your CSAT score to:

  • Differentiate your brand from others
  • Improve the overall customer experience
  • Work on feedback and exceed the expectations and 
  • Reduce customer churn
  • Measure the customer loyalty and likelihood to recommend

Now that you know what a CSAT score is and its importance for your business, the next question that needs the utmost attention is how you measure it. 

And that’s exactly what we are here to discuss. 

How to Measure CSAT Score?

The most effective way to measure the CSAT score is through customer satisfaction surveys. The survey is designed to ask the customers to tell how satisfied they are with your company, product, service, assistance, etc. Respondents usually need to select from the following outcomes to answer the question:

  • Very dissatisfied
  • Somewhat dissatisfied
  • Neutral about it
  • Somewhat satisfied
  • Very satisfied

While this is a general customer satisfaction survey question, there are different variations to it. One can find these surveys with more questions to capture minute aspects of the experience, ask ratings on various parameters, and even gauge reasons for the score. These can also be designed specifically for different industries and sectors. 

Top Customer Satisfaction Survey Templates 

Zonka Feedback has come up with a range of customer satisfaction survey templates to help businesses gain feedback regarding the satisfaction level of users in minutes. If you are also looking to capture CSAT scores and track how satisfied your customers are with your business, this quick listicle is for you. 

You can go through the different customer satisfaction survey templates offered here and choose the one that resonates best with your business. Once you find the one, you can simply implement it in your Zonka account and get started to collect feedback. 

#1. Customer Effort Score Survey Template

Customer Effect Score is an important metric for improving your customer experience. It tells the level of efforts your customers make to interact with your brand. By measuring CES, you can reduce the customer effort. This, in turn, could help enhance satisfaction and customer delight. The main benefit of this survey is to track the experience and prevent churn. 

This customer effort score survey template’s main aim is to assess how hard or easy it was for the customer to handle an issue. Based on experience, customers can rate the level of agreement. In addition, the template asks for heart ratings for the experience. They can also add comments in their preferred language to reason for their rating. You can use this customer effort score survey template at different touchpoints in your customer journey. It could be post-transaction, service interaction, or overall effort score. Send it out online on email/website, use it on kiosks, or send it via SMS. 

Customer Effort Score Survey Template

#2. Net Promoter Score® (NPS) Survey Template

Net Promoter Score is undeniably the most crucial metric to measure customer loyalty. This survey lets you know the likelihood of getting a recommendation from your existing customers. You can directly ask them to rate the likelihood of recommending your products/services to their friends and family through this survey. The Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey templates take less than 30 seconds to tell you if they’ll promote your products or not. 

The template comes with two very simple questions. The first asks the customers to give ratings on their likelihood to promote or recommend. The second question asks for their reasons behind the particular score. You can integrate the template into your campaigns to know if your customers will recommend your brand or not and the reason behind it. 

Net Promoter Score® (NPS) Survey Template

#3. Post Product Delivery Feedback Form Template

When you deliver a product to your buyers, capturing their feedback regarding the delivery experience is crucial. In fact, 93% of buyers are ready to choose a different brand based on the delivery experience alone. You need to know how your customers felt about the product - whether it was as per description. Additionally, timely delivery is crucial. You can know if there was any delay in the process and analyze the gaps in the same. The post-product delivery feedback form template from Zonka has got you covered. 

It comes with three simple questions. The first one is about the similarity between the received product and the description. The next one questions the delivery timing. And the final question is about the overall experience. Your customers can complete it in a maximum of 45 seconds. 

The data can help you assess the shortcomings of your product delivery and enhance the experience of your product delivery. 

Post Product Delivery Feedback Form Template

#4. Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) Survey Template

A positive experience can greatly impact and lead to a second purchase by over 89% of consumers. CSAT score can tell you how your customers feel about your brand. A good score means they’re happy and satisfied. These customers might become regular buyers. A lower score indicates that customers aren’t having a great experience with your brand. This means you need to work on improving it. 

The customer satisfaction score survey template offered by Zonka Feedback is a quick and easy way to collect feedback and find out the CSAT score. The template is ready-made with three main questions. These include asking users to give a score for satisfaction with the products/services or the overall experience. The next asks the customers to give reasons for the score. Finally, it asks for the main reason or factor for the score. 

You know what areas to work on to drive customer satisfaction and loyalty. After all, a satisfied and loyal customer means a continued revenue stream. The best part about this template is that it also collects customer details like name, email address, and phone number for further use. 

Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) Survey Template 

#5. Product Feedback Form Template

The next feedback template that you can find on Zonka Feedback is the product feedback form template. This template is effective in finding out the satisfaction level of customers with your product. It comes with ten questions that concern your product. The template is a quick way to find out what users think about your product. Further, you know what they liked/disliked about it, giving you better insights for your next version. 

These are different types of questions that help you get a better understanding of a customer’s experience with your product. You can know the first impression, changes they feel would improve the product, overall quality, innovativeness of the product, its value for money, and more. You also collect feedback regarding the product’s market need, promptness in purchasing it, and if they’d replace it with the current solution. In the end, you can ask the likelihood of getting a recommendation from them. 

Product Feedback Form Template

#6. Gym Feedback Form Template

Satisfaction at the gym is a crucial factor to increase the number of memberships. In order to have more people talking about your gym, you need to ensure the current members are appreciative of the services offered, equipment, trainers, and more. 

This gym feedback form template from Zonka Feedback comes with nine questions. The first three questions ask about the personal details of the respondent. The next few questions talk about the gym’s equipment, trainers, coaches, ambiance, music, facilities, and more. Moreover, you also know how they heard about your gym in the first place. You can even ask for their ratings when comparing your gym with others and the likelihood of them recommending it to others. This data can be used to gain deeper insights into how your gym is performing and what all things you need to improve in your gym management are based on the ratings received.  

Gym Feedback Form Template

#7. Post Purchase NPS Survey Template

Customers love to share their shopping experience, and store owners love to gather their feedback. This feedback can help them know what their buyers liked and what they can improve on. You can get these survey feedback forms set up on kiosks to collect feedback right after purchasing. For eCommerce stores, these feedback surveys can be sent online either via email or SMS or even on the website itself after purchase. 

Zonka Feedback has come up with a post-purchase NPS survey template that helps you quickly set up the feedback form in a matter of minutes. The feedback survey is logic-based and changes based on the feedback received in the very first question. The following questions ask about the feedback regarding the rating. Customers can pick the factor accordingly and even share comments on the same. 

Post Purchase NPS Survey Template

#8. Relationship Net Promoter Score® (NPS) Survey Template

The next survey template that you can find on Zonka Feedback is their Relationship Net Promoter Score survey template. This template helps you understand the depth or strength of the relationship you share with your customers. With the help of this survey, you can find out how much your customers liked your business and their likelihood of recommending it. 

It is a very simple template with two questions. The first question asks them to rate the business on the basis of their recommendation level. The next question asks them to input any comment. The data from this survey can be used to know your happy customers. It generates automatic scores with a simple setup. 

Relationship Net Promoter Score® (NPS) Survey Template

#9. Retail Store Customer Feedback Form Template

Customers visiting your retail store have a fresh experience of your brand. They can share first-hand knowledge of what to improve and what works best. You can make it easier by having a retail store customer feedback form kiosk survey installed outside. This survey can be easily set up using Zonka Feedback's template. 

You can start by asking about their satisfaction level with the store. You can even ask them to rate the current collection, product quality, and staff courteousness & assistance. Additionally, you can get your customers to give a small comment regarding their purchase. The last screen of the template also collects important customer details like their name, number, and email id. This data can be used further in other marketing campaigns. 

Retail Store Customer Feedback Form Template

#10. Offline Customer Feedback Survey Template

While the majority of the feedback forms and surveys are offered online, Zonka lets you collect feedback offline as well. This offline customer feedback survey template is the best way to gauge customer feedback in offline mode. You don’t have to send the survey link to your customers or have it on your website; you can simply install it in your stores to collect data. You can set this offline customer feedback survey template on tablets, phones, or kiosks and collect data. 

This template comes with seven questions that make it quick to assess experience and bring together the important data. You can get a rating of their current experience. Then you have their comments on the same. The next question is about the likelihood of a recommendation. And lastly, you can collect their details for further campaigns. 

Offline Customer Feedback Survey Template

#11. Smiley Terminal Survey Template

Most customers don’t stop by to give their feedback because of timing constraints. They don’t like the long surveys and the many questions they have, especially when they are in a busy place. This is why Zonka Feedback has come up with its Smiley Terminal Survey Template that lets you collect the quickest feedback. It has just one question asking the customers about their experience. They can answer it by choosing the relevant smiley. It would take less than 10 seconds to fill in the feedback. And you can have the required information to know your service and how satisfied they are. 

Smiley Terminal Survey Template

#12. Net Promoter Score Survey Template with Comments

Measuring the net promoter score is crucial to understanding how much your customers are ready to recommend your business. However, just knowing the NPS metrics wouldn’t suffice. Zonka Feedback has come up with an NPS survey template with comments. By using this template, you can not just gauge the rating and NPS score but also have their comments regarding the same. You can know the reason why someone is ready to recommend your business or not doing the same. 

Net Promoter Score Survey Template with Comments

#13. Net Promoter Score Survey Template with Customer Information

This is yet another type of net promoter score survey template. In addition to the regular rating scale for calculating the NPS metric, this template comes with another questionnaire that collects the customer details. This template comes with three screens. The first screen is about the rating for likeliness to recommend the business. The next screen asks the reason for the particular score. And finally, the last screen asks about the customer information. This includes details like the name, number, email id, and gender. While this template can make it super easy to collect this information, you can even personalize or customize this template with your brand logo.  

Net Promoter Score Survey Template with Customer Information

#14. Net Promoter Score Survey Template with Follow Up Questions

Another popular NPS survey that people like to use for collecting feedback is one with a follow-up question. This survey template can be used to gauge the data regarding the factor that led to that score. Based on the score given, one can have a question to ask the factor influencing that score. With this survey, you don’t have vague data. You have clearer data regarding the reasons. Whether it is the service quality, staff assistance, service promptness, pricing, or any other factor that you’d like to add. This template would let you collect precise information regarding the factor and work according to the votes received. 

Net Promoter Score Survey Template with Follow Up Questions

#15. Product Net Promoter Score Survey Template

Many product-centric businesses require feedback from their customers in order to improve it further. This is made easy with Zonka Feedback’s product net promoter score survey template. This template comes with three very simple questions. Initially, it asks the customers about the score in order to calculate the score. The next two questions are about the reason for the score and the main factor behind it. Whether they have given positive feedback or a negative score, you know the main reason behind it in their own words. 

Product Net Promoter Score Survey Template

#16. Quick General Customer Satisfaction Survey Template

Understanding the satisfaction level of customers can help a business achieve bigger heights. This is where you can make use of the quick general customer satisfaction survey template. It is one of the quickest ways to gauge data regarding the satisfaction level of your customers. There are just two screens, ensuring the users are not overwhelmed by it. The first screen asks for the satisfaction rating based on smileys. On the same screen, customers can share their concerns regarding the rating, whether good or bad. The next screen is about the details of the respondent. This will help you know your customers better and feed the data in other systems or processes. 

Quick General Customer Satisfaction Survey Template

#17. Product Customer Satisfaction Survey Template

Product-owning brands not just need to know about the likelihood to recommend their product but also how satisfied the customers are with it. A product customer satisfaction survey can be used to get more details about the product. This way, you can know how satisfied your customers are and what are the pointers that lead to dissatisfaction with your product. 

This product customer satisfaction survey template by Zonka comes with nine questions that ask the customers to select from a number of options regarding the product. You know the first thing that comes to their mind when hearing of your product. Next, you find how it meets your customer’s needs. You can even get their feedback on parameters like quality, service, value for money. This template also has questions about the duration of time they have been connected with the product and how you have performed in serving them. You can also ask about their overall satisfaction level and their likelihood of recommending the product. 

Product Customer Satisfaction Survey Template

#18. Detailed General Customer Satisfaction Survey Template

Many brands want their feedback to be specific. There are others that need more general data regarding their brand as a whole. This is where they can use the detailed general customer satisfaction survey template by Zonka. It is one of the best ways to analyze how customers analyze your brand in general and their overall satisfaction level with it. 

This customer satisfaction survey template can be used by businesses across any industry like healthcare, automobile, hospitality, retail, eCommerce, and more. There are five screens in total on this template. The first one asks about their satisfaction level. On the next screen, respondents can enter satisfaction with usability and meeting the demand. You can even get their feedback and rating based on parameters like quality, pricing, support, and value for money. Finally, you can ask their likelihood to recommend and any comments that they’d like to share. 

Detailed General Customer Satisfaction Survey Template

#19. Banking Customer Feedback Form

This is a customer satisfaction survey template specifically designed for those in the banking sector. It has form fields that can help you understand the experience your customers have while visiting your bank. It comes with five simple rating screens. The first asks for ratings about bank staff; the next one is about the service. After that, customers can ask ratings about promptness and the level of effort put in to get work done at the bank. Finally, you can ask about their recommendation level and any comments. This is followed by a screen asking for their details. You can use the insights collected from this survey to improve the service, staff work, and other facilities. 

Banking Customer Feedback Form

#20. Bank Visit Feedback Form

The next feedback form that you can find on Zonka Feedback is the bank visit feedback form. It comes with five screens to help you capture feedback more effectively. This template is the quick way to know the experience your customers had while visiting the bank. The first one asks users to rate the level of effort in resolving the query. The next one is to rate the bank based on different factors like staff, service, and machines available there. The next is to ask about the overall experience and others on the recommendation level. You can also collect the user details. This feedback can be used to find out the flaws in the bank and what needs improvement. 

Bank visit feedback form

#21. Spa Feedback Form Template

Those working in the spa sector can make use of this spa feedback form template that is specifically designed for your visitors. This feedback form has questions that enable you to collect crucial feedback related to your staff, services, and more. This has six screens in total that you can install at kiosks, send online, or via SMS. You have questions about the service provider they dealt with, the service they purchased, and if it met their expectations. It also asks for ratings based on atmosphere, products used, massage therapist competency, and more. You can also know if they found your spa to be eligible for recommendation and any specific comment they have. This way, you can have a clearer idea of what’s working and for what service and service provider to assess the areas of improvement. You can always customize this feedback template to add the names of service providers and services offered at your spa. 

Spa Feedback Form Template

#22. Salon Staff Feedback Form

Collecting feedback about the staff at your salon can enable you to deliver better and assess each one better. A quick way to do this is by using the salon staff feedback form offered by Zonka Feedback. It can be used to assess the people working at your salon from the customer’s perspective. This will give you a better idea of each individual beautician or stylist based on their hospitality, job knowledge, skills, and more. Moreover, you know if your specialists are transparent regarding the pricing and packages. This way, you know their satisfaction level and even the areas where you beauticians can work on to enhance the overall experience. 

Salon Staff Feedback form

Salon Staff Feedback Form (Detailed)

#23. Shopping Mall Experience Feedback Form

Buying products is no longer the only reason driving shoppers to shopping malls. The experience that these malls offer attracts more people. Thus, it is crucial that every shopping mall delivers an unmatched customer experience to the visitors. And a great way to do this is by asking the visitors how their experience was. The shopping mall experience feedback form template by Zonka is the out-of-the-box survey you can directly implement on mall kiosks. You can know the various aspects in which you can improve the experience through this feedback. It collects ratings on factors like ambiance, information desks, gaming zone, food court, and bar/restaurants. Apart from that, you can know the main force driving them to the mall. You also know if they’ll recommend your brand or not. 

Shopping Mall Experience Feedback Form

#24. Shopper Experience Survey (Short/Detailed)

Knowing the satisfaction level of shoppers can help any store become better and thrive. This shopper experience survey by Zonka comes in two formats - short and detailed. The short one simply measures their satisfaction level with the shopping experience. The detailed one covers even the minute aspects of the experience. This one asks the shoppers about product availability, pricing, use of coupons/discounts, staff assistance, cleanliness, and more. It also gives an NPS score and shows if the shopper would promote your store. You can also capture shopper details like name, number, email id, and date of birth to send out promotional discounts, etc., on birthdays. 

Shopper Experience Survey (Detailed)

Shopper Experience Survey (Short)

#25. Product Purchase Experience Survey Template

Every business aspires to make its product better based on user feedback. The product purchase experience survey template makes it easy to do that. This template comes with ready-made questions that you’d like to ask your product buyers. You can ask them about the performance, the reason for buying the product, consideration for buying again, and service. With the data collected, you can find out what the customers like/dislike. This data can be analyzed to add new features or improve performance. 

Product Purchase Experience Survey Template

#26. Student Satisfaction Survey Template

Educational institutes should always capture student feedback regarding their life there to know what’s missing and what they’ve done nicely. The student satisfaction survey template offered by Zonka lets you quickly assess the same. You can know if students are satisfied with the services you provide and if not, what are the reasons behind it. With this survey, you can ask them the most enjoyable things, things they’d like to change, and more. You can also capture their views on food options, living conditions, and more. Not just that, this template also throws light on capturing feedback on the various aspects of education. You can ask them about the overall course value, favorite course, and the overall university experience. It tells you the nitty-gritty of your offerings, be it for campus life or education. Based on the report, you can enhance the offerings and deliver greater value to your students. 

Student Satisfaction Survey Template

#27. 1-to-10 Rating Scale Survey Template

The most commonly used survey is to capture users' ratings from one to ten. Zonka’s 1-to-10 rating scale survey template lets you capture quantitative data along with the reasons behind the rating. You can either use it as it is to capture experience rating or customize it to get a rating on product satisfaction, net promoter score, customer loyalty, satisfaction, and more. It comes with just two screens. One asks for the rating. The next screen asks the reason behind the rating. You can get a deeper insight into customer experience and use it to make data-backed business decisions. 

1-to-10 rating scale survey template

#28. Benefits Survey Template

The benefits survey template by Zonka is a must-use for all employers. It helps assess an employee’s satisfaction level with the benefits that you offer. The insights from this survey can help formulate better policies in favor of employees. It asks the satisfaction level of the employees on different parameters like workplace flexibility, retirement plan, healthcare-related benefits, and the total benefits package. 

Benefits survey template

#29. Beta Product Feedback Survey Template

Most product companies like to go in iteration while launching their product. They start with a minimum viable product as their first version that they can test on beta users or early adopters. Once they capture their feedback on the prototype, they launch the next version, keeping the insights in mind. You can know if your product idea would be a success and even find the features they’d like you to add next.

This beta product feedback survey template by Zonka is one of the quickest ways to capture feedback from your early testers. It first asks for the user's name. Then it goes on to ask them about the product. You can get feedback around the satisfaction level with the software, the feature they liked the best/least, and the feature they should add next. It also tells the recommendation level based on the user rating. 

Beta Product Feedback Survey Template

#30. Company Satisfaction Survey Template

Keeping the employees happy is a key to retaining them for long. Every company seeks to retain its talent and asking them about their experience timely is a great way to do that. This can help identify the underlying issues and reasons why employees like working there or are leaving. Based on the insights, you can shape the policies and improve the company culture as a whole. 

The company satisfaction survey template by Zonka comes with predefined questions. These revolve around the company’s general working conditions, policies, management assistance, and more. It asks about the clarity employees have about the policies and procedures. With it, you can even know if employees think your company has an open and inclusive environment. Lastly, the template asks employees to share their pointers on making the company a better place to work. 

Company Satisfaction Survey Template

On An Ending Note

Collecting customer feedback is crucial for any business. It helps find room for improvement, assess the current performance, and aspects that customers like the best. Moreover, capturing customer satisfaction feedback lets you know the issues, problems, and other areas where you can work to get better ratings. 

You can use the customer satisfaction survey templates offered by Zonka Feedback to set up surveys and collect the feedback quickly. In the above blog, we discussed some of the common survey templates you can find to capture customer satisfaction. You can set these up on kiosks, websites, emails, SMS, etc., to gain insights quickly. However, that’s not all. You can always create more surveys with customized questions, designs, themes, etc., using the Zonka Feedback survey builder. 

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Written by Swati

Feb 21, 2022

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