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Customer Experience

What is a Customer Satisfaction Survey?

What is a Customer Satisfaction Survey?

Customers are the backbone of any business and their opinion about a company’s products and services plays an important role. An unsatisfied consumer can destroy a company's reputation, even after having customers that are completely satisfied with the products or services. The impact of a dissatisfied consumer is always much higher than the recommendation of a completely satisfied consumer.

Customer Satisfaction is a vital facet of any business that should be assessed constantly if you need to survive and thrive in the long-term. The best way to measure them is with the help of Customer Satisfaction Surveys.

What are Customer Satisfaction Surveys?

A Customer Satisfaction Survey is an indispensable tool in the form of a questionnaire designed to help businesses determine the customer’s satisfaction level with their products/services. Customer Feedback can be captured at numerous touch points and through channels like email surveys, real-time surveys using the android survey app, iPad survey app, and kiosk survey app, SMS surveys, online surveys, website embed & QR code, third party integration, etc.

Example: Sending a survey to your guests after having a meal at a restaurant or after their stay at the hotel or to the end-users after their free trial has ended.

Purpose of Customer Satisfaction Surveys

There are numerous reasons why a Customer Satisfaction Survey should be used, each of which is beneficial to the company that wishes to gauge the customer experience. Some of the objectives are:

  • Useful for identifying unhappy customers and situations which lead to dissatisfaction
  • Recognizing happy customers that you can turn into brand advocates
  • Measure customer’s feedback and revamp the company’s standards and policies
  • Fix all the issues which customers face with the products and services
  • Understanding customer's needs and enhance the company’s products and services which can help them have an overall experience

An effective customer satisfaction survey will address all five of these objectives. The end goal of a customer satisfaction survey is to provide you actionable feedback from your customers which can then be implemented in your products and services to boost consumer's overall experience.

As per a survey conducted by American Express, Consumers talk about their positive experiences on average to 9 other people and 16 other people about their negative experiences.

When to conduct a Customer Satisfaction Survey?

The most effective time to perform a survey is when the experience is fresh in your consumer's minds. If you wait to collect the response, then chances are less that it would be accurate, and they won’t even remember the incident.

How often to conduct a Customer Satisfaction Survey?

This question doesn't always have a straightforward answer. It depends upon several factors like depending on the industry, survey type, how frequently you interact with your customers, etc.

Let’s try to understand with the help of some common scenarios which can help you decide how often surveys should be conducted:

  • Survey Sent After the Purchase: When a customer who has purchased a product from you, you’ll want to send a survey immediately to get your customer’s opinion about your services/products.
  • Survey Sent After Renewal of Drivers License: In a country that renews driver’s license for a five-year period, it would be illogical to conduct a survey every year even when there are no renewals.


In this highly competitive world, most of the companies in the world focus on creating the best customer experiences. Their objective is not to meet customer’s expectations but to exceed them.

To evaluate customer satisfaction, CSAT surveys will help companies keep track of the overall customer experience, which plays a key role in creating incredible experiences. Keep that in mind, and you'll be on the right path towards developing an amazing product and service.

Published on Feb 11, 2020. Updated on May 14, 2020.

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