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Offline Survey App Uses: Five Times an Offline Survey App is Perfect for Collecting Feedback

May 24, 2023

Any interaction with your customers is an opportunity to learn more about them, and ultimately, do better business with them. Whether you are a for-profit or non-profit organization, you need to connect with your customers and beneficiaries. But just because you don’t have internet connectivity doesn’t mean you should forgo an opportunity to ask your customers and respondents some questions.

Since you don’t need internet access to use offline surveys, they are, of course, the perfect tool for when you have limited or no access to the internet. Offline Survey App uses are many, but here are five times when an offline survey is perfect. You can collect useful customer feedback on the customer experience, their levels of satisfaction and loyalty.

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In fact, an offline survey is actually your best bet in these situations.

If You Set Up a Stall or Promotional Event

Maybe you’re exhibiting at an event to get local exposure and capture leads using tablet app. Maybe you organized a promotional event. The offline survey app can help you get a handle on your audience. You can collect leads on potential customers. All you need to do is create a lead capture form to capture useful demographic data from your visitors. Ask demographic questions like your respondents' name, age, email address, and contact information. Use a simple tablet survey or set up the kiosk tablet app for your visitors to use.

Also, ask visitors how they heard about you. It’s a great way to assess the range and effectiveness of your promotional and marketing activities.

If You Run an E-commerce, Food Delivery, Courier or Logistics Business

If you are running an e-commerce business, a food delivery service or a courier service, the point of delivery is an important customer touchpoint. The quality of your delivery services is responsible for a large chunk of your customers’ positive experience with your company. Use offline survey tablets to capture customer feedback in-the-moment. Equip your delivery executives with survey tablets so they can take on-the-spot customer feedback. Create customer feedback form for restaurants that asks your customers’ opinions about the speed of delivery, the delivery executive’s attitude, package handling and more.

If You Have Customers That Aren’t Internet Savvy

Perhaps you have target customers that aren’t very comfortable with technology and the internet. If this is the case, you won’t get the response rates and responses you need through an online survey. An offline survey app can help you ensure you’re getting customer feedback from all your target customers. An example is personal banking. Despite a rise in digital banking, many customers still prefer in-branch service. You can capture customer feedback through a tablet kiosk survey app at the branch. Use this method to complement other feedback methods that rely on the internet.  

If You Experience Low Internet Connectivity

An offline survey app is your savior if you are venturing into places where internet connectivity is low. Ask your respondents to fill out the information you require, and when you are in internet-range, easily back up the responses onto your database.

Maybe your non-profit works with respondents who don’t have access to the internet. Or perhaps you just hate/are terrified of the internet. Perhaps you worry about the privacy of your respondents’ data, especially if you are asking for sensitive information. An offline survey app on a tablet or at a kiosk can help you get the answers you need.

If You are a Social Researcher, Pollster or Conduct Field Research

Whether you’re a grad student doing research, are polling for public opinion, or work with a non-profit and want to find out how your beneficiaries are doing, the offline survey app is your friend. If you are researching social policy issues or asking for public opinion, you need to interview a representative sample of the population. An offline survey is perfect for you. People who don’t have access to the internet can just as easily give you their opinion on a tablet survey.

Once you’ve collected the feedback you need, Zonka’s feedback management software can help you convert feedback data into actionable business improvements. 

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Niyati Behl

Written by Niyati Behl

Jan 22, 2019

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